How to open a Nikon film camera 5 simple steps

Nikon has dominated the camera market since the 1970s. But they create film cameras 1940’s. In this new era, Nikon also focused on film cameras. Do you know how to open a Nikon film camera? Don’t worry; I will let you know how to open the Nikon film camera. Take your coin and point out the battery of the camera. Then drive it into rotation so that you can easily open it.

Using some tools and technic, you can open the film camera. Interestingly, there is a little computer in this camera. It has an aperture priority mode. Let’s read more.

How to open a Nikon FE film camera?

To open a Nikon FE film camera. It still needs to be made to appeal to Nikon FE users. There’s a good chance you came on this website when searching for used bodies or possibly for another reason to look at the Nikon FE. The FE, however, has a far higher build quality and a more comprehensive range of system compatibility than more recent manual focus cameras like the FM10. Although it is less popular than it once was, film photography is still very distinct from digital photography. From beginning to end, there are many alternatives, and everything is more precisely done with film. Best Nikon Camera For Sports Photography.

 Start Rewind

You must first find the rewind knob on the top left of your camera in order to begin putting the film into it. Once done, you must locate the safety lock and push it backward. Try to lift the camera’s rewind knob as high as possible while depressing the safety lock to the back.

Nikon FE’s back side will prop open once you have raised the rewind knob far enough. Open the back and glance around to get familiar with the camera. Be gentle when doing this to prevent damaging the curtain or shutter blades.

Letting Your Film Ready

Grab your film and get ready to put it in your camera in the following step. Today, I’ll use Kodak Portra 400, one of the most incredible color films on the market, with an excellent color gamut and grain structure.

Start by creating a pinch, similar to the one in the image above, at the end of the film protruding from the container. Your film spool will be able to latch onto the film leader and load properly much more quickly as a result.

Load the Movie

Place the film cartridge into the film chamber after creating the pinch in the film. You must depress the rewind knob after inserting the film canister into the chamber to secure the roll of the film.

Once your film canister is in position and fastened, you must feed or draw the film along the guide rails until the film leader connects with the take-up spool. The squeeze will be helpful in this situation.

Take hold of your film and insert it into the take-up spool slot using the pinched edge you created.

You are now ready to close the camera’s rear after ensuring everything has been set up correctly and the film is on schedule. Remember that after the camera’s back is closed, you should wait to open it again until you have finished shooting your roll.

After you’ve put the camera back together, locate the rewind crank and turn it until you encounter some resistance. This guarantees that the film is tightly pushed between the film canister and the take-up spool within your camera along the guidelines. That’s all about opening a Nikon FE film camera.

How to open a Nikon FE film camera?

How to open the back of a Nikon film camera?

  • To open the back camera, you have to open the rewind. Before pulling the rewind back you need to turn the safety catch.
  • So push this catch with one hand. Touch the rewind with your middle finger and thumbs to pull up the catches. Push the Safety catches by the index finger and pull up the rewind. The back part of the Nikon camera is open.

How to open a Nikon em film camera?

  • Pulling up the film rewind knob and opening the Nikon em camera’s back part.
  • You will see a cassette Chamber that is placed in the camera. 
  • Press the knob to secure the cassette. 
  • Now, apart the lens of by turning it clockwise.
  • Not only that, but to take up the slacks, you must turn the rewind knob by driving it clockwise.


Q1. How do you open a film camera?

Ans: To open a film camera, you first open the battery part of the camera. In Nikon, the battery is placed under the camera. Take a coin to take up the cover of the Battery. Now in the upper, you will see a rewind knob and a safety cassette. 

Turn around the safety cassette and pull up the rewind knob to open the back part of the camera. There you will see the film ladder that takes up six slots spools. Take up the film slack by turning the rewind knob. Also, you can set apart the lenses from the camera. Now place all things manually. 

Q2. How do you open the compartment on a Nikon Camera?

Ans: To open the compartment, you must switch up and move the panel to the right side. Unscrew the compartment on the right side and bottom part of the camera. Open the compartment slightly by hand, then use flat wedges and carefully push the back part. After that, smoothly open the compartment.

Q3.How do you take the film out of a camera?

Ans: Notice that a small button is located bottom of the camera. Release your camera film to take up the reel. Rewind the back and pull up the camera’s backside to film out.

Q4.How do you open the film compartment?

Ans: To open the film compartment, you simply take up the knob at the bottom of the camera. Turn the rewind crank clockwise. And you can safely unscrew your camera’s battery and open the compartment. 

Final Word

The number of blogs doesn’t show you how to open a Nikon film camera. Above I mentioned the details. First, turn the rewind knob and pull it up to open the backside. Then manually, you can open the film from the camera. Be careful when you are going to apart the compartment from the camera. 

The film compartment works as the door for the rest of the camera. Simply flip up the tab of the knob and unscrew the knob. You can do it quickly. 

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