Does Canon g7x Mark ii Have Bluetooth With More Feature

Canon G7x mark II came to light in 2017 and has been on the hype for quite a while. Are you a Canon fan and wondering, ‘Does Canon g7x Mark ii have Bluetooth?’ 

I bet yes and that’s why you have continued to read our content. If wireless Bluetooth connectivity is the first thing that you are looking for, then you can purchase Canon G7x mark ii without worries. This piece is equipped with both built-in WiFi & Bluetooth technology. So, transferring pictures & videos from the camera to the phone is a piece of cake. Just connect your phone to the Canon G7x mark ii wifi and share content instantly. 

In our content below we have highlighted a detailed discussion on the wireless & other exclusive technologies of Canon G7x mark ii along with the most probable FAQs. So; bear with us till the end and enjoy photography with the classy Canon G7x mark ii right away!

Wireless Technologies Of Canon G7x Mark II: Does Canon g7x Mark ii Have Bluetooth?

Every photography enthusiast out there loves Canon G7x mark ii due to its overall compact design combined with speed and performance. This 20.1 MP camera is equipped with all the modern wireless features you will require.

If you are wondering, Does Canon g7x Mark ii have Bluetooth?Is wireless transfer possible via Canon G7x Mark ii?

Then don’t worry, this piece offers all wireless connections which include Bluetooth, WiFi, and NFC. So, sharing photos and videos with your loved ones has become a piece of cake. You can quickly transport images to your ios device/ smartphone or computer and instantly upload them to your social media.

This feature has become quite popular as you don’t have to undergo the hassle of connecting USB. Moreover, WiFi & Bluetooth connection is much faster than manual USB port connection indeed.

Canon G7x Wireless Transfer: Is It Possible To Transfer Images/Videos From Canon G7x Mark II?

How to transfer photos from Canon G7x to ios? Is it possible? 

Yes, obviously. You can easily transfer the contents like photos and videos from the camera to any ios device by using the Canon G7x mark ii Wi-Fi. We have specifically mentioned using the WiFi connection as it’s super fast and quite convenient. 

  1. Firstly, the user has to install an app from the app store. The app is called ‘Canon Camera Connect’. Once the app is installed, the ios device is halfway prepared to receive data from the camera.
  2. Now turn on the built-in WiFi button on the camera. 
  3. If it’s the very first time, then the user will be asked to set the nickname of the camera. He can either go for the default one or he can go for a nickname he prefers. This step is mandatory as this nickname will be used in upcoming procedures.
  4. After setting up the nickname, press the set button on the camera. After pressing the setup button, several options will pop up on the screen. Select the smartphone icon & press the ‘Set button’ to connect with the ios device.
  5. Now select ‘Add a device’ & tap on the ‘Set button’ again.
  6. Here he will get a password & SSID which will show the previously saved nickname.
  7. Now turn on the Bluetooth & WiFi on the ios device. The airplane mode must be turned off. In this context, it’s impossible to pair the device with the camera by usual bluetooth settings of the phone. That’s because bluetooth is a low powered technology. Instead, users have to connect a Bluetooth-compatible ios device via WiFi.
  8. Once the WiFi is ‘On’, Find the SSID of the Canon G7x Mark II Canon camera from WiFi settings of the phone and connect to it by entering the displayed password.
  9. Once the phone is connected to the Canon camera via built-in WiFi, turn on the Canon app.
  10. The name of the camera will pop up on your phone screen. Select your camera and press yes on the Camera screen. Tap on the set button again.
  11. Now your camera is ready to send images & videos to the ios device via WiFi. 
  12. In order to send images, press on the images option from the ‘Canon Camera Connect’ app. It will show a list of photos & videos that’s saved in the camera.
  13. Now choose the desired contents and tap on save at the Bottom of the screen.
  14. Here you go, the desired files are now saved in the ios device.
  15. Lastly, in order to turn off the connection, press on the home button and go to the menu of the app. The menu will show a WiFi button.
  16. Press on the WiFi button and it will provide the option to disconnect. Press OK and that’s all!

Wasn’t it super easy and more convenient than the traditional USB port system? I believe it is faster and easier indeed. 

Moreover; in this modern decade; built-in WiFi, Bluetooth & NFC has become a regular requirement. Trust me, this camera is really awesome in terms of wireless connectivity & quality. So, if you have eyes on it; hurry up and grab it instantly!

Does G7x have WiFi? 

Yes, Canon G7x mark ii is equipped with built-in WiFi to support easy wireless transfer within minutes. Just set up your camera’s built-in wifi, connect your phone with the camera’s WiFi and the camera is ready for transmission. In this procedure, you have to install an app called ‘Canon Camera Connect’ for proper access to the camera’s internal storage.

Does G7x have Bluetooth?

Yes, Canon has equipped their Canon G7x with all the modern wireless systems including Bluetooth & WiFi technology. So, sharing your content from camera to phone or to social media has become super convenient.

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How To Connect my Canon G7x to Wifi? 

In this context, you have to follow the following steps –

  • Install the Canon Connect App from the app store.
  • Turn on the built-in camera WiFi, set up the camera’s name and get the SSID & password.
  • Now turn on the WiFi and Bluetooth of your smartphone. 
  • By using the bluetooth compatible WiFi connection, connect your phone to the camera. Select the camera name from the WiFi connections and insert the password.

Here you go! The phone is now successfully connected to the Camera. Now you can use the app to send images from the camera to the phone.

Final Words

Does Canon g7x Mark ii have Bluetooth? 

As you have read our content till now, I believe wireless connectivity is one of Your major requirements of yours. Don’t worry; you can purchase this masterpiece without worries as this supports WiFi, Bluetooth, and NFC connections. Moreover, this one is one of the best digital cameras in this decade. So; pick up this one and enjoy photography to the fullest.

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