What Flash Can You Use With Canon AE-1 Camera?

An external flash enhances photo grade by increasing lighting quality. The Built-in flash is responsible for running out Canon ae-1’s battery life quickly. So, what flash can you use with Canon Ae-1 camera?

You can’t use any random flash. All modern flash is not compatible with Canon ae-1. Only selective flash is allowed.  

In this context, I’ll share everything about the flash related to canon ae-1. After reading this content, you can decide which one you should buy and avoid. 

What Type Of Flash Does Canon Ae-1 Use?

Canon Ae-1 generally uses standard hot shoe hoes to mount external flashes. The hot shoe is compatible with attaching manual flash and other TTL flashes. TTL flash means “Through The Lens flash”.  

“Moreover, a few modern flashes are also compatible with it. Any random flash is not allowed to attach.

We know that Canon Ae-1 uses Canon speedlight flashes as an external flash. In this case,  the questions are-

  • Which model? 
  • Is every speedlight compatible with it?  

The answer is “No”. Most of the modern flash uses electronic contact with the camera. I’m sorry to say that Canon Ae-1 does not have such facilities. In this case,  you have to find alternative ways. 

It’s better to take consultation from any experts. Otherwise,  it can be a waste of money, not anything else.

Which Flash Is Compatible With Canon Ae-1?

You almost know that Canon Ae-1 uses Canon Speedlite flashes. But all models of this series are not compatible. 

For example: 

  • Canon Speedlite 600EX II-RT
  • Canon Speedlite 580EX III-RT

Above both are not suitable for use as an external flash. Don’t worry! I’m here to assist you. I’ve listed three flashes that are compatible with your favorite Canon Ae-1 camera. 

Let’s have a look:

Canon Speedlite 155A

In case of compatibility issues, Canon Speedlite 155A is suitable for both Canon A-1 and Canon Ae-1. It is a small-sized flash with two automatic flash exposure modes. Moreover,  it has a manual mode for more accurate control. The positive side is it can brighten a subject at a distance of 17 meters. It is perfect for those who are looking for a bare flash. Moreover,  it’s a handy and budget-friendly flash. But,  it is not as powerful as other flashes.

Canon Speedlite 299T Flash

Canon Speedlite 299T is a professional grading-level flash with a built-in TTL metering system. You can’t get a TTL system in Speedlite 155A. It is compatible for both Canon AE-1, A-1, and F-1. It is a more powerful flash than the Canon Speedlite 155A. 299T Flash is applicable in any low-light conditions. The guide number is ISO 100(29 meters). Lastly, it has an automatic flash mode. If you want an automatic flash with powerful performance, then Speedlite 299T will be the ideal choice.

Canon Speedlite 300EZ

The most popular and comparatively pricy than Speedlite 155A is the Canon Speedlite 300EZ. It is a powerful and versatile flash whose guide number is 30 meters at ISO 100. It is an automatic flash like the Canon Speedlite 299T. It has a bounce card and diffuser system. It has the TTL metering as the 299T. Lastly, it will be a good choice for the professionals.

What if I don’t find any Canon Speedlite product? In this case, you must find an alternative external flash from another brand. That flash must be compatible with the Canon Ae-1. 

Do you need a favor? Well. I recommend you purchase Godox Camera Flash. Let’s see a short description.

Godox Camera Flash

Godox is a retro-style external flash compatible with Canon Ae-1. It is also suitable for other brands like Nikon, Fuji, Sony, etc.

It has manual modes and other reliable functions. You can easily attach it to the hot shoe.

Moreover, you’ll get a 28mm Focal length and balanced optical control. If you are unable to find Canon Speedlite, then you can utilize this as an alternative.

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How Can I Tell If My Canon Ae-1’s Flash Isn’t Working?

Imagine! You’re in a shooting set. All things are ready, and you’re also to press the button. But your Flash is not working. 

I know this situation is really the worst. In these circumstances, it’s not wise to mark your Flash faulty. Just keep calm and relaxed. You need to ensure that by checking the symptoms.

Firstly, notice the sound. If you find a boisterous sound, it’s a possible reason for it’s faultyness. It can be associated with low Flash or blinking Flash.

Secondly, flash fires but having problems with focus. It’s another problem. Sometimes, the focus issue occurs due to the camera’s issue. So, check it properly.

Lastly, check whether the Flash becomes too hot or not. But, if it has been used for a long time, it will not be a reason.

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What’s The Expected Duration Of A Canon Ae-1 Flash?

Generally, a flash can be used for 3 to 4 years. It can lessen or increase the duration. It depends on your personal care and maintenance. 

If you’ve to complete plenty of remote jobs, it requires massive maintenance. Otherwise, the life duration can be hampered. Here are some maintenance tips for you.

(i) You should put off the external flash after the use. 

(ii) Must clean the flash’s head regularly.

(iii) Store properly. Make sure the place is dry and clean.

(iv) Checkup at least once a week.

That’s it. A professional photographer should take care of every staff necessary for his job.

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Frequently Answer Questions(FAQs)

Do You Need Flash For Canon Ae-1?

Primarily NO. Canon AE-1 does not require any flash to capture still photos. It has a built-in light meter, which is fine. But it doesn’t mean you can’t use any external flash. Sometimes, you have to use Flash. It is optional and based on your conditions. In low light conditions, it can be necessary.

Could A Modern Flash Work With A Canon Ae-1?

The answer is “Yes” and “No” both. If a modern flash has a manual mode, then it can be used. Generally, the non-compatible thyristor flash works fine. You can use it. It’s wise to make sure that Flash is compatible with where it was attached. I mean, it must fit in the standard hot shoe hoes.

What Is The Flash Sync Speed Of The Canon Ae-1?

The maximum flash synchronization speed of Canon Ae-1 is 1/60s. It means you will get the  1/60s quickest speed so the flash can fire appropriately. But, if the shutter speed you set is faster than anything, the flash won’t fire. After each firing, a flash requires a minimum time to regenerate and automatically recharge.

How Do I Avoid Red Eye With The Flash On My Canon Ae-1?

Loss of details and unflattering portraits are responsible for the red-eye effect. A photographer should avoid this. An external flash is a good idea to bypass such annoying things. If possible you should improve ambient lighting in the surroundings. Lastly, you can peel off them with red-eye reduction mode. Few external flashes have the system to do it. 

Final Word. 

Flash is a core component to get quality photos under low light conditions. If the Canon ae-1’s built-in flash is insufficient, you should purchase an external flash. 

Canon Speedlite’s several version is compatible. You can also use other manufacturer’s flash. In this case, take consultation first from the expert. Don’t purchase any random flash.

My beloved reader! I’ve reached the bottom part of this content. If you’ve any queries, let me know via inbox or comment below the post. Thank You. 

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