How to Unlock a Memory Card on a Canon Camera

Are you fond of photography with your beloved Canon camera? Then you cannot but long for having a marvelous form of photo storage. A memory card is such an accessory. But, being locked, sometimes may create an awkward situation for you. To manage the situation you should know how to unlock a memory card on a canon camera.

Memory cards make your camera more functional. The lightweight, compact, and cheaper, memory cards are compatible with multifarious devices. This article will let you know the possible solutions to unlock the memory card. Consequently, you will enjoy the relentless output of the card.    

Why Does a Memory Card Get Locked?

You may get startled, as soon as the LCD screen of your camera notifies you that your ‘card is locked ‘. To resume the photo session or video recording You should know first the reasons lying behind it. If you are aware of the causes, you will be able to solve the irritating problem. 

The possible reasons are:

  • Unintentional movement of the locking switch on the SD card due to friction.
  • Setting the Read-only status of memory card knowingly or unknowingly. 
  • Bringing any change in the access permission of files or folders.
  • Any sort of corruption in the file system.
  • Choice of inappropriate option on the camera menu.

How to Unlock Memory Card on Canon Powershot Elph 180?

Canon PowerShot Elph 180 is one of the best digital cameras. This cost-effective camera includes so many fascinating features. There is a memory card slot inside the camera to attach the card. 

If the camera screen shows that your memory card is locked, remove the card from the camera by turning it off. You will come across a tiny switch on one side of the card. This switch determines whether your card is locked or not. Your card will be ok if you slide it upwards.

A question may peep through your mind how to unlock memory card on canon ixus camera.

The solution is the same. Follow the procedure as stated above memory card locked canon g7x too.

How to Unlock Memory Card on Sony Camera

You must know how to unlock memory card on camera. Then it will not be a matter with any brand or model. Cameras from different brands and models include different features. It is usual that SD cards of any brand camera may be locked at any time. They need to be unlocked as directed in the manual. 

To unlock the memory card on the Sony camera, your first initiative is to remove the SD card. Then push the lock switch upward as per the recommendation of Sony itself. If there is no other issue, the SD card of your dearest camera will be unlocked. 

How to Unlock Memory Card on Sony Camera

How to Unlock Memory Card on Nikon Camera?

The memory card unlocking system is almost the same for all cameras. But the camera design differs from model to model or brand to brand. In all cases, you should find out a button with a key symbol.

As soon as the card is locked you will notice that symbol on the LCD screen. In some camera models, you will the symbol just beside the AE-L / AF-L button. It is on the right side of the viewfinder eyepiece. 

Pressing the button once, you can remove the symbol from the screen. To find out the button you may follow the manual. You can bring out the memory card from the camera and unlock it by pushing the lock switch upward.

How to Unlock Memory Card on Nikon Camera?

How to Unlock SD Card without Switch?

Usually, there is a small switch noticed on the left of the top side of the SD card. But some SD cards have no switch. In such cases, you need to take the help of an operating system.  

You must go through a process

  • Click on <start>, then <Windows PowerShell (Admin)>, and <yes> at last.  
  • Type ‘disk part’ on the search bar and press ‘Enter’.
  • Typing ‘list disk’ press ‘Enter’.
  • Write ‘select disk #’. Add the disk number of your SD card after deleting the hash.
  • Enter the written words ‘attribute disk clear read-only’. 

How to Fix Canon Powershot SD630 Memory Card Error?

You can fix such errors in different ways. You may resolve the errors:

  • Restart the camera. 
  • Ensuring the regular use of the camera.
  • Resetting the camera by removing both the internal and external batteries simultaneously.
  • By inserting the card in the right direction and into the right slot, or
  • Formatting the memory card.

If you fail to fix the error you are advised to contact a Canon Service Center.

How to Unlock Memory Card on Canon Powershot Elph 180?


Why does my Canon camera says memory card locked?

 When you are opting for shooting or playback, your Canon camera screen might say ’memory card locked. Then you are unable to delete an image or shoot anymore. It happens when you use the memory card keeping <Write Protect Tab> in a locked or downside position.

How do you fix a locked camera memory card?

To fix a locked camera memory card you may adopt different methods. But it depends on some particular situation. Remove the error using the lock switch, & the password, formatting the memory card, removing write protection, etc. 

How do you unlock a SD memory card?

ou can unlock an SD card by identifying the reason for which the card is locked. You can unlock the card manually just by sliding the switch located on the top left of the card. Besides, unlock the SD card marked as ‘Read-only’ by connecting the card to your PC’s card. Moreover, you need to check file permissions, camera options, etc. to identify the exact cause.

Why does my memory card say locked?

You may find your memory card locked if the locking switch of SD cards goes downwards unexpectedly. Besides, you may experience such a situation due to the selection of any wrong camera option, setting the ‘Read-only’ status, or any corrupted file system.

Final Word

Say goodbye to any disastrous strike caused by the error message – your SD card is locked. Because you have already known how to unlock a memory card on a canon camera. It is so simple a task. But it is not unnatural that sometimes you may undergo any complicated or drastic process. 

It rarely happens that you lose the contents of your locked card. Despite that, you must initiate backing up images or videos first. Then go for trying any method to fix up the problem. In some cases, you might struggle a bit to get the videos back.

Carry on framing outstanding shots. Just press the button to convert the captured breathtaking subjects into digital files.

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