Does The Canon Rebel T5i Have WiFi? Check Smart Features!

Canon T5i has created hype among photography enthusiasts after appearing in the market due to its exciting features. Moreover, the Rebel series has always shown a praiseworthy performance. So everyone has high expectations from this model. However, there are always the queries like – Is Canon Rebel t5i a good camera? Does the Canon Rebel T5i Have WiFi? 

The 18-megapixel DSLR camera is a beginner-level camera with smart features and an 18-55mm lens. Due to its lightweight & comfy hold, every photography enthusiast will love this piece. So, it’s definitely a camera worthy of investment. However, like some other new models, it doesn’t feature a built-in Wi-Fi. In order to transfer contents from the camera to the phone, you have to go for USB adapters.

It may seem like a real drawback as an upgraded model of this age. However, its overall functions, easily accessible settings, and SLR features will really compensate for it. Check our detailed article right now to get a quick idea on Canon rebel T5i and decide whether to invest in it or not!

Canon EOS Rebel T5i EF-S 18-55 IS STM Kit

Does the Canon Rebel T5i Have WiFi?’ Does the Canon Rebel T5i Have Bluetooth? 

While talking about wireless tethering, WiFi and Bluetooth are the most significant points to consider. Sadly, this model doesn’t feature any WiFi or Bluetooth for wireless tethering. However, you can sort the photo transmission issue easily just by utilizing a USB cable, an Eye-fi card, or a cam ranger.

Canon Rebel T5i DSLR Camera: Is It Any Good? 

While going through the market of the beginner-level DSLR Cameras, many customers wonder, Does the Canon Rebel T5i Have WiFi? 

Before answering this question in detail, I would like you to focus on the basic design of the Canon T5i.

Comfortable Lightweight Design: 

Once a photographer holds the Canon Rebel T5i DSLR Camera, he will definitely be surprised by how light the device is. Without the lenses, it weighs only 20 ounces. After installing the lenses, it will weigh maximally around 28 ounces. Its overall grip is also awesome to enjoy a soothing, stable & steady hold.

Smart Specifications: 

Just like its predecessor t4i, t5i has many smart features. For instance, this model offers a live display with a swivel touch screen. So, a user can not only use the LCD display to compose mesmerizing shots but also focus on the subject.

Easily Accessible Settings: 

As the Canon t5i is a DSLR, it has more enhanced options than the basic cameras. That just doesn’t mean you have to waste half of your time to access the features. Instead, just click on the Q button on the posterior aspect of the camera and all the functions will show up on the LCD screen.

Built-in WiFi & Wireless Tethering: 

Here comes the most awaited queries, 

Bright Light Settings: 

Just like its predecessor and previous SLRs, it features bright light settings along with the lens viewfinder. Such a design is quite helpful while taking & composing shots.

Full HD Video Recording: 

Many users out there wonder, Is The Canon Rebel T5i Good For Video? Is the Canon Rebel t5i a good camera? 

In two words, I will just say ‘yes, indeed’. This is a masterpiece that features HDR mode along with Full HD video recording. Thanks to the HDR mode, t5i will capture images of underexposed, overexposed, and properly exposed conditions and will combine them all for your utmost interest. Combining all these features it’s definitely an advanced camera in this century.

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How To Turn on WiFi on Canon Rebel T5? 

Canon Rebel T5 is an 18-megapixel camera that came to light in 2014. This piece doesn’t come with any built-in WiFi. As a camera for $550, it sounds like a real drawback. However, its smart SLR features, ‘Easy to handle settings’ and the ‘Through lens viewfinder’ have taken the heart of many photographers out there. Just buy a compatible USB adapter and it will sort all the issues regarding uploading the camera.

How To Connect a Canon T5i with the phone?

There are multiple solutions to connect the T5i camera with the phone. If you just want to transfer pictures from the camera to your phone/ computer, a USB cable will do the job. It’s the cheapest yet easiest solution. If wireless tethering is your thing, utilizing a cam ranger would be the best option. Some people may advise for WiFi cards but they are not as fast as Cam ranger. The official exam ranger website claims that their Came ranger 2 is capable of providing a q speed of 1.3 Gbps.

How do I transfer pictures from my Canon Rebel T5i to my iPhone? 

The easiest method to transfer pictures from Canon t5i to iPhone is to utilize the Apple USB Lightning Adapter. Connect it to the phone and to the t5i DSLR camera. Once the camera is connected to the adapter, select the photos from the photos app and click on import.

Final Words: 

Being a beginner in photography, it’s natural to be interested in an entry-level camera like Canon Rebel t5i. It’s one of the best pieces for beginners as it’s super easy to handle. While going through the market of DSLRs, many of you were wondering, Does the Canon Rebel T5i Have WiFi? Actually, no it doesn’t have wireless facilities like built-in WiFi. 

However, after reading our content till now, you already know that the Canon t5i is still a worthy device due to its quick access & bright light settings. If you are a newbie and require a highly skilled yet easily operable camera, invest in the Canon T5i DSLR right away! Be aware, if your special requirement is wireless tethering by built-in WiFi, then you have to look for some other models. So, be specific about your requirements and invest in the one that suits your needs & style the most because a DSLR is a big investment indeed.

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