Best Flash (Speedlight) For Canon R6 : Top 7 Picks For 2023

Are you looking for the best flash for Canon R6? Even if you are a pro, it’s like a battle to choose the best value for money flash.

No worries! You are not alone in this. In fact, many users out there are searching for flash guns compatible with R6. After all, they feature an equivalent build quality.

In our content, we have highlighted the seven best external flash for Canon R6. We have filtered out the best product depending on build quality, features, warranty, performance & Customer service. Now check out & grab the right best Speedlite for canon r6 for you!

Best Flash For Canon R6 : Check Our In-Depth Reviews Now!

1. Best For Beginners: Godox V860III-C Flash for Canon Camera

 Godox V860III-C

Godox V860II-C offers a perfect light effect in every shot. It is equipped with multiple flash modes, FEC and FEB, to take the most splendid shots with utmost creativity.

In fact, you can switch from manual to automatic TTL within the blink of an eye. As you can zoom within a range of 20mm to 200mm, automatic/manual light adjustment has become pretty convenient.

You can expect maximum flexibility due to the integrated transmitter & receiver design.

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  • Brand: GODOX.
  • Compatible Mountings: Canon.
  • Dimensions: 7.68″ x 2.95″ x 2.32″.
  • Power Source: Li-ion battery.
  • Recycle Time: 1.5s.
  • Battery Life: 480 shots at full power.
  • Power Output: 76 Ws.
  • Flash Coverage: 20 to 200mm.
  • Flash Duration: 1/300s to 1/20000s.
  • Flash Exposure Compensation: ±3 stops with 1/3 increments.
  • Wireless Transmission Range: 100m
  • Channels: 32.
  • ID: 01~99.
  • Color Temperature: 5300K±200K.
  • Wireless Frequency Range:   (2413.0 to 2465.0) MHz


  • It is powered by a large capacity Li-on battery to capture 480 full-power shots with 1.5s recycle time.
  • You can adjust the flash within 10-level dimmable settings for a better lighting effect. 
  • Switching from manual to TTL mode has come to your fingertips.
  • Use the quick-release lock on-camera to lock the Speedlite in place.
  • The 2.4G Wireless X technology offers a reliable seamless connection.
  • You can also hook it up with other X system triggers like – Godox X1, X2, and many more.

What Does The Customer Like?

It is a high-end flash compatible with an X-system transmitter. Godox V860II-C flash is the best beginner flash for under $230. You can position it in position nicely & securely due to its highly resistant tilting head. Just get the Li-ion batteries, and it will offer incomparable support even in long exhausting shoots.

What Does The Customer Dislike?

It is more expensive than its predecessor Godox V860II.

Tester Review:

I bought this piece to pair it with my Canon R6 camera. It performed well in both indoor & outdoor photography. I have loved it for its fast recycling time & prolonged battery life.

2. Best Slave Flash For Canon R6: Canon 430EX II Speedlite

Canon 430EX II Speedlite

Are you looking for a small yet high-power slave flash for your master unit? Go for the Canon 430 EX ii now! You can trigger it with different master units like 580EX, ST-E2, or MR-14EX. 

It is a versatile Speedlite compatible with both bounce and telephoto lens shooting. Its E-TTL II metering offers incredible exposure. You can also set the power from 1/1 to 1/64 with 1/3rd increments manually.

Don’t worry about compatibility at all! You can try it with both PowerShot G as well as EOS series.

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  • Brand: Canon.
  • Item Dimensions: 2.8″ x 4.8″ x 4″.
  • Color: Black.
  • Power Source: AA batteries.
  • Panel Diffuser: 14 mm.
  • Auto Zoom Head: 24 mm to 105 mm.


  • Canon 430EX II is a lightweight Speedlight with 100 ISO.
  • This unit features around 20% fast recycling time.
  • Its swiveling head zoom ranges from 24mm to 105mm.
  • It can cover up to 1-9 autofocus points.
  • The 1-touch lock settings ensure ease of attachment & detachment.
  • This unit can emit a special infrared red beam for perfect contrast in low-light photography.
  • You can power it up with 4 AA batteries.
  • Due to its silent operation, it is the best unit for wildlife photography.

What Does The Customer Like? 

This is an affordable flash with automatic exposure control. You can also go for its manual settings. Its optical remote slave mode is compatible with both manuals as well as E-TTL mode. Even though it is a small flash, you can expect maximum power from it.

What Does The Customer Dislike? 

It can’t act as a master flash to control other slave flashes optically. It would have been great if the brand offered external ports & additional batteries.

Tester Review:

I bought it for my Canon EOS 60D. Its built-in flash act as a master flash to control the slave 430 EX ll flash. As it feels sturdy, I believe it can serve me for years. Moreover, you can get this automatic zoom flash at a very affordable rate. As a wedding photographer, this flash was definitely the best shot for me.

3. Best Flash For Its Quality: Canon Speedlite 430EX III-RT Flash

Canon Speedlite 430EX III-RT Flash

Are you having a hard time shooting in complex lights? Try the Canon Speedlite 430EX III-RT Speedlite. This is a simple, compact, portable light source with advanced features. So, you can take natural-looking shots with perfect contrast, brightness, focus, and color temperature.

This is a versatile unit with fast recycling time, integrated light bouncing features, and convenient custom functions. It will definitely take your flash photography to a new level.

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  • Brand: Canon
  • Included Components: Flash
  • Item Dimensions: 4.1″ x 4.2″ x 2.9″
  • Color: Black.
  • Wireless Transmission Type: Radio.
  • Transmission Range: Indoors – 12m to 15m, Outdoors – 8m to 10m.
  • Group Numbers: -/5.
  • Channel Numbers: -/15.
  • Guide Number: 141.1 ft/43m.
  • Power Source: AA or Alkaline Batteries.
  • Battery Life: 180 to 1200 shots.


  • Canon 430EX II is a compact Speedlite with 24mm to 105mm coverage. 
  • This is a 141ft./43m guide number flash with a built-in light panel. So, enhancing the facial expression of the subject is indeed a piece of cake. 
  • It specially features multi-dial & Dot-matrix LCD for smooth operation.
  • You can power it up with AA-size Ni-MH/ Alkaline batteries. Its approximate recycling time is around 0.1s to 3.7s.
  • The flash exposure rate is adjustable between +/-3EV with ⅓ or ½ stop increments.

What Does The Customer Like? 

I have loved this unit for its fast recycling time and high-speed sync. So, you can take the perfect shot within 1/200 seconds. It’s a ready-to-go unit. You basically don’t need to go for any custom settings.

What Does The Customer Dislike? 

Its main power source is AA batteries. However, you can, of course, go for reusable batteries.

Tester Review:

Before, I used to use a 3rd party flash. After moving to the Canon 430EX II Speedlite, I can really understand the difference in quality. Yes, it may seem a bit pricey. However, as per the quality, it’s indeed worth it.

4. Best Lightweight Flash For Canon R6: Canon Speedlite EL-100

Canon Speedlite EL-100

Canon has come up with a smart EL-100 Speedlite with automatic settings. So, whenever you are in/out of the natural light, the flash can sense it and adjust accordingly. Thus, in low-light photography, it can play a significant role in noise reduction.

This model is equipped with a very flexible body and swivel head. So you can easily bounce up the light whenever & wherever you need. As it can act as both sender & receiver unit, be creative with your EL-100 flash and rock om

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  • Brand: Canon
  • Item Dimensions: 2.8″ x 2.6″ x 3.6″.
  • Color: Black.
  • Weight: 6.7 ounces.
  • Guide Number: 85 ft/26m.
  • Wide-Angle Coverage: 24 mm.
  • Included Item: Soft case, mini stand.


  • Canon EL-100 is a Compact Speedlite with a versatile design.
  • It features a special horizontal and upward rotation for easy bouncing.
  • This high guide number flash (85 ft./26M) can offer the perfect power output for your photography.
  • You can tilt it around 90° upwards, 180° & 150° to the right & left, respectively. 
  • Its maximum wide-angle coverage is around 24mm.

What Does The Customer Like? 

It’s a small & lightweight optical flash for the price. You can easily fit it in your pocket & roam with it. You will definitely love its exposure control for continuous and stroboscopic shooting.

What Does The Customer Dislike? 

Its maximum power output is limited. This unit also supports only 2-position manual zoom.

Tester Review:

This is a lightweight Speedlight with limited power output. I have specifically liked its compact design as it easily fits within the pocket.

5. Best Flash For Portrait photography: PHOTOOLEX M500 Speedlite

 PHOTOOLEX M500 Speedlite

Photodex is a professional brand working in the field of flash photography since 2010. In recent years, it has come up with the M500 Speedlite IGBT circuit design. When you go for the shoot, you will definitely love its 8-level fine dimming technology. Don’t worry about compatibility, as you can use it with the standard hot shoe of most Canon, Nikon, Panasonic & Fujifilm cameras.


  • Brand: PHOTOOLEX.
  • Battery Life: 18 months.
  • Camera Flash: Hotshoe
  • Item Dimensions: 7.44″ x 2.95″ x 2.28″.
  • Power Recovery Time: 8 seconds.
  • Power Source: AA Batteries (4).
  • Guide Number: 35.
  • Flash Coverage: 35 mm.
  • Flash Duration: 1/200s to 1/20000s.
  • Light Brightness: 150 Lux.
  • Color Temperature: 5800 K.
  • Battery Life: 110 to 1500 shots.


  • PHOTOOLEX M500 is a high-speed 35-guide number flash. Its total power output is around 150 Lux within the 0.5m range.
  • This unit is compatible with manual, S1, S2, and wireless trigger modes.
  • Its battery offers a recycle time of 2.8 seconds. 
  • Moreover, this unit is compatible with auto power save and auto shutdown.
  • It features an 8-step power output controlling system for eight different levels.

What Does The Customer Like? 

Its power output and color temperature are just perfect for portrait photography. You can easily set it up & handle it even if you are an amateur.

What Does The Customer Dislike? 

This unit won’t suit you if you are up for high-speed sync.

Tester Review:

As an amateur portrait & macro photographer, I loved its power output and color balance. Compared to its performance, it’s pretty cheap. However, it’s not compatible with all Canon cameras.

6. Best Flash For Fast Recycling Time: GODOX TT685II-C E-TTL Speedlite

GODOX TT685II-C E-TTL Speedlite

Do you need a creative Speedlight to take some incredible shots? Try the best Godox flash for canon r6 TT685II-C. It is an upgrade of its predecessor, TT685. This flash supports E-TTL mode for HSS, FEC & FEB for quick & precise shooting.

Are you worried about battery life? Its external power port will sort out your issue. Just connect a Li-ion power pack with your flash, and it will serve you in long shoots.

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  • Brand: EACHSHOT.
  • Compatible Mountings: Canon.
  • Camera Flash: Hotshoe.
  • Dimensions: 2.52″ x 2.99″ x 7.48″.
  • Guide No: 60 (ISO 100).
  • Flash Duration: 1/ 300s to 1/ 20000s.
  • Flash Coverage: 20 – 200mm.
  • Multi flash: Provided (199Hz).
  • Sync mode: High-speed sync, first & second curtain sync.
  • Exposure control: E – TTL II & manual flash.
  • Exposure compensation: + 3 with 1/ 3 stop increments.
  • Channels: 32.
  • Wireless Transmission range: 100m
  • Power source: NI-MH or LR6 battery.
  • Recycle time: 0.1 – 2.6s.
  • Swinging flash head: 0° to 330°horizontally, -7° to 120°vertically.


  • The built-in 2.4G wireless X system ensures seamless connectivity to compatible triggers & flashes.
  • Its quick-release lock is pretty convenient for capturing critical moments.
  • It features a special TVM setting to convert E-TTL mode to manual mode. 
  • You can adjust the bounce angle from -7° to 120°. Its overall rotation range is around 0° to 330°.
  • This piece offers auto zoom with wide coverage (20 to 200 mm).
  • You can power it up with the rechargeable Ni-MH/ LR6 battery.
  • It features a 2.5mm sync port for further convenience. 

What Does The Customer Like?

Even though it is an affordable flash, its recycling time is pretty fast. Thus, it is the best flash to capture critical moments with utmost precision. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about charging them from time to time. Just replace the AA batteries, and your flash is good to go.

What Does The Customer Dislike? 

This flash might seem to be a bit weaker than its competitors. Also, it doesn’t support the optical slave mode.

Tester Review:

I bought it for the upcoming wedding shoot. I usually don’t like cheap flashes as they are slow. However, this unit can crash every wedding shoot with speed & accuracy.

7. Best Budget Flash For Canon: Godox TT685II-C E-TTL II GN60 2.4GHz Speedlite

Godox TT685II-C

Godox TT685II-C has inherited all the features of TT685C, including manual, TTL, HSS, FEC, FEB & multi-flash mode. They have also updated the USB type C port and 2.5mm sync design for convenient wired communication. Due to its external power port, it’s indeed a great choice for long shoots like – weddings & street fashion photography.

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  • Brand: GODOX.
  • Dimension: 8.15″ x 3.66″ x 3.19″.
  • Item Weight: ‎1.29 lbs.
  • Power: 76Ws
  • Color Temperature: 5300K±200K.
  • Flash Coverage: 20 to 200mm
  • Flash Duration: 1/300 to 1/20000 seconds.
  • Power Source: 7.2V/2600mAh Li-ion battery
  • Recycle Time: 1.5 seconds.
  • Full Power Flashes: 480.
  • Transmission range: 100m Channels: 1~32.
  • ID: 01~99.


  • It supports a 2.4G wireless X system & high guide number (60) for superior power output.
  • Use a 2500mA Ni-MH battery to take 290 full-power shots. Its approximate recycle time is around 0.1s to 2.6s. Recycle time.
  • You can rotate it -7° to 120° vertically and 0° to 330° horizontally for a flexible bounce. 
  • Just use the TCM settings for a fast & quick transition from TTL mode to manual mode.
  • The quick-release lock ensures proper exposure lock, smooth setup, and accurate light expression to take outstanding shots in critical moments.
  • This unit features an external power port to hook it up with the Li-ion battery packs. So, you can expect constant support in weddings, street fashion, and other shoots.

What Does The Customer Like? 

This is a great flash within an affordable range. In indoor photography, it will meet up the light needs. In contrast, it will work on shadows in outdoor photography. Its quick-release lock, TCM technology, and broad bounce angles have improved overall shooting efficiency.

What Does The Customer Dislike? 

Its competitors have offered a greater power output.

Tester Review:

I needed a modern yet vegetarian-friendly Speedlite for both indoor & outdoor use. Godox TT685II-C has done the job for me. Yes, it doesn’t have anything exceptional. It is compatible with TTL metering, HSS, stroboscopic, FEB, FEC, and many more. So, from the price point, it’s definitely a worthy deal.

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How To Choose The Best Flash For Canon R6: Step-by-Step Buying Guide For 2023

Are you having a hard time choosing the best flash for Canon R6? It’s certainly difficult as the market is over-saturated. Check the following factors before you dive in!

Brand Name: 

Brand Name is indeed a noteworthy factor to consider to purchase the best flashgun for Canon r6. Renowned brands tend to maintain their quality strictly. So, you can experience the performance in terms of quality, materials & durability. Here, I really didn’t indicate the high-end flagship brands. There are many brands out there that are producing high-quality off-camera flashes within budget. 


You must be aware of the raw material of your flashgun. After all, it determines the quality & durability of the flash. Be aware of any toxic raw/chemical substances used in manufacturing. 


Before you invest in a flashgun, check its compatibility. The flashgun must be compatible with your camera. Otherwise, your investments will go in vain. Check the dimensions as well to avoid further hassle.

Design & Features: 

The features and design of the flash are definitely the actual deal breaker. Remember – all flashy items are not awesome. Understand your needs first and choose accordingly.

Nowadays, most flashes support 2.4G wireless X technology for seamless connectivity. Some flashes are made to act as slave flashes, while others are master flashes. Remember – all flashy items are not awesome. Understand your needs first and choose accordingly.

Sometimes, it might not be enough to read the features online. It would be best to check them out offline. You can also look for video/ tester reviews.

Design & Features 

Ease Of Handling:

The off-camera flash you plan to invest in should be handy. Nowadays, modern flashes offer a flexible body & swivel head for convenience. You might also like the quick-release lock for proper setup. Understand your comfort zone and enjoy the shoots!


Going for a cheap flash might be tempting. Many photographers regret it later as budget flashes might not last long. If you have enough money, you can just go for a high-end one. However, it is ideal to go for mid-range ones to get a perfect combination of features & price.



The brand you plan to invest in should offer a decent warranty & customer support. In case your flash dies out just after purchase, the brand should provide a decent refund policy without hassle. Thus, cross-check the warranty & refund conditions before any further action.


Game-Changing Tricks To Use Flash With Canon R6

First, let’s get into the basics of using an external flash. 

In order to get the Speedlight into slave/master mode, click & hold the zoom button for two seconds. Several channels will pop up on the screen. Now you can adjust the channels accordingly. Once the Speedlight is set, slide & lock it on top of the camera’s hot shoe. 

Is your Speedlite not firing? It might be due to multiple factors.

  • Set up the shutter mode carefully. The flash won’t fire if it’s in silent shutter mode. You can choose the first mechanical or electronic curtain shutter mode as per your needs.
  • Check out if you have enabled the external flash. Open the settings under the red camera number two and enable it.
  • Remember to recharge the batteries before you are up for photography. If the batteries are low, the pilot might not have enough charge to fire. If the red signal is on, the Speedlite is ready to fire.

Now, we have three game-changing tricks to improve your photography.


You can remap one of your buttons for easy handling. 

  1. Go to customize button settings and choose your preferred button. 
  2. Now you can use that button to control flash intensity & shooting millimeters through the camera. 

This cool feature will definitely speed up your performance.

Increase Autofocus Ability: 

In simulated exposure, finding the focus point in the black preview screen is much of a drag for me. So, I personally prefer to disable the simulated exposure for better autofocus. 

Autofocus Assist Beam: 

You can turn it on/off depending on the lighting conditions.

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What is the sync speed for Canon R6?

By sync speed, we basically refer to the highest speed for using flash. Just like other DSLRs, Canon R6 features a native sync speed of 1/250 seconds. 

Final Verdict

It is definitely a hassle to choose a high-class Speedlite within budget. You have to consider building quality, wireless connectivity, compatibility, and many more. I bet our content has guided you through choosing the best flash for Canon R6. Among our recommended flashguns, my favorite is Godox V860III-C Flash for Canon Camera for its speed & fast recycle time. You can choose any of our recommended flashguns, whichever suits your needs. Be careful and dive in now!

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