How to Change Shutter Speed on Canon T7

As a photographer, knowing how to change your camera’s additional settings is essential for getting the right shot. One of the most important settings to learn is shutter speed, which controls how long your camera’s shutter stays open when you take a perfect picture. 

Most beginner users didn’t know how to adjust the shutter speed perfectly, so we made this guide for them. In this article, we will explain how to change shutter speed on Canon T7 camera and add some tips to help you get some of the best shots.

Shutter Speed Settings on Canon T7

Let’s first know something about the shutter speed. Shutter speed refers to how long the camera’s shutter remains open, enabling light to reach the image sensor. It is important in photography as it influences an image’s exposure and motion blur. 

The faster the shutter speed, the less light gets into the camera, reducing the exposure time while minimizing motion blur. On the other hand, slower shutter speeds let in more light and increase the potential of motion blur.

The shutter speed is measured in fractions of seconds. Common values range from 30 seconds, which is very slow, to 1/8000th of a second, which is extremely fast. To take properly exposed and sharp pictures, you have to know these values and their effects. Also, adjust the shutter speed properly according to your needs.

Fast shutter speeds

Faster shutter speeds, such as those at 1/1000th of a second or higher, stop motion and enable you to capture quick action in sharp detail. This feature is especially helpful for capturing sports or subjects in motion.

Slow shutter speeds: 

Slow shutter speeds can range between a few seconds and minutes, which may result in amazing results. Long exposures may smooth out busy cityscapes, provide lovely waterfalls, and capture light trails. When you use the slow shutter speed feature, it is recommended to use a stable surface or tripod to capture stunning pictures and avoid shaking.

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How to Change Shutter Speed on Canon T7

Changing the shutter speed on the camera is one of the easiest tasks; mostly, all models of cameras have the same process. Follow these easy steps to adjust the shutter speed on the Canon T7:

set the camera on manual mode

Step 1: First, you need to set the camera on manual mode; for this, turn the mode dial to “M.”

Find the shutter speed dial

Step 2: Find the shutter speed dial. Usually, you can find the shutter speed dial on the top right corner of the camera body.

turn the dial to increase or decrease the shutter speed

Step 3: Then, turn the dial to increase or decrease the shutter speed. The Canon T7’s LCD screen, or viewfinder, shows the range that is accessible.

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keep an eye on how the exposure meter responds

Step 4: As you change the shutter speed, keep an eye on how the exposure meter responds. 

make any other necessary changes

Step 5: Press the camera button to measure the scene and make any other necessary changes to get the right exposure.

Troubleshooting and Tips:

How to Change Shutter Speed on Canon T7

Though shutter speed adjustment is relatively simple, there may still be a few challenges. When you are going to shoot in low light settings, you will require longer exposures. That’s why you will need to take the camera’s exact position for a long time, which could shake or overexposure the camera. So follow the below guidance to minimize these difficulties:

  • Use a tripod on the camera to avoid motion blur caused by camera shake at slow shutter speeds.
  • Try higher ISO settings to compensate for the decreased light during long exposures.
  • Use a remote shutter release or the camera’s built-in self-timer to reduce additional camera shake.
  • When the shutter speed is the main concern, consider using aperture priority mode to let the camera automatically adjust the aperture for the right exposure.

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Is ISO the same thing as shutter speed?

The ISO controls how much light gets through the camera by adjusting the sensor’s sensitivity. On the other hand, shutter speed controls how much light gets into the camera by changing how long it stays open. Though both features seem relatively similar, there are massive differences in functionality.

Is it possible to adjust the shutter speed in automatic mode?

Though the Canon T7 has automatic shooting settings, when you manually change the shutter speed, you will get more control over the appearance of your pictures.

Can the shutter speed be changed in Aperture Priority Mode?

It is typically identified by the letters A or Av. When you switch to this mode, you will have control over your camera’s aperture, ISO, and white balance settings. When the lighting conditions change, your camera automatically adjusts the shutter speed. But keep in mind that when using this mode, you will not be able to modify your camera’s shutter speed manually.

What are the maximum and minimum shutter speeds of the Canon T7?

The maximum shutter speed of Canon T7 is 1/4000 of a second, and the minimum shutter speed is 30 seconds.

When shooting in low light, are there particular settings to remember?

It is always recommended to use a tripod or stabilize the camera when you shoot in low light to avoid camera shake. Additionally, adjusting the ISO settings and utilizing the camera’s self-timer or remote shutter release can help overcome challenges.


In this how to change shutter speed on Canon T7 guide, we discuss every process in detail so that you can easily understand every step. Following the above process, you can easily modify your camera’s settings and change the shutter speed to take stunning photographs. We always recommend you practice more and more and capture different shutter speed pictures to test feezing motion, motion blur, and shutter speed and determine which is a great setting for you. So get out there and start shooting!

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