How To Focus A Canon Camera 5 Easy Steps

Most photographers exist in a point-and-shoot world, but if you’re tired of taking pictures with fuzzy subjects, you should probably pay more attention to focus. If we don’t understand how focus works, making the pictures we want is hard.

Focusing a camera means changing the distance between the subject of the image, the lens, and the sensor. The photographer can accomplish this by moving closer to or far from the subject or changing the lens’s focal length. You can adjust your camera’s focus manually or automatically. 

This fundamental step ensures that your subject shines and your photo layout flows smoothly. In this article, we will tell you how to focus a canon camera so you can bring the best of photos smoothly. Canon Camera For Sports Photography.

how to focus on a canon camera

Many photographers no longer turn to using manual focus since Canon’s autofocus technology is so user-friendly and effective. How do these work? 

Different cameras will give you access to other options and capabilities while utilizing autofocus. You will no longer have to navigate through multiple menus only to adjust the autofocus settings; now, you can do so conveniently from a single tab.

  • Modern cameras provide bird and animal face tracking and human face detection. This feature is designated as “subject tracking” in some cameras in the main menu.
  • The camera’s focusing system is limited to a single AF point when set to 1-point AF.
  • When using spot AF, the camera narrows its focusing area down to a pinpoint.
  • You can choose between two options for the AF area to grow into. In all cases, the camera initially utilizes a single AF point to focus. Still, if it detects any doubt, it will switch to using another AF point to help, the following horizontal or vertical point or the next diagonal point. Both are helpful when trying to keep tabs on fast-moving subjects that are otherwise difficult to watch with single-point AF.
  • Using auto selection AF within a larger region, Zone AF can focus on the nearest subject or use other criteria like faces, subject motion, and subject distance to get the best focus.

Focusing Canon Camera Manually

Autofocus is fantastic, but it has the same limitations as every other technology that uses the word “auto.” Moving subjects, low contrast images, or shooting through barriers can all throw off the camera’s focusing mechanism, resulting in a blurry or unsatisfactory shot. The obvious solution is to switch to manual focus. However, getting sharp photos with manual focus is no fun, either. 

Both manual focus and flash modes require practice and talent to master. Here’s how to take a sharp picture with manual focus if you ever find yourself in one of the many situations where it’s ideal.

How To Manually Focus a Canon Camera

As quick as autofocus is, there are still instances in which manual focus is the better option while taking photos. Photographers can take more control of their shots and perhaps achieve outcomes that would be impossible in focusing mode when using this feature properly.

Live View 

Most Canon cameras have an option to switch to Live View from the menu. Press the magnifying glass icon to adjust the focus manually. Use the cursor keys to move the camera in any direction if the topic is not in the center. With the subject close at hand, it’s much easier to use the focus ring to determine if the image is sharp.


You can get fast manual focus shots by pre-focusing on the distance you expect the subject to be. This technique is only applicable to subjects with a steady motion.

How To Manually Focus a Canon Camera

Apply Manual Focus with Your Camera

Many camera makers include manual focus help since they know it’s complicated. Canon cameras have an illuminated focus point that glows green when the focus is just correct. The focus confirmation light will also turn on.

Why Doesn’t My Canon Camera Focus?

Any photographer knows how frustrating it is when their camera won’t focus. Some of the following may be causing your Canon not to focus:

  • If your lens concentrates consistently before or after the point where you want it to focus, it has to be adjusted.
  • If your camera’s autofocus sensors are dirty, it may not be able to focus as well as it otherwise could.
  • Setting your camera to the wrong AF mode is common for persistent blur.
  • The AF points are not always pointing in the correct direction.
  • The camera’s auto-focus may stop working when the temperature rises too high.
  • If the connections between your lens and your camera are dirty, your pictures may be blurry or out of focus.
  • If your method isn’t correct, your photos will be blurry or out of focus.
  • When you combine complex subjects with a bad choice of sensor, you could end up with a bad auto-focus performance.
Why Doesn't My Canon Camera Focus?


How To Manually Focus Canon Camera?

You must first set it to focus mode by focusing on the canon camera. Then focus it precisely where you want it by turning the lens’s focusing ring. After that,, zoom in on the picture. Select a subject for closer observation. After tapping, you can scroll your finger to change the location of the magnified section. Zoom in by hand. And now take a picture.

How Do I Set My Camera To Focus?

First of all, find the focal point of the image. Then change the camera’s focus mode from “M” to “AF.”. Choose the Best AUTOFOCUS Mode. Focus on the subject at hand by selecting the appropriate focus mode. Use the screen as a viewfinder or the Live View function. Focus by pressing the shutter button halfway to the back.

How do you focus the DSLR camera?

By pressing the shutter button halfway, you can activate the autofocus. When the shutter release button is pressed halfway, the camera can either lock focus or continue to allow the photographer to fine-tune the focus. The “focus mode” parameter allows for the functionality to be changed in a variety of ways.


A poor focus can ruin your images regardless of how technically proficient your canon camera is. It is crucial to learn how to focus a canon camera properly to direct people’s attention toward or away from specific things, as photography is an art form. There is no point in a photograph if you get a blurry photo. So read out this article to learn the proper way. 

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