How To Import Videos From A Sony Camera To Mac?

Cameras are significant as they enable people to save life stories that are difficult to express in words. However, people must transfer those videos from the camera to other devices for editing in order to be more visually appealing.

But when people try to share recorded videos from Sony cameras to Mac, they frequently discover that the video file type is incompatible. Therefore, many people want to know, How to import videos from a Sony camera to Mac?”

One needs some technical knowledge & professional third-party software to convert Sony camera videos to Mac. However, many people struggle to grasp these technical issues.

Therefore, in this article, I will go through the video conversion process from a Sony camera to Mac in detail. Furthermore, the readers will go over additional necessary information and some FAQs. So, let’s start.

General Knowledge about Sony camera recorder

As previously stated, the conversion process necessitates some technical knowledge; it is vital to know about the Sony camera’s video recorder & its video recording process.

A camcorder is a compact electronic component capable of capturing and recording a series of video images and sound. There are two types of Sony camcorders. They are as follows:

  • Sony DCR: Standard Definition Models are another name for it. This camera records video in MPEG-2 & DV (AVI) formats. Among them, Sony DCR-DVD650, DCR-HC52, and DCR-SR47 are noteworthy.
  • Sony HDR: The complete form of HDR is “High Definition Models.”  Unlike Standard Definition models, they generate videos in MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC formats. It incorporates the Sony HDR-CX100, the Sony-HDR-SR 5, the Sony HDR XR100, and many more.

It is critical to remember that only MOV and MP4 video formats are compatible with Mac computers. Without video conversion, one cannot transfer Sony videos for editing to Adobe Premiere Pro, iMovie, or Final Cut Pro.

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How to Transfer Sony Videos to Mac with iMovie

One must convert the video format type to import Sony videos to Mac. iMovie is the best & the easiest way of importing Sony videos to Mac computers. One can import and even edit videos with this software. The most prominent editing features include adding special effects, incorporating layouts to create clips, etc. In addition, this software will allow users to share videos on social media.

Users should be aware that AVCHD 60p videos are incompatible with iMovie. If you want to edit videos in iMovie, set the camera to shoot MP4, AVCHD 24i, or AVCHD 60i formats. If you’ve already recorded 60p videos, you can use “UniConverter” to transform Sony MPEG-2, AVI files to MP4, MOV.

However, here is how to import Sony videos to Mac using iMovie:

  • Switch on the Sony camcorder and Mac computer
  • Use a USB cable to link the Sony camcorder to the computer.
  • Fix the Sony camera recorder to “USB Mode” or “Mass Storage.” iPhoto will sometimes start up automatically at this point. If this occurs, close it.
  • Open “iMovie” software and navigate to the Finder Bar.
  • Then go to the Applications of the software.
  • Tap on the “File” tab, then select the “Import from Camera” option.   Users who want to transfer all videos will select the “Automatic” option and then the “Import All” option.
  • Select the destination folder and name it from the “Create New Event” section.
  • Now, press the “OK” button.
  • An “Import Complete” dialog box with the “Import” button will appear. Select this option to begin transferring files from the Sony camera to the Mac.

Importing Sony videos to Mac using “UniConverter”

If you find the iMovie transferring process too time-consuming, you can use the UniConverter app. This app can convert AVI, DV, MPEG-2, and MPEG-4 files to Mac-compatible formats like MP4, MOV, and 3GP. Users can also modify Sony video footage by cropping, trimming, using watermarks, and performing a variety of other editing tasks. They will also be able to transfer the transformed videos to iPhones, iPads, camcorders, Android devices, and other external devices.

Sony MP4/MOV video conversion and transfer to Mac:

Step 1: Installation & loading of videos

  • Install & open the “UniConverter app” on the Mac  computer
  • Now Link up the camcorder to the computer using a firewire or USB cable.
  • Select the “Add from Camcorder” option
  • Now click on the Add to Convert List option

Step 2: Edit videos

  • Users can see edit signs such as cropping, adding subtitles, applying effects, and so on just below the videos.
  • Change the videos by clicking on the desired options.
  • Then click “OK”.

Step 3: Select the target format and begin converting videos:

  • Press on the drop-down button
  • Pick your preferred file format.
  • Tap on the MP4 or MOV from the list under the Video tab.
  • Select the preferred device from the Device tab
  • Fix the resolution
  • Press on the Convert buttons. If you want to convert all files, select the “Convert All” buttons.

Step 4: Copy MOV/MP4 videos to the Mac:

  • Go to the Converted tab from the top home window. Here the users will find all the MP4/MOV videos.
  • Select the file & Right-click on it to import
  • Now choose the “Add to Transfer List” section & go to the Transfer tab
  • Click the transfer all button

Click Menu < Setup <Ok

Click Menu < Setup <Ok

Mode Dial Guide < Ok

Mode Dial Guide < Ok

Right Key

Right Key

Again Click On Right Key

Again Click On Right Key

Go to USB Connection And Click Ok

Go to USB Connection And Click Ok

Click On Mass Storage

Click On Mass Storage

Go To Menu And Power Off-camera

Go To Menu And Power Off-camera

Follow 2 Arrows And On Camera

Follow 2 Arrows And On Camera

Click The Camera model you can see arrows, and go there, you can find all of your photos and videos, Select the photos and video and copy it past your mac device.

Click The Camera model you can see arrows

Frequently asked question

How does one get a Mac to recognize a Sony camera?

One can follow the steps below to allow the Mac to recognize a Sony camera:

  • Create a link between the camera & computer via USB cable.
  • Place the camera in Mass Storage or USB Mode.
  • If the computer can recognize the connection, then it will show the camera drive or drives on the desktop as “No name” or” Untitled.”
  • Press on the “No name” or “Untitled” section
  • Now from the name, the computer can recognize the  Sony camera

Why is file not opening on my Mac?

If an individual can’t open a “MOV” file on Mac, it indicates that the file’s code is incompatible with the “QuickTime.” Therefore, one must switch MOV to QuickTime format to open the file on the Mac.

Final verdict

People need to transfer Sony videos to Mac for editing and sharing purposes. But most people struggle to open their video files on Mac & ask, “How to import videos from a Sony camera to Mac?” One must convert the files to Mac-compatible file formats, which requires using some third-party apps. Therefore, I have discussed how people can import their Sony camera to Mac with iMovie & “Uniconverter” apps. I hope the readers will find the information helpful.

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