Where To Find Canon Camera Serial Number?

A serial number is attached to every piece of the Canon Camera. You’ll need these numbers to register an insurance request or investigate a stolen camera or lens. This page tells you how to find the serial numbers on your equipment.

Find your camera’s serial number on the box, the receipt, or a sticker affixed to the bottom of the Canon Camera. 

Let’s say you misplaced the product’s box and invoice, and the serial number on the label is now unclear. Your camera’s serial number will appear in every picture you take.. If you haven’t written down the serial number, don’t worry; In this article, Where To Find Canon Camera Serial Number, If you’ve lost your equipment, we’ll discuss techniques to restore them.

What Is A Serial Number On Canon Camera? 

A serial number serves as the unique identifier for most electrical gadgets. Even cameras aren’t exempt from this rule. The item’s serial number is typically required to make a warranty claim. Although this is one use, serial numbers have many other uses. You can also use a serial number to find a stolen camera.

Where Can You Look for Serial Numbers On Canon Camera?

There comes a time where you want the serial numbers so, here’s a simple guide to where most serial number places are.

Where is Canon Camera Serial Number

Camera Bodies

  • the back corner of the camera, top
  • bottom corner of the back of the camera
  • grip or bottom of the camera
  • under the camera’s lens mount.
  • on the hot shoe (flash mount)
  • top, camera front: medium format
  • next to the back door hinge


  • Under the side of the flash head.


  • hand-held meter’s back

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Where To Find Canon Camera Lenses Serial Number

  • front lens ring
  • mount on the back of the lens
  • on lens mount
  • on the lens side.
Where To Find Canon Camera Lenses Serial Number

How To Find Canon Serial Number? Look For Serial Numbers On The Canon Camera

The camera and lenses are the first places to check for the serial number. It is most likely imprinted with the information.

Towards the bottom of your camera, near the tripod mount, you should find a little sticker. You can see the camera’s production information, including the serial number. In most cases, a serial number will be printed in black on a silver background. It’s also possible to find a “No.,” “Serial:,” “S/N.,” or something like.

Most of the time, your lens’s serial number will be on the side of the barrel or under the mount.

Carefully check serial numbers. From the looks of the camera, they are quite small and difficult to find.

Look In The Packaging And Invoices In The Canon Camera

Check the original packaging to find the serial number of any equipment that has been misplaced. A reputable camera shop would typically print this information on the packaging of the customer’s purchases.

You can only find a sticker by looking in the remaining boxes. The most likely wordings are “No,” “Body number,” “S/N,” and variations thereof. Please use my camera.

If you don’t have the receipt, don’t look for the box itself. The business where you made your purchase may still have this information even if you have lost the packaging or the receipt. Contact the shop where you bought the camera and see if they can offer any advice.

One more pointer: If you dispose of the packaging after purchasing any new equipment, you might as well use the scissors to remove the relevant information and file it away.

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Where Do i Find My Canon Camera Serial Number EXIF Data

The EXIF data of your canon camera photographs will contain the number of your camera. Either use the tools provided by your operating system or go online and use a reader such as Get-Metadata. Get-Metadata is preferable because it displays all the data in a single window rather than splitting it up amongst multiple windows.

Simply drag and drop the image onto Get-Metadata, then click the “Start Analyzing File” button to send in a photograph that you took with your camera. The best option is to use a RAW image, but any file that maintains its original metadata should be usable. You will see all of the file’s metadata in alphabetical order.

You require a serial number or Camera Identification. If you’re still having trouble finding it, try scanning the list element by element.

It might be listed as the camera’s “Internal Serial Number,” but that depends on your canon camera model.

The number doesn’t have to match the one on the box; it only needs to be unique for each camera. If you find a discrepancy between the Internal Serial Number and the Standard Serial Number, you should seek assistance from the manufacturer.

Look For the Camera's Serial Number in EXIF Data


How Do I Find The Serial Number On Canon Camera?

Different Canon cameras have other places for your serial number. Usually, the serial number on a Canon camera will have 12 digits, but some older models may only have 6 or 10 digits.

The following locations, which are listed below, are where you can look for it:

  • On the bottom of the camera, printed in either black, gray, or white.
  • behind the LCD
  • On the camera box’s white sticker

Where Do I Find My Camera Serial Number?

When it comes to the camera serial number, you can find it on the underside of the camera’s base plate. The serial number is a series of white numbers engraved around the label. It will be 12 digits, while the serial number’s length may be shorter for older models.

Where Is The Serial Number Of Canon Powershot Camera?

The serial number is usually written on the black inside of a silver box. Serial numbers for more recent cameras with a flip-up LCD screen are typically printed on a sticker on the camera’s back. This sticker is under the screen that flips up.


As you can see, the best course of action is to record the serial number of the new canon camera as soon as possible once you bring it. In this article, Where To Find Canon Camera Serial Number, we have discussed the ways to look for and the probable places to look for the serial numbers.

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