Top 3 Best Microphone For Canon G7x Mark iii Of 2023

Does the Latest version of Canon G7x suit an external microphone? Which one is the best microphone for the Canon G7x Mark III? If these queries are puzzling you, be with us till the end and dig into further details.

Canon G7x is a growing brand that is trying to improve its models with every update. The Latest update of g7x Mark iii has offered a microphone jack/ socket for the input of the external microphone. That’s why the customers are recently quite curious and asking about the best external mic for canon g7x mark iii. 

In our content, we have reviewed the 3 best mic for canon g7x mark iii along with a complete buying guide. We have also answered the most probable queries among the consumers. As all of our reviews are totally authentic, you can rely on us to purchase the best mic to improve the overall videography experience right away!

Best Mic For Canon G7x Mark iii: Check Out Now! 

Let’s check out the reviews below to choose the best mic for Canon g7x mark iii. Rely on our picks as we have conducted detailed research just to pick the best ones in 2023. So, are you ready right now?

01. Movo VXR10 Universal Video Microphone

Are you looking for a compact shotgun microphone for filmmaking and videography? Do you require the best microphone for the Canon G7x Mark III to record outdoor events? If yes, Movo can be the first choice indeed. In terms of build quality, audio quality, and construction, this unit is definitely a masterpiece. Trust me, every user out there have loved it due to its handiness and user interface. Just plug in the microphone and you are good to go!


Brand: Movo.
Package Dimensions: ‎5.94″ x 5.12″ x 2.72″.
Item Weight: 1.8 ounces.
Color: Black
Connector Type: 3.5 mm Jack.
Connection Technology: Auxiliary
Power Source: No Battery.


  • Movo VXR10 microphone shows superior compatibility and universality. Buyers can use the microphone for different devices like android, iPhones, Camcorders, tablets, laptops, DSLRs, and many more. 
  • This unit is super easy to connect. Just plug in and the microphone is ready to function.
  • Movo has offered a durable construction for prolonged usage. Its aluminium alloy will support for years
  • Its overall design is quite smart, small, and battery free. Due to the sturdy integrated shock mount, users won’t have any issues in handling noises.
  • The company has offered a 1-YEAR manufacturer Warranty.  They are quite supportive & has promised to ease up the troubles.
  • The brand, Movo has included multiple accessories like Furry “Deadcat” Windscreen, 3.5mm TRS & TRRS Cable and a classy Carrying Case. 

What Does The Customer Like? 

This unit is really the best mic for Canon g7x mark iii within budget. In terms of build quality, audio quality, and comfort, this one is really incredible.

What Does The Customer Dislike? 

Some customers didn’t like the shock mount much.

2. UURig G7X Mark III Vlog Camera Extension Microphone

The brand, UURig has come up with a cold shoe microphone which offers an increased feel. The Canon g7x Mark iii comes with a small battery. So, it requires frequent replacements. The extension’s inferior design doesn’t block the pathway of the battery. So; users won’t need to disassemble the bracket for battery replacements. 

Also, it’s mount adapter offers a special screw for the addition of a flash or microphone. Even if it’s a beginner, he can handle it without inconvenience due to the lightweight compact design. If he is specifically looking for a microphone extension for Canon G7x mark iii, he will definitely love this unit.


Manufacturer: ‎UURig
Package Dimensions: ‎5″ x 1.69″ x 1.34
Product Dimensions: 11.3″x 2.9″x 2.6
Weight: 32 g
Material: Aluminum Alloy


  • UURig Camera Extension Microphone is a special unit highly suitable for Canon PowerShot G7X Mark III.
  • The package includes the extension bracket exclusively. However the company didn’t provide any tripod or other accessories.
  • If you are looking for a camera extension microphone for a professional vlogging effect, UURig can be your favorite companion. That’s because this device offers a special mount adapter on the left side. So, you can add flash or microphone as per convenience.
  •  In the inferior aspect, there is a ¼-inches screw for tripod mounting.
  • This unit is easy to handle. The additional part on the right side has improved the overall feeling of grip. Now; holding and shooting has become super easy even for the amateurs. 
  • The extension microphone offers a simple yet smart design. Thus users won’t have any issues in button and control.
  • It offers a high-quality durable and lightweight design.

What Does The Customer Like? 

This is an awesome microphone extension for increased feel & compact design. Attach the flash lights and tripods to it conveniently within seconds. You will definitely love this cage for Mark iii.

What Does The Customer Dislike? 

Some customers are not satisfied with the shock mount.

3. Neewer G7X Mark III Camera Base Mount Bracket With Microphone

Are you looking for a comfy base mount & microphone for the Canon G7x Mark iii? If yes, the Neewer G7x mark iii can be the best companion during filmmaking and videography.

Due to its good workmanship, everyone loves its texture and sense of touch. Even the amateurs can handle it with ease due to the protruded portions on the sides. Almost all the Canon g7x users love it as it is highly compatible with multiple devices like flash, LED lights & microphones. Moreover, this unit is compatible with Canon G7x Mark ii as well.


Manufacturer: NEEWER.
Package Dimensions: 5.2″ x 1.65″ x 1.42″.
Weight ‎: 2.42 ounces.
Material: Aluminum Alloy.


  • Neewer G7X Mark III mount bracket is based on an aluminum frame. It’s super lightweight, durable and comes with a black finish. Due to its  workmanship & texture, you will achieve a better sense of feel & touch.
  • This unit offers a classy professional design that won’t block any slot or button. 
  • The interior of the bracket is made up of wear-resistant & anti-skid cushions to protect the camera from any external damage. 
  • The bracket is super easy to install. Just rotate the screw and attach it to the camera with convenience. It is super safe as the user doesn’t have to rotate the bracket or the camera. 
  • For utmost convenience, this unit features a protruding part for a convenient & Improved grip.
  • It is lightweight, handy, easy to carry and offers a better feel for convenient shooting.
  • This unit also features a cold shoe adapter for mounting other accessories like flash or microphone. 
  • Neewer bracket also has a ¼-inches hole to mount tripods. 

What Does The Customer Like? 

It’s a convenient unit with a comfy and secure feel. This unit fits perfectly and offers high compatibility to multiple devices. Other than g7x mark iii, it is also compatible with Canon G7x mark ii and Lumix as well.

What Does The Customer Dislike? 

The microphone sticks outside sideways.

How To Choose The Best Microphone For Canon G7x Mark iii?

The Canon G7x is improving their cameras on a daily basis bit by bit. After the Best Microphone For Canon G7x Mark ii, Canon came up with the G7x mark iii which features an additional jack to support the external microphone. That’s why customers are being too curious about the best microphone for Canon G7x mark iii. 

However, how to purchase the best external mic for Canon g7x mark iii? What are the major points to consider before making the purchase? Don’t worry as that’s the main point we will consider in this segment. So; let’s not dilly dally and jump in!

Build Quality

Build quality is certainly an essential factor to check out. The microphone you will choose for the Canon G7x Mark iii should have a solid framework. If a microphone is built with extra effort to put together, it will definitely last much longer than regular ones. If a buyer is specifically up for traveling; he needs a small, lightweight, compact yet durable unit. Such a design ensures that the microphone can easily go through rough beatings during a trip.


Here come the second and one of the most major criteria to consider. For vloggers and videographers, audio quality is certainly a crucial point. So, be very careful at this point as perfect audio will bring marvelous & drastic changes in the video. We would recommend going for a compact mic that can collect audio omnidirectionally. Such a pickup pattern is incredible for vlogging, music gigs, interviews, and many more.

Reduced Noises

The microphone a user will invest in should have enough capacity for noise reduction. In this decade, most of the classy microphones come with powerful protection from the natural popping sounds and winds. This point is really necessary to decrease all the negative impacts and to keep the video footage clean.

User Interface

Every user out there loves the items which are super attractive and user-friendly. I believe most of the users of Canon G7x mark iii are beginner-level videographers. So, handiness & user-friendliness is mandatory factor to consider indeed. Go for a microphone that is easy to set up and install. Most classy microphones offer an ideal default setting that is suitable for major niches.


Cost is the last but not the least factor everyone has to consider. Generally, everyone loves cheaper products. However, most of the cheap microphones can’t provide a proper windshield. In most cases, they are pretty useless and increase negative effects.

So, if you have the money it would be great to go for a premium microphone that offers better sound quality & reduced noises. If you are going for a wired microphone, the budget should be $50 minimally. The wireless microphones will cost around $120 to $500 or more. So, be very wise before you invest in it!

Best Microphone For Canon G7x Mark iii Our Top Picks!

Best Extension Microphone For Comfy Feel: UURig G7X Mark III Vlog Camera Extension Microphone

This unit offers a compact design and awesome build quality to provide a comfy feeling for prolonged shooting & videography.

Best Mount Bracket & Microphone For Compatibility: Neewer G7X Mark III Camera Base Mount Bracket With Microphone:

This unit comes with an incredible design which is compatible with multiple devices and camera accessories.

Best Microphone Overall: Movo VXR10 Universal Video Microphone:

We have considered Movo as the best one due to its incredible audio quality, construction and performance as well. If you are looking for a high-quality microphone within budget, it is definitely the right one for you!


Does Canon g7x Mark iii Have Bluetooth & Wifi? 

Nowadays, built-in WiFi and Bluetooth has become the base of wireless communications. That’s why Canon has equipped their g7x mark ii & iii with Bluetooth and wifi. So, users can easily transfer contents from one device to another without worries.

Does the Canon G7X Mark III have a mic input?

Canon G7x Mark ii didn’t have any microphone input. However, Canon has mended that drawback with their new G7x mark iii. It has finally come with a microphone input and can easily support 4k videos.

Final Verdict: 

Choosing the best microphone for the Canon G7x Mark III is certainly tricky. Most users of mark iii are amateur videographers and they obviously can’t choose the right one without proper guidelines. That’s why we have popped up in the scenario. After going through our content on the best external mic for canon g7x mark iii, I believe you have got a gross idea about which one will suit your requirements the most. 

All of our recommended products are pretty awesome so you can rely on either of them. Among our recommendations, I loved the Movo VXR10 Universal Video Microphone for audio quality, construction, and performance. So, which microphone will you choose for shootings, music gigs, and interviews in 2023?

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