Does Canon 700D Have WiFi: How to Connect Canon 700D to WiFi

The short answer is No. The Canon 700D also known as Canon EOS Rebel T5i does not have built-in WiFi features. Don’t worry, it has alternative features that enable you to transfer your captured photos and videos easily.

We all know that the Canon 700D is among the top cameras on the market. It is a versatile and powerful device that comes with great features. Additionally, with the availability of free mobile applications, users can operate the camera from their mobile devices remotely. All these features make the Canon 700D an attractive option for both photography enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Below, we have talked about the Canon 700D in more detail and tried to highlight its features and an alternative option to transfer photos and videos from the camera to your phone or PC. 

Knowing the Canon 700D and Its Features

The Canon 700D is a popular DSLR camera among photographers due to its impressive particularities. It comes with an 18-megapixel aps-c CMOS sensor and a 3-inch vari-angle clear view LCD screen. The camera has a Digic 5 image processor that produces high-quality images.

It has a 9-point autofocus system and can shoot at 5 fps, making it ideal for capturing action shots. The Canon 700D also has a built-in flash, a hot shoe, and supports external flashes. However, the camera doesn’t have wifi built-in, which may be a drawback for some photographers.

But, with Canon’s optional accessory, the Wi-Fi adapter w-e1, you can connect it to WiFi. The Canon 700D is a versatile camera that is perfect for beginners and professionals alike.

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Let’s Understand Connectivity Features.

Let's Understand Connectivity Features.

When it comes to connectivity options, the camera offers several options, including WiFi, NFC, and USB. The Wi-Fi option allows you to connect the camera to your smartphone or tablet and transfer images and videos wirelessly.

Similarly, NFC allows you to connect the camera to other NFC-enabled devices with just a simple tap. The USB option, on the other hand, allows you to transfer files from the camera to your computer. Additionally, by using Canon’s EOS utility software, you can remotely control and operate the camera from your computer.

Overall, with several connectivity options, the Canon 700D makes it easier for users to transfer, share, and operate their images and videos.

Alternatives to WiFi Connectivity of Canon EOS Rebel T5i (700D)

Alternatives to WiFi Connectivity

As we mentioned before, unfortunately, the Canon 700D doesn’t have WiFi capabilities. However, the camera does have built-in NFC, which allows for easy pairing with compatible devices. Additionally, an external wifi adapter can be used to add wifi connectivity to the camera.

Alternatives to wifi connectivity include using a USB cable to transfer photos, using an eye-fi card, or using a wireless memory card reader. With these options, Canon 700D users can still transfer their photos easily and efficiently.

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FAQs of Does Canon 700D Have WiFi?

Is the Canon 700D Equipped With WiFi?

The Canon 700D is not equipped with WiFi, but it has an alternative option that enables seamless image sharing and remote shooting.

How Can I Connect My Canon 700D To WiFi?

No, you can’t connect your Canon 700D to WiFi. However alternatively you can follow this below video:

Can I Control My Canon 700D Remotely Using Wifi?

Yes, with the Canon Camera Connect app installed on your smartphone, you can control your Canon 700D remotely using Wi-Fi.


As we wrap up our discussion on the Canon 700D, it’s evident that this camera model is a good option for both amateur and professional photographers. While it does not have built-in wi-fi, there are other options for wireless connectivity, including the Canon Connect app and Eye-Fi memory cards.

Additionally, the camera offers exceptional image quality and performance, making it a great investment for anyone looking to capture stunning photos. Moreover, the Canon 700D is lightweight and has an intuitive interface, making it easy to use and operate. Its swivel touchscreen display also adds to its versatility, making it a perfect option for vlogging and shooting from various angles.

The Canon 700D may not have built-in Wi-Fi, but it still has a lot to offer. With its impressive performance, high-quality images, and various connectivity options, it’s a reliable and efficient tool for any photography enthusiast. Overall, this camera is an excellent investment and is well worth considering for anyone looking to capture unforgettable moments.

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