How To Charge A Lumix Camera Without The Charger

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Have you lost the charger of your Panasonic Lumix and now looking for the best way to charge the camera? I bet yes, and that’s why you might be worried wondering, How To charge Lumix camera without the charger?’ 

You can charge the battery within the Panasonic camera. You can also charge the battery individually to power up the camera. Firstly, take a rapid charge wall adapter, USB C to USB C cable, and hook them up together with your Panasonic Lumix via USB C port. In case you don’t have a wall adapter, no worries; you can also charge the camera via a power bank and standard USB to USB C cable. 

So, there are multiple ways to charge the Lumix camera, even without a charger indeed. Your camera won’t die just because you have lost the charger. In our article below, we have discussed each method in detail. Thus, take your first attempt and charge up your camera to take some outstanding photographs now!

How To Charge Lumix Camera Without The Charger? 

How to charge the Panasonic Lumix camera without a charger? I bet you have lost your charger, and now you are roaming through the whole Internet to find the best charging solution for your camera in 2022. I don’t want to dilly dally more as you must have been pretty impatient already. So, let’s jump in now!

Method 1: Charge The Camera Via USB C Cable. 

  • First, get a rapid charge wall adapter and connect one end of the ‘USB-C to USB-C’ cable with it. 
  • Take the other end of the cable and insert it into the camera’s USB-C port.

So, you can charge the battery within the Panasonic Lumix camera now. If you don’t have a wall adapter, you can also plug the USB-C port into the MacBook or Laptop instead. It’s a great way to charge the camera and promote photography tethering simultaneously.

Method 2: Charge The Camera Via Power Bank 

As power banks generally feature a USB port, in this context, you will require a standard USB to USB C cable. 

  • Just Plug the standard USB cable into the power bank port. 
  • Take the other end (USB C cable) and insert it into the camera.

Instead of a wall port/power bank, you can also directly hook it up with standard cell phone chargers (5V) in the same manner. In order to be sure, turn on the camera, and you will observe the ‘Charging symbol’ when the battery pack is turned on.

Method 3: Charge The Battery Via USB Cable 

Till now, we have been discussing techniques to charge the battery within the camera. So, how will you charge the battery without the charger? This procedure is a bit tricky, and we would recommend trying this only if you are experienced with wiring. 

So; firstly, you will require – 

  • A camera battery.
  • Laptop.
  • USB cable. 
  • Scissors. 

Step 1: 

Take the camera battery and determine its positive and negative ends.

Step 2: 

  • Take a standard USB to USB-C cable and cut off its USB-C end.
  • You will find four wires with red, black, white, and green ends. 
  • Separate the red & black wire from other wires for further procedure.

Step 3: 

  • Firstly take the black wire and tie it with the negative end by an elastic band. 
  • Tie the red wire to the positive end afterward. 
  • It would be best to go for the negative end before anything else.

Step 4:

now take the standard USB end and insert it into the PC or laptop. 

Step 5: 

Once the battery is fully charged, insert it into the battery compartment of the camera. Now try to switch on the camera and check if this technique has worked or not.

This whole procedure is a bit rough, so go for it at your own risk. Charge the battery for 20 minutes first as a test. Be aware as the charging won’t be as fast as the regular electric wall outlet.


What kind of charger does a Lumix camera use? 

Panasonic Lumix cameras come with a DMW-BTC13 AC Battery, which is charged from an AC outlet via a USB micro B cable. 

  • Firstly Insert the battery within the camera.
  • Take a USB (C-C) cable to hook the camera’s USB port & AC adapter together. 
  • Now connect the AC cable with an AC adapter to insert it into the AC electric outlet.
  • Once the connection is established, you will notice the ‘Charging’ status.

Can you charge a camera with a phone charger? 

Yes, if you own a 5V standard cellphone charger with USB ports, you can easily charge the camera with it. Just get a standard USB to USB-C cable, hook up the phone charger & the camera by it, and that’s all!  

How can I charge my camera without a charger? 

There are multiple ways to charge the camera without a charger.

  • Hook the camera up with a rapid charge wall adapter via USB-C to USB-C cable. Instead of the wall adapter, you can try the same procedure with a MacBook or Laptop. 
  • Take a standard USB to USB C cable to hook up the camera with a standard 5V phone charger/ power bank. 

Final Words: 

How To charge Lumix camera without the charger? You might have come to a consensus that- it’s really troublesome to charge the Panasonic Lumix camera after losing the charger. However, it’s not so. Trust me; you really don’t have to be tech-savvy to just charge the camera without its dedicated charger. If you want to charge the camera only, just get a USB C to USB C cable and hook the camera with a rapid charging wall adapter or laptop. Hook the camera with a power bank by a standard USB cable. You can also charge the battery individually if required. I believe you have got the gist of every procedure by now. So, take your first step without any further delay now! 

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