What Type Film Does Canon AE-1 Use? (Best Picks)

Classic photography is one of the fantastic concepts. It can give a unique touch to your project. Canon ae-1 is the core instrument to do that. It’s essential to know the film format.

So, what film does Canon ae-1 use? This classic camera generally uses a 35 mm film format. It is represented by film cartridges comprising 35 mm wide strips. 

In this context, I will discuss the entire details of the film format related to Canon Ae-1. I’ll mention the films that are compatible with this camera.

So, without further discussion, let’s get started.

What Type of Film Does the Canon Ae-1 Use?

Choosing a film format is an issue from the old edge of photography. This issue can be as diverse as the rainbow. A few professionals recommended a larger format. Actually, it’s not worth it for all types of old-model cameras. 

In the case of Canon Ae-1, you need to use 35 mm film. 

So,  What’s the benefit? 

  • You can capture at least 24/25 photos with a 35 mm film format. 
  • It is a more compact frame. 
  • This format allows a more straightforward loading process. 

Thus,  you can get a pretty good experience. 

This format can be different in color. You’ll get black-and-white versions and colorful versions. You can purchase based on your personal preference. 

Don’t know which brand you should purchase? Don’t worry! I’ll recommend several of the best 35 mm films based on my own experience.

3 Best Film for Canon Ae-1

There are plenty of options on the market. You can choose according to your personal appreciation. Actually, the price of film varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. In this regard, you can choose based on your budget. 

Are you a novice? This section may be helpful if you need to know which film you should purchase for your Canon Ae-1.

Let’s see our recommended films list:

1. Kodak Portra 160

Kodak Portra is one of the famous and mid-range price 35 mm films for the Canon Ae-1. It has some alternative versions like Kodak Gold and Kodak Ultramax 400. It is a color film renowned for its sharp grain and vibrant color. Photographers use this film for old model photography. It can be a portrait or landscape model. Kodak Portra offers a good balance with an ISO rating of 160. 

2. Ilford HP5 35 mm film

This model is specially designed for black and white photographs. If you would like to do such photography, then I highly recommend it. Moreover, it’s a great option for the artistry of monochrome photography. After all, it’s a budget-friendly option with an ISO rating of 400. It has a sound balance between sensitivity to light and graininess. 

3. Tri-X 400 films for Canon Ae-1

Another cheapest film model for Ae-1 is the Tri-X 400. It is an alternative film of Ilford HP5 35. Tri-x is useful for the black and white photography. You can get facilities in case of wide exposure latitude and suitable for different light conditions. Moreover, it has a versatile sensitivity to get a unique experience. The ISO rating is approx 400. To get high-contrast images with proper balance, it’s an ideal option. You can capture at least 25 photographs with it.

So, my dear readers, you can choose any of them. It’s a wise decision to take consultation from the experts for worth purchasing.

Is There A Way To Tell If My Canon Ae-1 35mm Film Is Running Low?

It’s essential to know about the storage. If you’ve already decided to complete the task with Canon Ae-1, then sufficient storage is necessary. You can take 24 photos with a single 35 mm film. Do you need more than that?

The number of photos depends on the number of films. Each 24 photos requires a single 35 mm film. It would help if you fixed it before capturing. For wedding photography, you’ve to take at least 3/4 films.

Additionally, there are also some ways to know whether the film is near the end. 

Let’s check it out:

(i) Inspect The Frame Counter

To know about it, you must check the frame counter. It is situated on the top of the camera. It will show you the number of frames available. If you saw that the frame counter reached 0, it indicated it was done.

(ii) Check The Light Meter

You can get a light meter in the viewfinder. If you find that low light, it also indicates the low level of film.

After all, checking the frame level saves time. As a professional, you must remember how much film is available.

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Frequently Answer Questions(FAQs)

What Kind Of Film Does Canon A-1 Take?

Canon Ae-1 is a single-lens reflex camera. It uses 35 mm format standard film. 35 mm film is also known as 24×36 film. This slide film type is perfect for capturing old and classic-styled photos. It is available in both black and white negative color. Moreover, you can also get slide film and reversal film. Please note that all of these things must have a 35mm size.

Is Canon Ae-1 Good For Filming?

I’m sorry. Ae-1 is not suitable or perfect for filming. It has no manual controls for the videography. You can’t get any facilities about shutter speed, ISO, or aperture. For filming, these options are a must. Choose the best mirrorless camera if your motive is videography or filming.

But, It is still the best choice for still photography. If you’ve fantasized about capturing 80s-styled photos, it can give you such flavour.

Is 35mm The Same As The Full Frame?

It’s a wrong idea. There is a difference between a full frame and 35 mm. A full frame is typically a frame size. On the other hand, 35 mm is a film format. A full frame helps to get more detailed pictures than a small frame. In addition, it is helpful in the case of the broader field of view, which is required for landscape photography.

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Final Verdict.

Canon Ae-1 is still the pinnacle of excellence for various photography genres. As a photography enthusiast, you can test the photography. 

You’ve almost known that 35 mm fits it. You can’t use more or less sized film in it. Before loading the film, please don’t force it. Otherwise, it can be cracked. If you’re a beginner, you must get help from the experts when loading 35 mm film.

My beloved reader! I’ve reached the ultimate phase of the content. If you’ve any questions, let me know via inbox or comment. Thanks.

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