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I bet you are totally a newbie, and that’s why you have got this query on your mind. Honestly, the Canon body and Sony lens combination is not really an efficient deal. So, you won’t find any compatible adapter to fit the Canon body and Sony lenses together. In fact, you won’t find any third-party manufacturer of such adapters even in this decade. 

On the contrary, photographers are quite excited to try Canon lenses on Sony Camera. The overall body of the Sony camera is not only solid but also inexpensive. Canon offers one of the best lenses within an affordable price range. Thus, this combination is indeed the best of both worlds. Just get a premium adapter, and your Sony mirror-less full-frame mount & crop sensor mount will easily adapt with Canon lenses.

In our content below, we have talked about Can I use a Sony lens on a Canon camera in detail. We have tried to answer all of your queries. Trust me; our guidelines are totally worthy of your every minute. It will take your photography skills to the next level indeed.

Can A Sony Lens Fit a Canon Camera? 

Can I use a Sony lens on a Canon camera? Are they even compatible? Honestly, both Sony lenses and Canon cameras are not really a good match. So, in the market, you won’t find any 3rd party manufacturer of its adapter. However, you will come across a huge variety of adapters if you want to purchase one for a Canon lens & Sony Camera

If you are planning to move from a Canon camera to a Sony camera, I believe you already have a bunch of EF or EFS lenses. That’s really great news indeed, as you can use all of these lenses with different mirrorless models like – the A7 series, the A6000 series, and even up to FS5 or FS7.

For instance, the Metabone adapters are kinda expensive (around $400) and feature an actual USB plug. So, you can easily update the firmware as per requirements. In Spite of it being super expensive, its autofocus performance is not satisfactory enough. On the contrary, the 100$ Fotodiox Pro adapter offers the same manual focus feature as the Metabones. However, it’s a bit flimsy, and its fittings are not quite perfect indeed. 

So, you can’t really rely on these 3rd party adapters for autofocus performance. We would rather advise sticking with Sony native lenses as these adapters can’t deliver smooth focus in a hurry. Just use the manual focus while using Canon lenses on the Sony Camera body. In fact, that’s the only feasible way to get the best results. 

Which Type Of Adapter Do You Prefer? 

A lens adapter is a device to ensure a secure physical connection between a camera body and a lens. In the market, there are two major types of adapters, including – 

Active Adapter: 

Active Adapters are also known as intelligent adapters as it allows you to set autofocus & aperture without even touching the lenses. Among them, one of the most popular, efficient, and expensive adapter companies is Metabones. 

Aperture setting, autofocus, and image stabilization are major attributes for portrait, wildlife, fashion & wedding photographers. So, Active Adapters are definitely their thing as they have to be fast & efficient at once.

Passive Adapter: 

They are basically affordable/ cheap adapters to establish a physical connection between the camera body and lens. In order to set up the aperture or just to focus, you have to touch the lens & set it manually. 

Now you may wonder, why would you go for passive adapters when Active adapters are so convenient. Well, in this context, price is a major factor. Everyone doesn’t really require an active adapter. If you are a landscape photographer and have a low budget, you can save some money by investing in passive ones. That’s because – landscape photographers can take time for manual aperture set up & focus. 


  • The EF lens on a Sony full-frame camera body (e.g., A7R II & A7S II) will let you enjoy full coverage. 
  • Cheap EFS lenses are designed for crop sensors. So, if you mount them on a full-frame camera, be sure to switch to the APS-C mode.
  • Canon lenses are a bit larger than some mirrorless models. So, it might be a bit troublesome for tripod clearance. Just set the camera a bit far forward on the plate and create enough space to accommodate the big canon lenses.
  • Suppose you are using Canon lenses with a Sony camera. In that case, you can’t use some additional features like – eye autofocus, face autofocus, and digital zoom-in effect during manual focus.


Will a Canon Lens fit on a Sony Camera?

Yes, Canon lenses can easily fit on Sony Camera. You just need a premium adapter. If you have a low budget, go for the Fotodiox Pro adapter, as it can offer autofocus performance just like the premium 40$ Metabones.

What Sony lenses will fit on my Canon 700D?

No Sony lenses will perfectly fit on Canon 700D as the most available ones are E mount & A mount. Such adapters are really rare, but even if you find one, the results won’t be satisfactory.

Final Words: 

Can I use a Sony lens on a Canon camera? Many newbie photographers out there want to create a combination between Canon & Sony.It’s pretty natural as it’s an affordable as well as an efficient technique.However, the combination between the Canon camera & Sony lenses is not much appreciated.

In fact, there is no significant brand that produces such adapters. Instead, go for a premium adapter to mount in between the Sony camera & Canon lens. You can go for the Fotodiox Pro adapter to increase the extra distance between the camera’s sensor and the lens. I believe our detailed article has already cleared up your concept now. So, are you ready to improve your photography skills with a combination of Sony camera & Canon lenses now? 

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