What Battery Does Canon AE 1 Use?(3 Best Picks)

Wondering about What Battery Does Canon AE 1 Use? In a short answer, the Canon AE-1 Program uses a GP 4LR44 6v or 4SR44 6V battery to power up its electronics. 

Not only these two but also there are many more brands that offer different types of silver oxide or alkaline manganese batteries for canon cameras.

It’s a quite common phenomenon that the Canon AE-1 camera shutter stops functioning at the time of use, indicating the battery is dead. It will not function again as long as a new battery is loaded. 

Go on reading this exclusive guide to get details about the canon AE-1 battery, and the battery checking and replacing processes. 

What Type Of Battery Does Canon AE 1 Use?

Before proceeding with the choices, let’s get through the basic battery type you should get for a Canon AE 1. Usually, there are certain criteria to fulfill while getting a battery for Canon AE-1. Let’s go through those one by one.

Voltage rating

The voltage rating is the first thing you must consider with the batteries. Canon AE-1 typically uses a 6-volt battery. So, the first thing you must ensure in the battery is that it has a 6-volt rating.

Battery cell composition

For the material, there are two choices available. As Canon recommends, you should get silver-oxide batteries for the Canon AE-1 cameras. But alkaline batteries can also get the job done if you can’t use them. While lithium-ion batteries are usable, they are not recommended.

Battery model type

The specific model of battery that you should try getting for the Canon AE-1 is a PX28 or 4SR44 battery. These are the best choices for the camera. But other than that, there are batteries like 4LR44

5 Best Battery For Canon AE 1?

While choosing the best batteries, we considered the quality and reliability of the batteries. Some of these batteries are alkaline, and some of them are silver oxide. Get the ones that best suit your needs.

#1- Energizer Battery 4LR44/A544 Alkaline 2, 235407

Energizer is a renowned battery brand for cameras, gaming controllers, headsets, and other gadgets. The quality they deliver is long-lasting and reliable.

Why we’ve chosen this product

The reason for choosing this battery is its long shelf life. Usually, the shelf life is a concern with Alkaline batteries, but not with this one. This gives you all the benefits of Alkaline batteries without drawbacks.

How it performed in Canon AE-1

Coming to the battery’s performance for Canon AE-1, the first reassuring thing was that there were no power issues. People were able to take more than 100 photos with the camera on a single charge.

In terms of durability, the battery turned out to be quite impressive. They make it with high-quality materials that can easily withstand the rigors of regular use.

Another great factor about the battery is that it doesn’t overheat. Even after using the battery on their Canon AE-1, the users had no problems with the battery overheating problems.

What we liked

  • Energizer is a reliable brand
  • that Comes with a decent shelf life
  • and Good value for money
  • The battery is very high-quality in-built
  • No overheating issues

Where we’ve faced difficulties

  • Some batteries had leaking issues
  • The batteries expired very quickly

#2- GoodBoy Bark Collar Batteries 5-Pack 6V Alkaline Battery 4LR44

Even though these batteries are meant for dog collars from GoodBoy, they still work great for Canon AE-1 cameras. These batteries are also quite affordable, and you can get great performance from these for your cameras.

Why we’ve chosen this product

What made us choose the batteries here is the 5-pack value for money. The batteries are affordable, and since you get 5 batteries in one pack, it’s great value. These batteries are also perfect for the power supply for the Canon AE-1. 

How it performed in Canon AE-1

Starting with the battery’s performance, the power is enough to get you through an event without any trouble. The batteries are all 6V rated and have the 4LR44 battery composition, which suits quite well with the Canon AE-1.

It doesn’t provide any extraordinary performance, but for its value, it’s a great choice to have. You get 5 batteries in the same pack that comes at a price of almost one single premium quality battery. This means one pack of batteries is usable in 5 scenarios.

What we liked

  • It’s very affordable
  • 5 batteries in one pack for convenience
  • Offers enough power for Canon AE-1
  • The batteries are quite small in size 
  • Doesn’t have leaking issues

Where we’ve faced difficulties

  • The batteries don’t last long
  • They can be difficult to find

#3- LiCB 10 Pack 4LR44 6V Battery PX28A 476A A544 K28A L1325 Battery

Well, if you want to stock up on batteries for your Canon AE-1 at affordable prices, this is the perfect pack. It’s a pack with 10 batteries; you are almost set for 3 years once you get these. And the batteries don’t expire too soon, either.

Why we’ve chosen this product

The reason for including this option here is solely the fact that there are 10 batteries in the single pack. It has very low pricing and compatibility with Canon AE-1.

How it performed in Canon AE-1

Regarding the performance, the battery worked great for the Canon AE-1. Most users have praised how the batteries provide good power to the camera and that they read the batteries so well.

Along with that, the batteries last for quite a while. A Canon AE-1 can easily get through 4 rolls of film with a single battery. And with several batteries, it can last you for years.

Considering the price of the batteries, these are some great choices that perform excellently for the camera. The value the users got from these batteries is truly exceptional. 

What we liked

  • The battery quality is quite impressive
  • It’s very affordable
  • Longevity of each battery is great
  • Comes in two packs of 5-battery
  • Fits the camera perfectly

Where we’ve faced difficulties

  • These aren’t available everywhere
  • Not the best for storing

Where Can I Get The Canon AE-1 Battery? (Best Place To Buy)

The battery used in Canon Ae-1 is quite common to find and you can purchase it either online or from the local pharmacy. The best place to buy this battery is Amazon. The amazing fact is there will no shipping cost suck you have an Amazon Prime account.

No matter, you have not such an about and take it trouble to shop from amazon. Just visit your local pharmacy, photography-specific stores or any convenience store. Above that, you can purchase the battery from some retailers like Walmart eBay or Target. 

From wherever you are buying it, make sure you are getting the exact canon AE-1 battery.

Where Can I Get The Canon AE-1 Battery

How Long Does The Canon AE-1 Battery Last?

The battery lifespan of any electric device depends on how much you use the device. Unlike this, the Canon camera uses a small button cell LR44 battery of alkaline composition.  With normal use, the LR44 batteries last at least 1 year. But in case you use it more frequently, the stored energy will drain in a shorter time such as 6 months or less than that. 

But the camera will be out of battery at any time and there is no external sign to alert you of this. Thus you need to check the remaining battery power through the camera’s battery check button. 

In the below section, we have discussed in detail how you use the camera check button to check the remaining energy level. 

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How Do I Know If My Canon AE 1 Battery Is Low?

Verifying the camera battery power is quite simple and straightforward. There features a battery check button on the top of the camera that is used to determine if the battery power level is ok or not. 

Here are the needed steps that you need to follow to check the battery level of the canon AE-1 camera:

  • First, locate the camera switch and turn it to the “A” position.
  • Now, press and hold the battery check button for 2 or 3 seconds. 
  • Then, you will hear 6 or more beeps, indicating that there is sufficient power to keep shooting with the remaining battery. 
  • But in case it beeps slowly, or twice per second or not at all, informs you that the power level is insufficient. You have to go for immediate battery replacement for your camera. 
How Long Does The Canon AE-1 Battery Last

How To Replace The Canon AE 1 Battery? (Step-by-step Processes!)

Now, once you have confirmed the battery power is too low to continue the camera function, you have to replace it just in the next step. Buy the recommended battery for your canon AE-1 model as per the above suggestion and then move forward for replacing the old battery. 

Here are the steps you needed steps to follow to do so:

Step 1: First off, take a penny or a key and pry off the battery chamber.

Step 2: Pull out the old battery from the chamber and take it aside. 

Step 3: Add the new battery back in place. You have to make sure of the correct placement of the battery in the chamber. Insert the negative end first and then push down the positive side.

Step 4: Finally shut off the battery chamber. Make sure the external little slot of the battery chamber’s tab is inserted firmly.  You might hear a soft click as a snug placement confirmation.

Step 5: After changing the battery, it is time to test the battery whether it is working or not. You can press the “check button” to check the battery power or press the shutter or exposure check button. 

Then, look for the LED indicator light through the viewfinder.

How To Replace The Canon AE-1 Battery


Still have some questions in mind? Then, check out the following section, as we are going to answer the most popular questions regarding Canon AE 1 batteries.

When to use lithium batteries on Canon AE-1?

It’s best to use lithium batteries on your Canon AE-1 if you don’t use the camera too frequently because you can keep the batteries inside the camera without damaging it in some way or another.

Does the A544 battery work in Canon AE-1?

Yes, the A544 battery should fit a Canon AE-1 camera without any problem at all. These batteries can last for about eight months to a year when you install them in the camera.

Is a silver oxide battery better than the alkaline battery for Canon AE-1?

If you are thinking about battery life and longevity, silver oxide batteries are a better choice than alkaline batteries for a Canon AE-1. However, the most standard choice for Canon AE-1 is 4LR44 alkaline batteries.

Can you use AE 1 without a battery?

No! The Canon AE-1 is an electronically controlled camera and it needs sufficient energy to make the shutter function. So, in short, you can’t operate the AE-1 without having a battery or even in case the battery is dead.  

Can I use any third-party batteries in my Canon camera?

You can use any third-party batteries for your canon only if it is 6V powered up. Plus, you have to make sure that the batteries physically fit in your camera. Overall, it’s better to use the recommended battery from the safety measurement. 

Wrapping Up!

After a detailed discussion on Canon AE-1 batteries,  you know the best Canon AE-1 battery to get.

There are plenty of choices; you should be good if they are 4LR44 or anything equivalent.Still, to consider the best performance, value, and quality, we would say go with Duracell 28A 6V Alkaline Battery, 1 Count Pack(Check Price on Amazon / walmart.

These batteries come with the perfect power and deliver on the quality aspect. And they are easy to find as well.

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