Does Canon 5D Mark III Have Wi-Fi? 5 More Features

Are you thinking about whether does canon 5D mark III have Wi-Fi? Though having lots of high-grade DSLR features, this canon camera model doesn’t come with Wi-Fi connectivity options. 

Canon EOS 5D Mark III is in the row the world’s best digital DSLR made by Canon. It is a highly professional level 22.3 megapixels full-frame digital camera, which lets users capture far smooth, cleaner images in any sort of light.

But that’s not enough. Transferring photos and videos to another device is also crucial to share beautiful moments with friends & family. That’s the point you will get puzzled as the camera has no Wi-Fi capability. 

No worry! There have far more well effective tips and tricks to transfer data from Canon 5D M3. Wondering how? Go on reading our below sections. 

Does Canon 5D Mark III Have Wi-Fi?

As mentioned above, Canon 5D Mark III have no featured camera. In order to communicate the camera with your preferred device like a PC, desktop, or smartphone, a Wi-Fi connection is quite obvious. With a featured Wi-Fi camera, you can easily store and transfer photos directly to other devices. 

As widespread digital photography brands, most of the Canon model has Wi-Fi for seamless connectivity to a compatible smart device. But unfortunately, 5D M3 mode doesn’t have Wi-Fi options.  Best Canon Camera For Sports Photography.

Does Canon 5D Mark III Have Bluetooth?

Yes! Canon 5D mark III has a Bluetooth feature through which one can easily link the camera with other Bluetooth-compatible equipment. To transfer photos and other data from the camera to any device, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity is a must. Almost all the canon camera models feature Bluetooth, which works better due to reduced latency.

You just need to ensure that the device you are connecting has Bluetooth 4.0. Only then you can operate the Bluetooth option of your camera.

Does Canon 5D Mark III Have a Touch Screen?

No! Canon 5D mark III doesn’t include a touchscreen to operate the camera. A touch screen is an outstanding feature in any DSLR camera. It makes it easier to interact directly with the functions of the camera with just one touch.

But unfortunately, Canon 5D M3 is not touchscreen sensitive. So, you have to navigate the menus and settings through the buttons and dials on the camera body.

Does Canon 5D Mark III Have Autofocus?

Yes! Canon 5D mark III is integrated with the best autofocus system. The camera has 61 points AF system across the frame, of which 41 are cross-type points and five are dual cross-type.

This great AF system will allow you to track the subject with ease. Apart from the focusing points, canon 5D M3 has 6 amazing Case sensitivity settings. Each of the settings is used to focus on the different moving subjects.

Thus it is essential to ensure the correct one before shooting. To get the details of each case setting, press the Menu button and then navigate to the Case options under the AF tab. 

Does Canon 5D Mark III Have a Live View?

Yes! Canon mark III has live view mode which will effectively shoot while viewing a real-time image on the monitor. The term is known as Live View shooting.

It will allow you to magnify the image on the LCD by 5x or 10x, through which you can focus on the targeted subject more precisely. To change your camera to the live view option, simply go to the shooting menu and enable the Live View tab. Then, you will be able to choose any of the views and methods. 

Does Canon 5D Mark III Have Face Detection?

Apart from other potential features, Canon 5D mark III has a face-detection option as well. During the live shooting, the face detection function is activated and detects the target faces from almost a 90-degree angle.

Even no matter how far the targets are, it keeps the subjects consistently sharp and clear.

How Can I Transfer Photos From My Canon 5D Mark III?

Here are a few methods that you can apply to transfer photos from your canon M3 camera to other devices:

Share Photos Via EYE-FI Card

Eye-Fi is a wireless memory card that is also known as a Wi-Fi-enabled SD card or Wi-Fi SD card. It is used for the wireless transmission of pictures or other data from a camera.

There are dual cards slot in 5D M3 that make it easier to use an eye-fi card. All you need to do is just go Eye-fi setting from the camera menu and enable this option. That’s all, transfer photos in a very quick and painless way. 

Control The Cannon 5D MARK III With a Wireless Tethering System

Alternative to the eye-fi card, you can use a wireless tethering system for wirelessly uploading photos to your devices. In the tethering strategy, you can connect one device with no wi-fi options but another has Wi-Fi connectivity.

Through a hassle-free connection, it will effectively share photos from about 100 feet distances. But, you have to ensure a strong connection establishment between the devices.

To do so, mount the Case Air into the camera’s hot shoe or thread it with a lanyard. Then, plug the Case Air plugs into the camera’s USB port with the cable which will create a Wi-Fi hot spot and allow wireless transmission.  

Connect Canon 5D M3 To A Computer With A USB Cable

Besides all the above options, you can connect your computer with a USB cable for sharing data. To do so, first, complete all the needed steps and then plug the computer and camera with the supplied USB cable. That’s all done. You are ready to import images from the camera to the computer 

Wrapping Up!

Though Canon 5D mark III has no Wi-Fi connectivity, it has made a lot of wireless transmission options to make the data sharing moments efficient for the users. Well, there you have it! All the confusion about does canon 5D mark III have Wi-Fi should go away now.

Also, we have focused on other more frequent queries about Canon features and input the exact answers for our readers in this guide. Hope that it has gone informative enough for you!!

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