How To Convert Nef To Jpg In Nikon Camera- With 6 Images

Successful photographers who care about maintaining photography’s high standards value originality and high-resolution images. Nikon’s RAW image format, or NEF for short, is ideal for capturing such details. 

The NEF file format is the most reliable for storing digital photographs without quality degradation over time. 

Even though the NEF file is incompatible with many other file formats, some programs can help you convert photos without problems. In this article, we’ll explain How To Convert NEF To JPG In Nikon Camera? This article will explain how to change NEF files into JPGs

What Are Nef Files?

NEF is a digital negative that stores all the data and information about an image that a camera’s sensor can capture. Since NEF photos retain 100% of their original resolution and color accuracy, they are a great way to keep your precious memories safe. These digital negatives, or RAW images, can be stored on a camera’s memory card in an unprocessed, lossless form.

Since the images saved in NEF files are RAW and unprocessed, they have many advantages over other image file types. It means that adjustments to things like hue, white balance, sharpening, and tone are not recorded in the original RAW file. Because these preferences are stored in the instruction set, reprocessing an image will never overwrite its raw data. Best Nikon Camera For Sports Photography.

Which Is Better, Nef Or Jpg?

The image data and camera information in a NEF file require more post-processing work than those in a JPEG file. It’ll set you up to manage the editing process. It’s also important to remember that JPEG images have already been compressed and processed so some image data will be lost in the process.

Why Should You Convert From Nef To Jpg?

The first problem, which might be the most important to users, is that it doesn’t work with all devices and editing programs. A further issue is that NEF files are vast and space-intensive, making them difficult to move from one location to another. 

Therefore, if you want to share the pictures you took with your Nikon camera while shopping with your friends and family, you should convert every NEF to JPG. To free up space on your hard drive, try converting your NEF files to JPG format or moving your NEF files to a compressed archive format like ZIP or RAR. You guessed it: You must first convert NEF files to JPG format to share your photos online.

How To Convert NEF to JPG in Nikon Camera?

Select the Convert to JPG option from the Options menu to change a NEF file into a JPG file.

Following these instructions, you can convert your NEF files into JPGs:

  • Open the Nikon NEF to the JPG transformer.
  • Navigate to the Folder Menu from the program’s main menu.
  • To open a NEF file in the GUI, select the Open Image menu option.
  • Use the navigation bar to see the NEF image you chose.
  • Convert the image from NEF to JPG with a right click.

Other Ways To Convert NEF To JPG File

If you only need to make a few simple adjustments to your files, you can utilize the image editing software with your computer. On the other hand, the level of photo editing that they provide is not comparable to that of Adobe’s software.

However, files in Nikon’s electronic format can be converted using much other software. These RAW files should be compatible with the majority of picture editors. You can also do this with several excellent programs, such as Adobe Camera Raw and Adobe Lightroom.

Search in google ( row pic io ) And, Click raw. pics io website.

Search in google ( row pic io ) And, Click raw. pics io website.

Click Start

Click Start

Click Open Files From The Computer

 Click  Open Files From the Computer

Click Save Selected

 Click Save Selected

Edit File Name, Type (jpg), Quality 100, Then Click Save

Edit File Name, Type (jpg), Quality 100, Then Click Save

Files Have Been Converted, And Check Download File Your Pc

Your Files Have Been Converted


How do I convert NEF files to JPG?

  • To convert videos, install Movavi Video Converter.
  • Get Movavi Video Converter and run it.
  • Put your picture in the program.
  • Select the desired output format.
  • Convert file.

How Do I Change The File Type On My Nikon Camera?

With a Nikon camera, you can switch the file format to NEF by opening the Menu, navigating to the Photo Shooting Menu, and then clicking Image Quality. With a Nikon camera, you can switch to RAW by opening the Menu, navigating to Quality/Image Size, clicking File Format, and selecting RAW.

Can You Convert Raw To Jpeg Camera?

Before you can open and change a RAW file, you must process it into a JPEG. Software like Adobe Photoshop lets you process RAW files, edit them, and export them as a JPEG, making a copy so you can keep the original RAW file with all its details.

Open the photos in RAW formats, like in Photoshop. Go to “File,” then “Save As,” and choose “.jpg” from the list. That’s how you can convert RAW to Jpeg in a camera. 


When we need to know that our photos will turn out great, we save them in NEF format. It’s the safest way to store your photos online because they cannot lose resolution or quality during transfer.  

Knowing picture file extensions helps you use the right ones. It is critical to get the most out of your camera and editing software. By reading this article How To Convert Nef To Jpg In Nikon Camera now, you can easily convert files to the formats you like.

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