Why Is My Canon Camera Blurry And Not Focusing

Are you fed up with blurry pictures taken by your beloved Canon camera? Like other amateur photographers you also long for taking sharp snaps. Unfortunately, in most cases, it seems to be difficult at the initial stages. Here the camera brand doesn’t matter. You must know ‘why is my canon camera blurry’?. 

There is nothing impossible in the world. Follow some basic rules, and  avoid capturing blurry photos easily.  

This article includes the causes of cameras being blurry, probable solutions to them, some FAQs, etc. for you as a guideline.   

Why Is My Canon Camera Blurry?

The reasons lying behind the camera being blurry are multiple. To solve the problem you need to know the exact reason for which your camera has become notorious. If the case is with Canon or Nikon, you are to follow almost the same path. So, don’t spoil your night sleep thinking ‘why is my nikon camera taking blurry pictures?

Some detected problems and the probable solutions are stated below for your convenience.

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Inappropriate Use of Shutter Speed

The camera shakes very little, when the shutter speed is faster. Again you need to hire shutter speed to photograph any moving object.  With slow shutter speed it is almost impossible to handhold the camera without any movement. You should know how to increase shutter speed on Canon.

What the shutter speed will be, completely depends on you. You have to fix it yourself by capturing photos of the same object or scene. There is an assumption that the shutter speed needs to be according to the lens focal length. For example, for a 200 mm lens 1/ 200th sec shutter speed is good enough.

Use of Wide Aperture

The captured photos will be sharp or not, it depends on the depth of the field to a great extent. For this, the aperture and focal length need to be combined well. Wider aperture use cannot produce a complete sharp image. 

Again if you are to take a portrait, you will get the sharpness on the person’s face only. Then the background will remain blurred. But be aware of the fact that you need to examine the lens first before using a small aperture. Sometimes using too small aperture spoils photo sharpness and slows down shutter speed. It’s wise to start with an aperture measuring f/8.  

High ISO

Raising ISO high you are able to increase shutter speed. But eventually it will produce more in the captured image. The ultimate result is the photo’s softness. It’s tested that the photo becomes blurry even when captured at 6400 ISO.

To set the right ISO you need to take a snap of the same object several times.

Camera Movement

Camera movement while shooting is greatly responsible for blurry images. So focus on appropriate posture at the time of shooting handheld. Try to keep the camera as steady as possible. You may go for a tripod and keep it on a flat surface. 

Unlocked Camera Mirror

After taking a photograph each time, the camera mirror is flipped over. As a result,  you will find your camera shaking. It affects the sharpness of your photo. So you need to lock the camera mirror.

Unlocked Camera Mirror

Dirty/Damaged Lens Glass

Sometimes dirts gather on lenses and cause blurry photos. You need to check the lens, clean it , and repair it if any damage is there. 

Touching Camera Frequently

If you touch the camera frequently it might cause camera shake and produce blur photos. You can use the self -timer option on your camera or use a smartphone as remote with the availability. of WiFI.

In addition to the above mentioned issues, the following factors influence the camera pictures. To get rid of canon eos rebel blurry pictures or canon rebel t7 blurry photos concentrate on the issues like- 

  • Heatwaves
  • Incorrect Focus Mode
  • Use of No Burst Mode And Frequent Movement of the shutter button.
  • Low-quality Lens
  • No Setting of Manual Focus Mode
  • No Use of Cloud Storage While Uploading the Photos

How Do I Focus My Canon Camera Blurry Viewfinder?

There is a light located in the viewfinder to confirm the camera focus. To focus a Canon camera blurry viewfinder, you need to enable the light. Just follow the steps:

  • Find out lens focus mode and set to <MF>. Note that if you turn MF/ manual focus and AF/ auto focus at a time AF won’t work.
  • Start focusing the object. Turn the lens focusing ring until the viewfinder presents a sharp look of the intended object to be photographed. 
  • Maintain a required focusing distance between camera and the subject. 

How to Fix a Blurry DSLR Camera Lens?

How to Fix a Blurry DSLR Camera Lens

To fix a blurry DSLR camera lens you need to follow some steps as stated below: 

  • Remove the lens filter if there is any. Then capture another picture and check the image quality. If the image is still blurry, follow the next step.
  • Check whether the front or back camera lens has any dust. So,clean the camera lens by removing it from the camera. Then click again to test the camera condition. 
  • You can inspect the camera lens closely holding it at an angled position in bright light. Severe fungal growth might affect the sharpness of the photo.
  • Check the focus mechanism of your camera. You can do so by using another lens and clicking the same object. If the clicked snap remains blurry as before, the problem is not with the focus mechanism. Try to find out another possible reason.  
  • If the photos are not blurred with the second lens, the problems with the focus mechanism. Either remove it or try to repair it. You can re-align the lens if it’s misaligned slightly. 
  • Sometimes due to unavailability of alignment instrument, you may be charged higher than the new lens price. In that case it’s wise to go for a new lens.


How do you fix a blurry Canon camera?

You can fix a canon rebel t100 blurry in many ways. The most common cause of the blurred photo is the incorrect use of shutter speed. Slow shutter speed is responsible for camera shake. Hence you need to select a faster speed. Almost zero chance of camera shake is there when the shutter speed is faster.

Why is my Canon camera blurry and not focusing?

Your canon camera may be a source of annoyance to you by being blurry and not focusing. Some of the vital causes are insecure mounting of lens, camera movement, positioning the thing to be photographed outside the AF frame, AF-assist beam covered by fingers, the remaining distance between the lens and the object outside the range of camera focus.,        

How do I stop my camera from being blurry?

  To stop your camera from being blurry you need to find out the reason first. Then act accordingly. The possible ways are controlling camera shake, using a tripod, tapping the shutter button gently, using self-timer, ensuring the light source, cleaning /changing the lens as required etc.  

Why is my camera suddenly blurry?

You may have started capturing photos with your camera in a happy mood. Suddenly you might notice that your camera has become blurry. Such a sudden incident may be an outcome of subject /camera movement, missed focus, insufficient field depth, lens dirt or damage, etc .

Final Word

Don’t get frustrated, when you fail to capture sharp snaps. Treat failure as a challenge. It’s nothing unusual that blurry photos taken by you are breaking your heart. Concentrate on the issue -why is my canon camera blurry.

Try to find out the reasons and pinpoint the possible solutions to them. You need not be an alien to touch the success line. Just have patience, do practice, and apply the tips and tricks when you are all set to shoot. Start capturing pin-sharp, crystal-clear images with your lovely canon.

It’s just a matter of time.

Enjoy photography to the fullest.

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