How To Format SD Card For Canon Camera: 4 Easy Step

When the Canon Camera SD card becomes full and has no space to store more data, it needs to be formatted soon. But you fall into trouble if you need to learn how to format SD card for Canon Camera. Let’s explore something new here. 

Slide the SD card into the slot after turning off Canon Camera, and unlock the memory. Then turn on the “SET” wrench icon. After that, you get the “Format” highlight option and select low-level formatting. Finally, press the “OK” button.

To know more detail on every step of formatting, stay with us. This article will help fulfill your hip thrust.

How To Format SD Card For Canon Camera?

If you have already used the full storage of Canon’s SD card, it’s mandatory to format soon. When transferring data into other hard disks or external memory, storing it on an SD card is unnecessary. Let’s have a look at the detailed formatting procedures.

First Step

To get safety, turn off your Canon Camera and perfectly slide the SD card into the slot. After that, you must unlock the set of memory cards. If the memory card locks, wait to show the icon on the screen after opening the Camera.

How To Format SD Card For Canon Camera

Second Step

After completing the first step, you need to turn on the Camera. You see a navigation chart here, and the top menu bar shows the “SET” wrench icon. You must select this button to go into the next session.

turn off your Canon Camera

Third Step

After completing these two steps, show the main “Format” highlight option. There indicates the Canon SD card format type. To reach the final format, you must select “Low-Level Formatting” from these different types.

We suggest more to select a Low-Level Formatting system because it takes longer and erases all storage regions systematically than “Formatting Memory Cards.” Not only that, but you also can recover your Canon SD card as brand new. Here, you also get back the full working capacity. That is not possible in other formatting systems. Choosing a Low-Level Formatting system is essential to get a new SD card.

Final Step

After selecting the Low-Level Formatting system, the “OK” button will be visible. That means getting permission to clean all stored data. After pressing this button, it takes a little time and completes your formatting system.

According to these steps, the Canon format SD card recovery process would be successfully run. If you select other formatting systems, then the recovery system will lose. In that case, you should follow the process step by step to complete a reliable SD card formatting system in a specific manner.

How To Format SD Card On Canon Powershot?

Because a Camera cannot format an SD card, removing unnecessary data and viruses is crucial. The Canon’s SD card is limited. So, you must delete the bulk data and refresh the SD card to achieve smooth performance. Now, we see the formatting system on Canon Powershot. Let’s start.

  • First, switch on the Camera.
  • Then select the data which have to delete
  • Select Erase by pressing <FUNC. /SET> button
  • Select Erase all by pressing the previous format
  • Finally, select the OK button by pressing <FUNC. /SET> button
How To Format SD Card On Canon Powershot?

How To Format SD Card For Canon Camera On PC?

The formatting system is almost the same in every slot. To get a clear knowledge of the canon Camera formatting system on PC, we focus on the mandatory steps properly here.

  • First, insert the SD card into the PC’s slot.
  • Go file explorer and select PC, then Select SD card
  • After that, press manage and then choose the format option
  • After opening the SD dialog box, then select the dropdown arrow of the file system and click FAT32

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How To Format SD Card For Canon Camera On PC

How To Format SD Card For Canon Camera On MAC?

The Canon Camera’s SD card formatting system on MAC is about the same as PC, suggesting that the SD card won’t format in Canon Camera. But to enrich your SD card formatting knowledge, we present here some points. Let’s go to the end.

  • First, connect MAC with an SD card by a card reader
  • After opening the utility card, select the SD card option
  • Then, select erase system and get the file system format
  • Select EXFAT for 64GB or longer files, but FAT32 is good enough for 32GB file
  • Finally, press the erase button
How To Format SD Card For Canon Camera On MAC

Canon Camera SD Card Data Recovering System

The Canon Camera provides you with this option to recover Photos and Videos. It’s possible by connecting a USB cable to the computer. There are two options: Grill and Stellar Photo Recovery.

Disk Grill

The most popular SD card data recovery system is Disk Grill. It’s more reliable to use and easier to understand. In that case, a maximum number of people use this software. After launching this software, you get the proper step to recover your previous data. If you follow them properly, you can recover a lot of photos and videos in a short time. But you need to USB connection to a computer.

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Stellar Photo Recovery

Another popular system is Stellar Photo Recovery, made from Stellar Data Recovery. As a result, it’s easy to use and Canon Camera friendly. To easily recover photos, video, and files from SD cards to USB Flash Drives, Hard Drives, and Solid-State Drives. By following the software instruction properly, you can recover a large amount of data within a short time via a USB cable with a computer connection.

People Also Ask

What Is The Canon SD Card Format Type?

The Canon SD card format type is FAT32. For 32GB or less data, the FAT32 format type uses more in Canon Camera. SDHC and SD both use this type. But if the data range is high and crosses the FAT32 limit, then SDXC uses the EXFAT format type.

Which SD Card Format Is More Reliable?

EXFAT is the most reliable SD card format. The SD card varies in size and shape. Generally, Micro SD and Mini SD use in tablets, Digital cameras, smartphones, etc. So, the EXFAT can clear all data with a recovery system.

When Won’t The Canon Camera Accept The SD Card?

The Canon Camera won’t accept the SD card when it can’t detect the SD card easily. It happens when the SD card loses its balance from the memory card slot. In that case, you should turn off the Camera and disclose the battery. Then adjust the SD card perfectly.

Can I Recover My Canon SD Card?

Yes, you can recover your Canon SD card formatting system. It’s easy to recover Photos from a formatted SD card and overwrite the old photos as “On Top Off.” Here works, many factors determine the recovery success rate.


After a long discussion, we get a clear notification on how to format SD card for Canon Camera. Now it’s easy to distinguish the steps. If you generate the steps properly, it will be easy to solve the problem. Generally, we decide to format our SD card when it becomes full. But the key point is that it’s possible to recover the memory card according to your need.

From the previous session, we come to know that first, unlock the memory and adjust the SD card slot perfectly. Then press the “SET” wrench icon from the navigation chart. Finally, you get the “Format” type option. Though there are different formatting options, you need to select a low-level formatting option. Though it’s taking longer, it erases all data and provides a recovery option.

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