Canon Eos R6 Specifications And Features

If you are a fan of Canon, you must have heard of the Canon R6. Are the Canon Eos R6 specifications and features worth the hype? 

It’s a legendary piece with ultimate professional features. Especially its video capabilities are overwhelming. Along with log 3 shooting capacity, Canon R6 can record on two SD cards simultaneously. Its increased dynamic range, rich quality & color options can bring the real Hollywood feel. So, it will definitely be the best deal, even if you are a professional videographer. 

Are you still hesitating? It’s natural because a camera is indeed a big investment. Don’t worry; we have discussed each & every feature in detail. So check out now if its video capabilities suit your needs and enjoy!

Canon Eos R6 Specifications & Features: 

Officially after the Canon EOS 1D X Mark III, Canon R6 is the latest pro model of the EOS series. Among videographers, this piece is hyped for its fast & efficient video shooting capabilities. In its class, it’s the first camera that can shoot 4k/60p at full frame. The full pixel autofocus is compatible with high-speed 1080p, full HD 1080p & even UHD 4K. Due to its logarithmic gamma curve, this piece can easily compete with Canon cameras of the cinema EOS series.

Canon R6 Release Date: 

9 July 2020.


General Specifications 

Camera TypeMirrorless
Sensor Size (36×24)mm
Resolution 21.4 MP
Lens MountCanon RF mount


Resolution2160p (3840×2160) Pixels & 1080p (1920×1080) Pixels.
Frame Rate60 (2160p) & 120, 24, 30 (1080p).


TypeExternal flash (Not built-in).
MountHot shoe
Connectivity WiFi, HDMI, Bluetooth, MicroUSB, Type 3.1 USB.




Size3 inches.
Resolution dots1620000 dots.
Touch sensitivityYes
Movable displayYes

Additional Features

ISOAuto, 100 to 102400 ISO.
Autofocus Phase detection.
Image Stabilization TypeSensor
TimerTwo seconds, 10 seconds, further customizable.
White BalanceAuto, flash, daylight, tungsten, fluorescent, custom.


TypeRaw & JPEG
Size14 byte


ModeAperture priority, custom, manual, shutter & speed priority, program mode.
Exposure lockYes


Dimensions (138 x 97.5 x 88.4)mm.


TypeRechargeable Li-ion.

Canon Eos R6 Features


Just like the Canon EOS-1D X III, Canon R6 features a 20 MP sensor. It has a very decent & wide dynamic range & impressive readouts.


The 20 MP sensor features a Digic X processor for efficient autofocus & burst shooting. In mechanical shutter mode, the maximum frame Rate is 12 per second at full autofocus. However, just like Canon 1D X mark III, you can shoot at 20 fps at electric Shutter mode.

At first, Canon R6 is in the EFCS shutter mode by default. However, you can switch to a full electronic or mechanical shutter as per requirements.

Image Stabilization: 

Its image stabilization is noteworthy due to the internal correlation between lens IS & in-body systems. Thus, you can expect around 8 degrees of correction.


Canon R6 is widely known for its Dual Pixel AF system. Left & right sub-pixels constitute each pixel. Thus, these two-pixel halves are responsible for phase detection autofocus. The CMOS sensor acts as a depth-aware focus sensor for 100% coverage in both photography & videography.

According to the brand, Canon R6 offers better tracking than its pro-sport predecessor, 1D X Mark III. Its advanced AF system can automatically recognize the eyes, heads & faces of the subject by machine learning. It can also prioritize whether to focus on human subjects or animals.

Video Recorder: 

The Video recording features of the R6 are not as great as its expensive siblings. However, from the price point, its performance is quite competitive & classy. Its UHD 4K capture capabilities are quite similar to Canon 1D X III. The sensor takes videos from the 5130 x 2886 pixel region of the sensor. Canon R6 is basically the first camera of the EOS from a nearly full-frame region. It is compatible with Dual Pixel AF offering a time limit of 29 minutes & 59 seconds in all modes.

Frame Rate
4K UHD (IPB)59.95 29.97 23.98
1080p Full HD (IPB-Lite)59.95 29.97 23.98 29.97
High Speed 1080p (IPB)119.9

The camera shoots video at 8-bit H.264 footage by default. However, it is also capable of capturing 10-bit H.265 videos in log & HDR PQ mode. The Log mode utilizes the C-Log gamma curve at 400 ISO for equal distributions of available data. So, you can choose a color and tone response as per requirements. On the contrary, HDR PQ mode utilizes the base 100 ISO. We would advise setting 200 ISO instead for tone priority & extra highlights. This affordable masterpiece also supports AAC & linear PCM audio in the Custom Functions menu.

Video Tools:

Canon R6 is compatible with multiple tools like – mic, headphone sockets, zebra warnings, and focus peaking. It is the first camera in the mainstream EOS series with zebra exposure.

By the zebra implementation, a videographer can set range value up to 90% and 70% +/- 5%. The fixed width range is around 5%. These two zebra patterns can be turned on/off from the main menu. 

What Is In The Box?

  • Canon R6 camera body.
  • Cover R-F-5.
  • ER-EOS R6 strap.
  • LP-E6NH battery.
  • LC-E6E charger.
  • Battery pack Cover.
  • AC Cable.
  • Warranty card.
  • User manual.

Canon R6 Price: 

Canon EOS R6 first originated in India. Its price is around $2499.

Canon R5 Vs. R6: How Does Canon R6 Compare With Its Sibling Canon R5? 

Though both Canon R5 & R6 offer similar body construction, there is a huge difference in specifications & overall ergonomic design. Canon R5 is a classy camera to shoot 8k videos, whereas R6 is limited to 4k only. Canon R6 is basically a general-purpose camera and offers quite convenient features as per its price.

Canon EOS R5Canon EOS R6
Body Construction Only RubberRubber with plastic design.
LCD Screen Size3.2 inches3 inches.
Digital Top LCDPresentAbsent 
Remote port flapPresent Absent 
Sensor Resolution CMOS 45 MPCMOS 20.1 MP
Image Size8192 x 5464   5472 x 3648
Pixel pitch 4.40 µm          6.58 µm
Viewfinder OLED electronic viewfinder with 5.76 Million Dots.   OLED electronic viewfinder with 3.69 Million Dots.
Buffer Capacity87 (SD UHS-II) & 180 (CFexpress).240 (SD UHS-II) 
Low light Sensitivity 6 to 20 EV      -6.5 to 20 EV.
Video Resolution 8K DCI up to 30p, 4K DCI up to 120p. 4K UHD up to 60p, 1080p up to 120p.
Battery Life 320 shots360 shots.
Price $3899$2499


Is Canon R6 a professional camera? 

In the context of videography,Canon R6 is the next professional-level camera after EOS 1D X Mark III. At the near full frame, this mirrorless camera can even shoot 4k/60p. Besides, It features high-class image stabilization, autofocus & low light capabilities. Due to its efficient features, Canon R6 can even compete with highly expensive flagship models.

Does Canon R6 support 4k? 

Yes, Canon R6 can shoot 4k UHD videos with dual pixel autofocus. The 20.1 MP sensor isn’t totally compatible with 4k resolution. Thus, the footage will be a bit softer than the full frame.

Why is the Canon R6 so good? 

Canon R6 is one of the best for its speedy blitzing burst, image stabilization & autofocus. Even if you are up for low light or wildlife photography, this one won’t disappoint you. Compared to Nikon Z6 II, it has a wider dynamic range & greater noise reduction.

Final Words

As you have been with us till now, I bet you have set your eyes on Canon R6. Yes, there are cameras that offer better efficiency than the R6. However, from the price point, Canon R6 specifications and features are indeed the best. Its image stabilization, autofocus, low light functions & 4k shooting abilities are pretty satisfactory.

In fact, R6 can even compete with flagship video cameras. So, if you are looking for a professional level & general-purpose camera at an affordable range, go for Canon EOS R6 right away!

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