Hello, welcome to filminglab.com which works with varieties of filming accessories like cameras, camcorders, and all the latest video cameras and video recorders. I am Terry E. Collin, the CEO, and founder of filminglab.com. I am eagerly interested in research and study on Camera and camcorder accessories. And I dream of sharing my knowledge with the general people who love to know about filming cameras but are confused to get authentic information. Hopefully, this guide will help them a lot.

Our History:

From an early age, I was fascinated with photography and videography. One of my hobbies was filming with different cameras. But at that time, I didn’t know much about quality cameras or video recorders. I even had a lot of small problems while doing photography or videography. It was sad that I did not know the exact way to solve those problems. Besides, there have no one to help me with these accessories. Since then, I have decided to learn a lot about filming gear in the future and share it with the general people.

Later, luckily, I got involved in industrial filmmaking. As a result, I get the encouragement to fulfill my dream again. Now I have to get acquainted with many professional filming accessories. So, I am gaining more knowledge about this sector. There have some passionate people who love to work with me. I have created filminglab.com free blog with those interested and hardworking guys. We are all working together to help the common people.

Our Goal:

The main purpose of this blog is to help people who are interested in professional and personal filming. There are many young and older adults we know who are not aware of the filming camera camcorder and video recorder function. So, we have decided to research and write a solution for several cameras using the process. As well as, we write about the solution of tricky problems of well-known cameras.

Moreover, we also share a lot of updated information from research to learn something new. Apart from that, they will get trustworthy resources for filming products and accessories for their project. We believe the reader will get a lot of information, solution, and resources from this free blog. We have a hardworking team working in different sectors to share this knowledge in social media. So, you can get us super active on social media.

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