How To Format SD Card For Nikon Camera

Has your SD card ever got corrupted? If not, you are indeed a lucky one. When my SD card got corrupted, I literally felt like I was through a nightmare. All of my portraits, landscapes, macro shots, and videos were gone! 

Yes, you might be able to recover them. However, isn’t it better to be careful even before such a disaster takes place? So, you should format your SD beforehand. But how to format SD card for Nikon camera?

The easiest way is to use the menu button. Then go to the ‘Set up’ page and click on ‘Format.’ Nowadays, some Nikon models feature dedicated format buttons as well. We will specifically talk about them in a few minutes. So, are you ready to format your SD card?

Is It Okay To Delete Data Instead Of Formatting The SD Card? 

Are you thinking of deleting data from your SD card just to free up space? Stop right there! Why?

  • Even if it at first sounds tempting, deleting some images won’t really make much difference.
  • You might even end up corrupting the SD card over time.
  • Your SD will lose its optimum functionality.

Instead, format your SD card. First, there are no noteworthy downsides to formatting. Moreover, it will boost the card’s performance by restructuring the DCIM folder.

What To Do Before You Format The SD Card? 

Now, as you are determined to format your SD card, let’s come to the basics. Don’t just format your card before you back up the contents. 

Otherwise, all of those marvelous shots & videos will obviously be gone! As a fellow photographer, I bet none is ready for such a loss.

So, I personally prefer to back up my photos and videos on google photos or Dropbox. These cloud services have really eased up our job.

How To Format SD Card For Nikon Camera: Check Our Step-By-Step Guidelines Now!

Once your photos are backed up safely, let’s jump to format the SD now!

Actually, there are multiple ways to format an SD card. Some might prefer to format an SD card on their computer as it has a powerful operating system. 

However, just like other camera manufacturers, I personally prefer to stick with the camera. It’s the easiest & quickest method. Moreover, it reduces the risk of further SD card errors.

Format The SD Card By The ‘Menu’ Button 

This method is compatible with all Nikon models available out there.

First, Find The Menu Button 

Check the posterior aspect of your camera. You will come across the menu button at the top right corner.

Choose From The Set Up Menu

  • Open the setup menu with a wrench icon. 
  • In that section, you will find the option of ‘Format Memory Card.’ 
  • Click on ‘Format.’

Format Your SD Card

Now you can choose to format either your flash card or SD card. Remember, you can’t format both of them together. So, go for one card at a time.

The ‘Quick Format Button’ Also Works!

Nowadays, some modern cameras come with a specific format button. 

I know many photographers are not so used to it. But, the ‘Quick Format Button’ really eases the job.

Nikon D800, D810, D610, and D750 feature a ‘Mode’ or ‘Metering Mode’ button with a red format label. On the posterior panel, you will see similar labeling with the delete button. 

So, how will you use these ‘Quick Format Buttons’?

  • Click on hold both format buttons together.
  • You will notice blinking on the SD card slot & exposure count indicator.
  • The LCD Screen will simultaneously show formatting signals.
  • Now release the button.
  • If you have just one SD card, this trick will automatically detect and format it. 
  • However, if you have two cards, it will only format the card in the ‘Primary Slot.’ You can rotate the ‘main command dial’ from the back panel to choose your desired SD card manually.
  • Lastly, click on both ‘Quick Format Buttons’ together once again. This time you don’t need to hold them. Just a click will do the job.

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Why won’t my Nikon camera read my SD card? 

It can be a hardware or software-based issue with your SD card. There might be some problems related to the card reader as well.
The best method is to remove the SD card and clean up the contacts. Make sure there is no dust on the contacts. Now, insert it and try again.

What format do Nikon cameras use?

Nikon cameras are usually compatible with small sensor DX (24x16mm) and large sensor FX (36x24mm) format.

How do I format my SD card on my Nikon? 

Click on the menu button at the back panel.
Select the setup section (wrench icon) and select format.
Choose your desired SD card and click ‘Format.’

Final Verdict 

How to format SD card for a Nikon camera? You might have been stressed out about formatting your memory card. After all, every photographer out there prefers to avoid SD card corruption at all costs. We believe our content has already filled you with all the tips & tricks. So, are you ready to clean & format your SD card on the Nikon camera now?

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