Why is my Nikon camera blurry? Incorrect camera positioning

The significance of cameras is that they preserve memories that we may never get back. But what if you’re in a good mood, thinking that you have tons of great photos from a special event, but when you go through the images at the end of the day, you notice some memorable photos are blurry? It will instantly make anyone depressed. Nikon camera users are more prone to this issue & often ask, “Why is my Nikon camera blurry?”

There can be many reasons why your Nikon camera gets blurry. The most common reasons are slower shutter speed, higher ISO, incorrect Auto Focus Mode, too large or small lens aperture, and dirty lens.

In this article, the readers will get a complete overview of why the Nikon camera becomes blurry, along with its solution & additional information. So, let’s start.

Why does the Nikon camera get blurry?

Many people don’t know the reasons why the Nikon camera gets blurred. Therefore, they keep switching cameras, believing that blurred photos are the camera’s fault. But most often, it is the camera but your fault. Let’s look at some of the most common mistakes that cause the camera to blur: Best Nikon Camera For Sports.

Slower shutter speed:

The most common cause of blurry photos, which users frequently blame on their cameras, is motion shake. Though you may be confident that you can hold the camera pretty even, the smallest change in the movement can spoil a shot. Nobody can keep the camera still for more than 1/60th of a second. Therefore, the common technique is that the speedier the shutter speed, the less likely camera will shake. 

One can take photos of the same scene at various shutter speeds and compare the results to determine the optimal shutter speed. Another method is to match your shutter speed to the focal length of your lens. For instance, if you have a 200mm lens, position the shutter speed to 1/200th second. You can also decrease shutter speed faster if your camera offers image stabilization.

Too High ISO:

Too High ISO: While increased ISO is tempting for a speedier shutter speed, it is vital to remember that higher ISO allows more noise in photographs. As A result, the increased noise can make your central subject appear softer on close inspection. For example, a still portrait image of a person taken at 6400 ISO can result in a blurred face.

Although the latest models of DSLR cameras have made significant improvements in handling the noise generated at high ISOs, it is always best to keep the ISO as low as possible for the sharpest photos.

Too large or small lens aperture:

People use a small aperture for landscape photography since it raises the area. Unfortunately, it also creates diffraction, which contributes to image blurring. For example, if you photograph at f/16, your images will be noticeably softer. To prevent this, use a slightly larger aperture, such as f/11.

Conversely, if you notice that your subject is sharp with a vague background, you must have used a narrow depth of field. It occurs when you utilize a large aperture lens, such as f/2.8. Even though f/2.8 is sufficient to separate a subject from its surroundings, one can increase the aperture to boost the depth of focus with a transparent background.

Incorrect camera positioning

If you can’t properly support the camera while holding it, you’ll get a camera shake, resulting in blurry pictures. Instead of shooting from the rear display, one can lift the camera to the eye and support the lens with the left hand to get a better shooting base.

One can also use a tripod for higher Stability. However, ensure that you have properly placed the tripod on the surface so it can’t move. The quality of the tripod is also a concern. One can try a high-quality carbon fiber tripod that will be able to support the camera’s weight.

Manual Focus Mode

Some Nikon cameras, such as the Nikon D7500, feature an easily switchable AF/MF mode. As a result, the focus mode can shift accidentally at any time. The truth is that when in Manual Focus mode, users cannot use the AF button to autofocus. As a result, some subjects in the photo may get more focus while others become vague.

AF is not concentrating on the correct subject:

There are various Autofocus Modes available on the camera. Each Autofocus mode has a unique method of focusing. For example, AF-S features single focusing while AF-C has continuous focusing. As a result, users must understand the distinctions between various Autofocus Modes before using them. Otherwise, incorrect focusing will result in blurred images.

One can use AF-C or Subject Tracking autofocus while photographing sports and animal photography. On the other hand, AF-S is suitable for still photographs. However, keep in mind that if the movement of your subject changes from static to dynamic or vice versa, you must also change the Autofocus Mode.

Why does my camera become blurry all of a sudden

Frequently asked question

Why does my camera become blurry all of a sudden?

Users may experience sudden blurry cameras for a variety of reasons. For example: While photographing in a humid environment, lenses accumulate a lot of dirt. If you do not clean the lens before taking pictures, then blurry pictures can result from the dirty lens. Furthermore, dirt can obstruct the camera’s autofocus feature. So, it is best to clean the lens with a microfiber cloth before taking photographs.

Can a blurry photograph be fixed?

Using photo editing apps, one can polish up blurry photographs. When fixing a blurry picture, it is best to use both the Sharpen and Smart Sharpen options. However, the Sharpen Tool boosts the contrast and the image’s edges. So, remember to fix all these things as well.


It is now clear that not only Nikon cameras but also other cameras can become blurry for a variety of reasons. Therefore, it is necessary to identify the reasons behind such blurriness. Many people ask, “why is my Nikon camera blurry? In this article, I discussed the main causes of blurriness with possible solutions. I hope the readers will find the information useful.

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