7 Of The Best Canon Camera For Sports Photography In 2023

Do you want to know what is the best Canon camera for sports photography? Are you looking for an efficient camera that can keep up with the pace of the game? If yes, you are in the right place.

Canon is an awesome brand as a whole & has huge fame worldwide. Still, picking up a random Canon camera for sports photography won’t do any good. 

You require a camera that features high-speed autofocus, an efficient sensor along a speedy shutter. So, picking the best canon camera for sports action shots is not easy indeed.

We don’t want our readers to waste their time in confusion. Instead we want them to hone their skills maximally. That’s why in this content, we have highlighted the top 7 canon cameras to take the best sports pictures along with a detailed buying guide & FAQs. So, stay tuned with us till the end and purchase the best one as per your preferences right away!

Which Canon Camera Is Best for Sports Photography? 

Canon has always been a name of trust for all sports photography enthusiasts. Are you in a hurry and want to invest in the best canon camera for sports video or photography? 

If yes, check out below as we have picked the top 7 products and highlighted their key points. However, we would suggest going for the entire guides section for a better concept. So, get ready & jump in!

In this section, we have gone through a detailed review of our recommended Canon cameras. Whether you are a beginner, sports enthusiast, or professional, you can rely on us completely. That’s because all of our recommended items are specially designed for taking the best shot in the field. I can bet that you won’t regret it at all. So, are you ready to jump in?

Our Top 7 Best Canon Camera For Sports Photography Pick The One

01. Best For Functional: Canon EOS 7D Mark II Digital SLR Camera

Canon EOS 7D Mark II Digital Camera is manufactured with the most sophisticated features to make the photography experience smooth & effortless. It is equipped with a 20.2-megapixel camera, Dual DIGIC 6 Image Processor & APS-C CMOS sensor to take perfect shots of both still & moving subjects. 

Moreover, its operating system, shutter speed & image processing is fast enough for sports photography. It can easily undergo 200,000 cycles and can quickly shoot around 10 frames per second. Due to its awesome autofocus, modernized sensor, intelligent viewfinder & Full HD image quality; the Canon EOS 7D DSLR camera is regarded as the best canon camera for sports pictures. 


Brand: Canon.
Model Name: 7D MARK II.
Recommended Users: Professional.
Color: Black
JPEG quality: Basic, Fine & Normal.
White balance: Custom
Continuous Shooting Speed: 10 fps.
Weight: 2 lbs



10 Fps Shooting Speed

The camera is manufactured with a rugged shutter to ensure high-speed shooting (10 frames/sec) along with minimum time lag (55 msec). So, the camera performance is highly reliable & speedy. 

60-Point All Cross Autofocus

Due to its smart autofocus, the captured images will be stable & accurate irrespective of the camera’s or the subject’s orientation. Its ’65 focus points’ can select the focus point automatically which is highly flexible for many circumstances.

Full HD Quality

The camera can capture movies of high resolution & quality. 

Smart WiFi Cable

By utilizing the WiFi cables, a user can easily Camera to TV, DSLR Camera with a PC, laptop, or smartphone for ease of image transfer & remote operations.

User Feedback

It’s a high-performance camera of Canon lineup with fast & consistent autofocus. As it offers the perfect shutter speed along with fast image processing, shooting thousands of pictures is a piece of cake for this unit. As you can grab this Pro level camera at a cheaper price from amazon, many customers have highly recommended it as the best budget camera for sports photography.

Only a couple of customers had minor issues with its battery life.

02. Best For Durable & Reliable: Canon EOS Rebel T6i Digital SLR Camera

Canon EOS Rebel T6i is a high-class DSLR Camera that can produce high-quality images & HD videos. Its CMOS APS-C sensor, 24.2-megapixel lens, and standard autofocus offer a precise & detailed result at once. It’s the first camera in the Canon Rebel lineup that offers NFC technology along with built-in Wi-Fi.

Actually, its overall functions are so straightforward to understand that shooting images & videos has become totally a breeze. Once you get its basic features and attributes, you can easily capture smooth eye-catchy moments of your day-to-day life. 

Whether you need crispy photography or a soothing video, Canon EOS will definitely do the job. Due to its updated light-metering system, the camera can offer perfect exposure even in tricky & low-lighting conditions. That’s why we would especially recommend this unit as the best canon camera for low-light sports photography. How to Take Videos On Canon Camera


Brand: Canon.
Model Name: T6I.
Form Factor: Compact SLR
Recommended User: Professional.
Special Feature: Live View.
Color: Black
JPEG quality: Basic, Fine & Normal.
White balance: White fluorescent light.
Shooting Modes: Both still photo and video shooting.
Continuous Shooting Speed: 5


A Big (APS-C) CMOS sensor

The 24.2 Megapixel camera & CMOS (APS-C) sensor can shoot natural images with perfectly crisp, incredible depth & beauty.

DIGIC 6 Image Processor

This is a modern image processing system to reduce noise & increases light sensitivity.

Built-in WiFi & NFC

Canon Rebel series now comes with Built-in WiFi & NFC for easy & seamless communication with compatible devices & smartphones.

Remote Shooting

By using wireless communications, the connected devices can also remotely control the camera.

Full HD Video Quality

The user can record FULL HD video quality with cinematic ambiance because of its sophisticated EOS optics & shallow depth of field

19 Point All Cross Autofocus

Due to its improved autofocus system, photographers can take shots of moving subjects with 100% accuracy. Its single-point autofocus allows him to choose from the 19 focus points as per preferences for the most precise focus.

Fast Autofocus For Live View

Its robust & sophisticated Hybrid CMOS AF iii is efficient in focusing even when the subject is in motion. It’s definitely an excellent feature for capturing unpredictable movements in a match.

Speedy Continuous Shooting

The Canon EOS Rebel T6i features a fast shooting speed of around 5 frames per second. So, a user can easily capture the prime moments of a match like winning goals.

Exceptional Image Analysis

Its updated scene-analyzing system offers a better adjustment between color, contrast, focus & exposure. So, you can expect accurate & gorgeous images even in twilight.

User Feedback

Its autofocus, shutter speed & image processing system are just awesome & offer the best performance in low light. Its overall flexibility & construction are pretty impressive as well.

Several customers had a hard time due to poor delivery service.

03. Canon Rebel T7 Sports Photography DSLR Camera

Are you a mobile photographer and want to take your photography to the next level? So, Is canon rebel t7 good for sports? If yes, check out Camera EOS Rebel T7 Digital SLR Camera right now! It’s an easily operable, highly functional camera that can capture high-quality & high pixelated images. 

This canon sports camera features a highly capable & high-resolution 24.1-megapixel sensor to fill the images with details. Like other high-class cameras, it offers a built-in Wi-Fi connection & NFC. So, the users will enjoy the proper pace to connect & share content with compatible devices.

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Due to its easy functions, even amateurs can capture breathtaking photos after several trials. That’s why we have highlighted this unit as the Best camera for sports photography beginners.


Brand: Canon
Model Name: EOS REBEL T7 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II Kit.
Color: Black.
Lens Type: Wide Angle.
Weight: 1.04 lbs.
Builtin Wireless Communication Technology: 802.11b/g/n & NFC.
Auto Focus: Manual & Automatic.


CMOS Sensor

The camera is equipped with a 24.1 megapixel CMOS sensor to offer images with superior details, high resolution & amazing colors.


WiFi Communication & NFC: By utilizing its wireless Communication network users can easily share their creative photography on social media. It allows remote shooting as well.

30P Full HD Video Quality:

It allows users to record videos of multiple sizes & frame rates. As the unit offers a wide ISO range, you can record mesmerizing videos in any lighting condition.

9 Point Autofocus System:

The 9-point autofocus system works marvelously with the assistance of AI Servo AF.

Optical Viewfinder

Its optical viewfinder ensures better coverage of around 95%.

Conversion To WebCam

The camera comes with a software called EOS Utility Webcam Beta. If you need a webcam, just connect the app and your Canon Rebel T7 camera will function as a webcam.

User Feedback

Canon EOS Rebel T7 Digital SLR is an awesome camera for beginners. Its high-resolution camera sensor & autofocus is awesome for capturing mesmerizing shots. As the overall construction is highly durable, it can easily survive rough beatings.

It performs slowly while adjusting to high contrast. However, its overall functions are pretty impressive.

04. Best for Indoor: Canon EOS 5D Mark iii Full Frame Digital SLR Camera

Canon EOS 5D Mark iii DSLR camera is a solid full-frame camera to capture high-resolution images. It features 61-point high-density autofocus along with a broad ISO range (100 to 25600). Its upgraded video capabilities will let the user record cinematic movies of HD quality. Whether you want to shoot photographs of a wedding or just want to capture nature in your camera, the Canon EOS Full Frame camera will definitely do the job. 

This unit is equipped with many amazing features including a 22.3 Megapixel Full-Frame CMOS sensor, high-speed shooting (6 fps), DIGIC 5+ Image Processor, advanced viewfinder, iFCL metering system, and many more. All of these incredible features will cost you around $ 900 approximately. Isn’t it really awesome?


Brand: Canon
Camera Type: SLR
Recommended User: Amateur
Color: Black
JPEG quality: Basic, Fine & Normal.
White balance: Auto
Shooting Mode: Custom
Continuous Shooting Speed: 6 fps.



The Canon 5D Mark iii Full Frame SLR body features a high-resolution 22.3 MP CMOS sensor.

Image Processor 

It’s DIGIC 5+ Image Processor is capable enough in shooting images with sufficient details & mesmerizing colors.


This unit features 61-Point high-density autofocus to clearly take action shots of the field.

ISO Range

The 100 to 25600 ISO range and 50 – 102,800 expansion is superb for both still & moving photography.

High-quality HD Video

It’s a pro-level camera to shoot cinematic video of high definition & 1080P HD quality.

Shooting Speed

The overall shooting speed is around 6 fps to capture rapidly-unfolding scenes with sufficient clarity & sharpness.

Additional Features

Canon EOS 5D Mark iii offers many awesome deals which include a modern viewfinder, iFCL metering system, multiple exposures along with a high dynamic range.

User Feedback

If you are looking for the best canon camera for indoor sports photography, go for this unit without any delay. Trust me, this one will sort out all the lighting problems. Even though its construction is pretty solid, the body is quite lightweight and can easily handle long & heavy lenses. 

So, the camera itself is pretty awesome. However, some customers have complained about the customer service & delivery service.

05. Best For Videography: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Full Frame Digital SLR Camera

Canon EOS 5D Mark iv is a legendary camera of the Canon Full Frame line-up. Whether a user needs to record a dreamy 4K video with superior clarity or wants to take vivid & detailed pictures, Canon EOS 5D Mark IV will definitely serve the purpose. Its 30.4-megapixel sensor & 61-point autofocus is pretty reliable and can capture photos & videos of tremendous quality. Now you can enjoy a standard 4k motion jpeg at more than 30 fps. Moreover, its overall dynamic range is pretty expansive as well.

Canon Mark IV is totally committed to providing excellent performance to portrait shooters, landscape photographers, wildlife photographers as well as creative videographers. So, if you’re looking for the best canon camera for low light sports photography, go for this one without delay. I bet no other brand can offer such features within this price range. Can You Use RF Lenses On 5d Mark IV?


Brand: Canon.
Model Name: 5D.
Recommended User: Professional.
1066x 32 GB compact flash card, SanDisk Extreme Pro 32gb SD card.
JPEG quality: Basic, Fine, Normal.
White balance: Auto
Lens Type: Wide Angle
Continuous Shooting Speed: 7 fps
Exposure Control: Automatic & Manual Shutter Priority, Aperture-priority.


Camera Sensor

Users can achieve amazing image quality with its 30.4 MP Full Frame sensor. The sensor is capable enough to shoot in any lighting condition.

ISO Range

Its overall ISO range is around 100–32000 which is expandable up to 50 to 102400.

Auto Focus

Canon Dual Pixel CMOS Autofocus delivers quick & smooth performance in both live video shooting. The focus is quite accurate due to the 61-point autofocus system.

Continuous Shooting Speed

Taking fast shots is super convenient for DIGIC 6+ Image Processor & 7 fps shooting speed.

DIGIC 6+ Image Processor

It’s a classy image Processor capable of reducing noise at a high ISO. The digital lens optimizer is pretty awesome for aberration reduction & diffraction corrections.

Video Quality

It’s a really capable video camera for recording DCI standard 4k videos with a pixel up to 24 or 30 fps. It can also shoot full HD (around 60p) videos with a Frame rate of 120p.


The 3.2 inches LCD Monitor is highly responsive and allows a full touch interface that includes the AF area.

Wireless Communications

Operating the camera is super easy as it is equipped with built-in WiFi, GPS, and LCD touch panel.

User Feedback

Canon EOS 5D Mark iv has come with many improvements which Include a soft & quiet shutter to reduce vibrations. The tracking & face detection through the viewfinder has improved as well. Overall its fast autofocus, improved dynamic range, viewfinder & video-capturing capabilities have taken the heart of every Canon fan out there.

Some customers complained about poor delivery service.

06. Best For Operational: Canon EOS R6 Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera

Photographers & videographers always look for versatile units that can keep up with their creative context. I bet the Canon EOS R6 Mirrorless Camera can be the perfect camera they need to take their skills to an upgraded level. Overall the camera is pretty robust due to its polycarbonate body and magnesium-built internal construction. That’s why we would recommend this unit as the best canon camera body for sports photography.

Besides, every user out there loves it for its improved Full-Frame CMOS sensor, image Processor & fast autofocus. By using the 5-axis image stabilizer & people/ animal focus, the user can go for sport, portrait, landscape, or wildlife shootings. It’s also a high-class camera to capture dreamy 4k (60 fps) or full HD (around 120 fps) videos with vivid colors & sharp details. 


Brand: Canon.
Model Name: Canon EOS R6.
Camera Type: Mirrorless.
Recommended Users: Professional.
Special Feature: Image Stabilization, DIGIC X Image Processor; Sensor-Shift 5-Axis.
Color: Black.
JPEG quality: Basic, Fine, Normal.
White balance: Auto.
Lens Type: Telephoto
Continuous Shooting Speed: 12 fps.


Full Frame CMOS sensor

The Canon R6 Mirrorless Camera is equipped with a 20 MP sensor to produce images of outstanding quality. Here is a full detail for Canon R6 Specifications And Features

Image Processor

Its DIGIC X processor is highly efficient in reducing noise and enhancing details.

Shooting Speed

Due to its 12 fps continuous Shooting Speed and 20 fps sile t shutter, capturing a speedy action of the sport has become super easy & convenient.


Dual Pixel CMOS AF II offers around 100% coverage along with 1053 autofocus areas.

Image Stabilization

By utilizing the 5-axis stabilizer & 8-stop shake correction, users can capture still & stable images in any rough situation.

Wireless Communication

All the customers out there now can expect convenient & stable wireless communication with built-in wifi & Bluetooth.

Video Quality

This unit can capture breathtaking 4k and full HD videos without any hitch. HDR-PQ & Dual Pixel CMOS AF II also offers better mobility during recording the videos.

User Feedback

It’s an awesome unit with a significant lens kit. The Overall camera handling is pretty easy & autofocus is accurate as well. Its shutter operational speed is quite fast in both mechanical & electrical modes. As its lens kit is the best one in this price range, many customers reviewed it as the best canon camera lens for sports photography. 

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The only drawback of the lens is it doesn’t come with any weather protection.

07. Best For Outdoor: Canon EOS R5 Full Frame Mirrorless Camera

In these recent years, Canon has come up with their latest EOS R Line up to provide the best experience of sports photography. It offers many unique features which include an improved 45 MP sensor, CMOS autofocus ii (dual pixel), 8k DCI video quality & Image Stabilization. It can take shots in all imaging modes including portraits & landscapes. Whether you are just into sports photography, wildlife photography, or cinematography, the Canon R5 Full Frame series will serve the purpose. So, this unit will certainly take your photography skills to a new level. 


Brand: Canon.
Model Name: Canon EOS R5.
Camera Type: Mirrorless.
Recommended User: Professional.
Special Feature: 5-Axis Image Stabilization, DIGIC X Image, 1053 Points CMOS AF II, etc.
Color: Black
JPEG quality: Basic, Fine & Normal.
White balance: Auto
Lens: Telephoto
Continuous Shooting Speed: 12 fps.


CMOS Sensor

Canon R5 mirrorless camera is equipped with a 45 MP CMOS sensor & dual pixel autofocus to produce the best quality images.

Image Processor

This unit offers DIGIC XImage Processor with a wide range of ISO from 100 to 51200

Video Quality

The camera is capable of capturing 8k videos at around 29.97 fps. The video quality & color is quite mesmerizing, vivid & accurate.

Subject Detection

Its sensor comes with special head & face detection for humans and the body, face & eye detection for animals or birds.

Robust Construction

Its overall construction is pretty robust & reliable.


Its in-built display is bright & colorful. The OLED display is around 0.5 inches and features 23mm eyepoint, 5.76 million dots & a 120 fps refresh rate. 

Image Stabilization

The image will be smooth & stable due to 8 stops of shake correction & 5-axis image stabilization.

Wireless Communication

For convenient wireless communication, the camera features 2.4 GHz built-in WiFi & Bluetooth.

User Feedback

It’s really an awesome unit with perfect accuracy, an electronic viewfinder, and face & eye detection. Its non-lagging high-resolution viewfinder & autofocus is certainly incredible to match up with the speedy game in the field. Due to the amazing subject detection, a user can capture the best images of the wild. That’s why we have regarded it as the best canon camera for sports and wildlife.

Some video shooters complain as many video modes are not available due to heating issues.

How To Choose the Best Canon Camera For Sports Photography

In this decade canon DSLR for sports is most commonly used whether you are focused on wildlife or sports photography. However, you just can’t pick up any random DSLR camera for this purpose. In order to gain the best experience in sports photography, the photographer must go for an SLR camera with a reliable and fast autofocus system. So, check out our upcoming section properly to purchase the best canon camera for sports photography.


When choosing the best canon dslr for sports photography, a buyer must check out the sensor in the very beginning. In this decade, all the pro-level sports cameras feature APS-C sensors and Micro Four Third sensors. These sensors are more incredible than full Frame cameras as they offer a better viewing field comparatively. These View fields are equivalent to the field produced by longer lenses & full-frame sensors.

A Good Burst Mode:

Sports photography is fun yet tough as it is too fast to keep the track of. If you want to adapt to its speed, it’s a must to invest in a camera that offers a superior burst rate. This mode will avail the users to take shots in split seconds.

Fast Autofocus:

Autofocus is another essential point every user must check out.  High autofocus points along with the auto-focus tracking system ensure the best & smoothest performance. Trust me, these features will definitely take your photography skills to a pro level.

Buffer Depth:

If you are a sports photographer, you should be efficient enough to take frequent shots in quick succession. A good buffer system will assist you in this regard. The best canon camera for sports photography offers limitless buffers for both JPEG & RAW files. However, these high-end models are pretty expensive as well. 

Telephone Lens:

During sports photography, photographers have to maintain a significant distance from the subject. That’s why the users need a telephoto lens to capture the close & dynamic shots of the action. In this context, you can go for a camera with high zooming capabilities. I personally prefer interchangeable lens cameras with high compatibility.

Telephone Lens

High Shutter Speed

Shutter speed refers to the exposure time during which a digital sensor comes in contact with light. In other words, the length of exposure time is proportional to the light entering the camera sensor. As we already know, shutter speed plays a major role in photography especially if the object is continuously moving. 

In terms of sports photography, if you go for a low shutter speed, the image will surely become blurry. On the contrary, a high shutter speed will ensure crystal-clear photography. Most professional sports photographers prefer a shutter speed of 1/1000 or more in order to cease the motion. However, the minimum shutter speed should be around 1/500 of one second.

High Shutter Speed
camera lens viewfinder display template

Focal Length

Focal length is a mandatory point to check out as videographers are placed quite far from the site of action. The different sports will require different focal lengths. A 70 to 200mm lens is sufficient enough for capturing most of the sports like swimming, netball, or athletics. However, for cricket, soccer, football, and baseball, the ideal focal length is around 300mm to 600mm.

Continuous Shooting Mode

Continuous shooting mode is specifically designed for sports photography as it allows to capture of multiple photographs at a quick pace. Keep pressing on the shutter button & take rapid shots at the moment of action. In order to be a professional sports photographer, you have to be highly conscious about the action time and downtimes.

ISO Sensitivity Range

ISO range has an extreme correlation with shutter speed. This setting is necessary to standardize the camera’s sensitivity toward the light. Generally, a higher ISO range (1600 to 3200) ensures more sensitivity as well as a faster shutter speed. 

The requirement of ISO sensitivity will differ depending on the lighting conditions. On a bright day, 400 ISO is sufficient enough where on a cloudy day you will require an ISO sensitivity of around 1250 or more.

Image Processors

Image processors are considered as the brain to control the overall functions of the camera. For instance; Canon cameras are manufactured with DIGIC processors which can standardize how the camera will record or portray the images. The most modern incarnation of DGIC is DIGIC 8. Its overall functionality has increased due to the camera’s sophistication & high pixel count.

Image Stabilization

Image stabilization tends to maximize the clarity of the image by preventing shaky shots. This isn’t a mandatory feature for sports photography as a fast/high shutter speed is good enough to reduce the picture’s fuzziness. However, if you can afford a camera with superior image stabilization then go for it. That’s because it will definitely boost up the sharpness of the background.

Image Stabilization

Our Top Picks for Best Canon Camera For Sports Photography

01. Best For Functional: Canon EOS 7D Mark II Digital SLR Camera

It’s a highly functional DSLR with a fast shutter speed, minimum time lag & consistent autofocus.

02. Best For Durable & Reliable: Canon EOS Rebel T6i Digital SLR Camera

This is a durable & reliable unit with an awesome image processing system to ensure proper exposure even in low lights.

03. Best For Sensor: Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR Camera

It’s an easily operable camera with a high-powered sensor. We would highly recommend it to all amateurs who wish to develop their photography skills.

04. Best for Indoor: Canon EOS 5D Mark iii Full Frame Digital SLR Camera

Canon EOS 5D Mark iii is a durable full-frame DSLR camera to take the best sports shots in indoor environments.

05. Best For Videography: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Full Frame Digital SLR Camera

This camera is highly appreciated for videography due to its upgraded autofocus, dynamic range, and full HD & 4k video capturing quality.

06. Best For Operational: Canon EOS R6 Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera

This camera is pretty impressive, versatile & easy to operate. The lens kit is highly functional as well.

07. Best For Outdoor: Canon EOS R5 Full Frame Mirrorless Camera

It’s highly efficient with perfect autofocus, and a speedy shutter to take the best shots in the field.

FAQs of Best Canon DSLR for Sports Photography

What metering should I use for sports with a Canon camera?

For sports photography, we would recommend center-weighted metering if the subject remains within the center of the frame. If the subject is not in the center but stays within a specific area with a bright or dark background, spot metering will be the most preferable option. Canon Eos M50 Specs and Features best for sports

Which lens do you need to shoot sports pictures with a Canon Camera?

In order to take sports pictures, it’s a must to go for a lens with high speed & superior focus. The maximum zoom aperture should be around f/2.8. 

Among all Canon lenses, we would first recommend Canon f/2.8L II EF 24-70mm USM Zoom Lens as the best canon camera lens for sports photography. It comes with a highly adjustable focal length & fixed zoom aperture. Once you get its basics, the lens will definitely let you take the best shots.

Which camera is better for sports photography, canon 7d mark ii or nikon d500?

Both Nikon D500 & Canon 7D mark iii are pretty awesome for sports photography. Nikon’s EV detection range is around -4 to +20 whereas Canon 7D offers a range of around -3 to +19. So, Nikon wins the match with its amazing autofocus in low-lighting conditions. 

Final Verdict:

The camera market of Canon is pretty popular & huge. So, choosing The best Canon camera for sports photography is really tricky as you have to be highly cautious about many factors like autofocus, frame speed, sensor & many more. That’s why in our content we have reviewed the 7 best canon sports photography cameras along with detailed guidelines. 

I’m pretty sure that you will definitely like one of our recommended items. Among our recommendations, I loved Canon EOS Rebel T6i Digital SLR Camera & Canon EOS 5D Mark iii Full Frame Digital SLR Camera for their amazing low-light performance & overall construction. Actually, all of our recommendations are pretty awesome and have captured the heart of many photography enthusiasts out there. So, get ready and pick the best one that suits your needs the most right away!

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