Can You Use A Canon Lens On A Nikon Camera?

Do you have some awesome Canon Lenses & want to try them on the Nikon Camera? Can you use a Canon lens on a Nikon camera? Is it really possible?

As you have chosen to read our content, I believe these are the queries that are jamming your head. To be frank, it’s totally impossible to mount Canon lenses on Nikon DSLRs as they feature a long focal distance between the sensor & the lens flange. 

As an alternative, many photographers prefer to mount Nikon lenses on the Canon DSLRs instead. In our content below we have broadly highlighted whether it is possible to mount Canon lenses on Nikon Camera or not. We have also answered all the probable FAQs regarding this topic. So, stay tuned with us till the end and choose the technique that suits you the most.

Why Would You Even Mount Canon Lens On A Nikon Camera Or Vise Versa?

Can I put a Canon lens on a Nikon camera? Is it even possible? Before diving into that segment, the query arises, why would you even want to mount Canon Lens On Nikon Camera? What is the purpose of it? 

  • Suppose it’s a photographer who was a Canon user previously & he might already have many lenses beforehand. Now he wants to utilize them in his new Nikon Camera or vice Versa.
  • He just wants to mount Canon lenses on Nikon Camera to compare its performance with Canon cameras.
  • Instead of purchasing new lenses for the brand new Nikon Camera he might be thinking of investmenting in an adapter to utilize the previous Canon lenses.
  • He might be just a big fan of Canon lenses and can’t think of parting away from Canon lenses even after moving on to another brand.

Whatever your reason, I bet the only thing that’s popping up in your head is – ‘Can we use a Canon lens on a Nikon camera?’ 

Can You Use A Canon Lens On a Nikon Camera?

Sadly, no, it’s not really possible to mount a Canon lens on a Nikon Camera. Let’s focus on the technical issues – 

Inability To Focus To Infinity

It’s actually possible to produce an adapter that can mount Canon Lens to a Nikon DSLR. However, it’s totally impossible to focus on infinity.

In order to focus on infinity, you have to consider the distance of the lens from the image plane. This distance is termed as flange focal distance.

The Canon EOS is provided with a distance of 44 mm whereas Nikon F offers a distance of 46.5 mm. In order to mount Canon lenses on Nikon Camera, you have to deduct 2.5mm either from the camera or from the lens mount. It literally seems quite tricky. 

Even if you can manufacture such an adapter ring, it has to perform just like a macro extension to hold the lens far from its registered distance. So, an optical element is required that can focus to infinity by acting as a tele-converter. Moreover, there are high chances that the posterior aspect of the lens may collide with the mirror. 

Ultimately this whole system is quite liable to degrade image quality especially if the glass is cheap. If you don’t plan to use glass, then this setup will work only in capturing macro & portrait photography.

Loss Of Accurate Metering 

Some models of Nikon such as Nikon D3x00, D5x00/D60 & D40 can’t accurately perform stop-down metering. So, even if you give up on infinite focusing, you can’t enjoy the facilities of accurate metering.

Too Much Hassle To Alter The Aperture 

As Canon lenses don’t come with an aperture ring, it’s manually impossible to mount and adjust the aperture. So, users have to shoot wide open every time.

So, the only option is to sell the Canon lenses and buy some brand new Nikon lenses. If you still want to use Canon lenses, then it’s a must to invest in a Canon EOS DSLR that will match up with your lenses. A mirrorless camera with an adapter (in case of FD or FL) may also suit the Canon lenses as well.

Even though Canon lenses can’t be mounted to a Nikon camera, you can easily adjust Nikon lenses to Canon Camera by adapter. That’s because – It’s super convenient to manufacture an adapter ring that can make up the 2.5mm or more distance between Nikon lens & Canon EOS DSLR. In the market, there are multiple adapters available both for G type & older Nikon lenses as well.

Things To Know Before Using An Adapter: Check Out Now! 

In order to use any third-party lens on the Nikon Camera, using an adapter is a must. There are several factors every user needs to check out before using an adapter.

  • The first & foremost point to note is – the autofocus won’t work and you have to go for manual focusing instead.
  • Manual focusing will seem tricky without ambient light. That’s because you have to open the aperture & achieve the desired focus and aperture.
  • Vibration reduction system can’t function as well.
  • The Metering may seem a bit off in some consequences.


How do you put Canon Lens On A Nikon Camera?

Generally, it’s impossible to adjust a Canon lens to a Nikon camera. Even if a company can design such an adapter, the lens can’t be used for infinite focusing.

Moreover, there are high chances that the lens may collide with the camera’s mirror. So, mounting the Canon lenses on Nikon Camera is not really a good solution.

Can you use any lens on a Nikon Camera? 

Nikon lenses are especially suitable for Nikon Cameras. F mount lenses are also a compatible option. However, utilizing an adapter is a must. Other third-party lenses will also use the F mount to be fitted in the Nikon Camera.

Final Words

After going through our article till now, I bet you already know it’s nearly impossible to adjust Canon lenses with Nikon Camera. So, for the Nikon Camera either you have to go for Nikon Lenses or third-party lenses specially made up for Nikon. In order to use third-party lenses, using adapters are necessary. 

As the Nikon Cameras still feature the F mount design, you can even use the old Nikon Lenses on Nikon DSLR. As a photographer, you will require different types of lenses with different consequences. So, investing in a $20 or $30 adapter won’t be a bad idea. Go for the method that will suit your camera and apertures the most and enjoy photography to your fullest

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