Best Godox Flash for Nikon in 2023: Find the Perfect One

Undoubtedly Godox is one of the market’s most popular and trusted flash brands. They offer many advantages that make them ideal for photographers of all levels who use Nikon cameras.

They are particularly popular due to their advanced high-speed sync and TTL compatibility, making them ideal for any photography condition. But the problem is Godox has several types and many designed flash models on the market. This is why most Nikon users are a little bit confused about that and can’t pick the suitable flash for them.

Do not worry about it; we have made this complete guide, so you can easily find the best Godox flash for Nikon on the market and choose the most suitable one for your needs. So without further ado, let’s get started.

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Best Godox Flash for Nikon Camera

1. Godox V860III-N Flash for Nikon Camera

Godox V860III-N Flash for Nikon Camera

Key Features

  • 20 to 200mm full flash coverage
  • 1/8000 high-speed sync
  • 1.5s recycle time and 480 full power flashes.
  • Brightness is dimmable at 10 levels.
  • 2600mAh/7.2V high-capacity battery

Introducing a professional grade Godox V860III-N flash that provides stellar performance and has advanced features such as TTL, high-speed sync, LED modeling lamp, and wireless system that is a great suit with a Nikon camera. It’s equipped with a built-in 2.4G wireless X system that allows you to control up to 3 groups of flashes with different ratios. You will also enjoy energy efficiency thanks to Godox’s recycling time of 1.5s.

High-Power Flash: It is designed to provide a powerful flash that ensures better light control and consistent illumination of your images. In addition to its 10-level brightness adjustment feature, the previsualization and adjustment settings enable you to adjust the lighting levels and capture detailed shots even in low-light conditions.

A clear indication button system and an LCD display panel make it easy and intuitive to use this flash. The portable flash’s 2.5mm sync socket also makes it possible to connect an external flash or a studio light to create a more extensive lighting setup.

Fast Recycling Time: With the Godox V860III-N Flash, you will be able to enjoy rapid recycling times. Unlike other flashes, the Speedlite has a quick charging time of only 1.5 seconds, allowing you to take continuous shots without waiting for the flash to recharge. There is also the option of replacing the battery with the V1 battery, which lets you make the pack lighter by just replacing the battery.

Versatile Compatibility: This flash is compatible with all Nikon DSLR cameras and I-TTL II autoflash, making it an ideal choice for photographers who own multiple camera models. Moreover, it can also be used with Nikon’s Creative Lighting System (CLS) and other popular radio triggers, which means you can have more creative control over your lighting environment.


  • It is possible to control the flash manually as well as with TTL autoflash
  • High-speed sync can be achieved up to 1/8000s, and a first curtain sync allows for creative Nikon photography.
  • It has a quick side button that lets you quickly switch from manual to TTL mode.
  • A built-in 2.4GHz radio receiver will enable it to be remotely triggered using Godox X1 series triggers.


  • We found no significant issues.

2. GODOX V1-N Flash for Nikon Camera

2. GODOX V1-N Flash for Nikon Camera

Key features

  • 10-Level SMD LED modeling lamp
  • Digitally marked multipurpose buttons
  • Level lock hot shoe foot clam
  • AF Assist Lamp For Instant Autofocus

The GODOX V1-N flash is designed to provide photographers with an impressive and versatile lighting experience for Nikon Z6ii, Z5, D850, D3500 also other models. With its built-in wireless radio system, the flash offers full TTL support and high-speed sync capabilities. Depending on the lighting situation, it can be adjusted in power from 1/256 to 8 times more powerful, which makes it effective in a variety of lighting situations.

Fast Recharging Times: This flash has a fast charging time of up to 1.5 seconds, so photographers can capture multiple shots in quick succession without waiting for their flash to recharge. You will be able to work with Godox wireless 2.4G X system transmitters efficiently.

Advanced Features: There is no doubt that the GODOX V1-N will provide professional quality results at an exceptional price point, and they offer a number of features that cannot be ignored. With this flash, you’ll have access to reliable power and performance that won. You also get fully supported TTL auto flash, manual flash, L/8000s high-speed sync, and many more. It has a flash duration of 1/300 to 1/20000 seconds and can cover a range of 28 to 105mm.

Easy User Interface: The intuitive user interface makes it easy for Nikon photographers of all levels to use this device confidently. Its simple controls allow users to adjust settings quickly and easily, while the LCD display provides a clear view of all current settings in real-time so you can make adjustments on the fly without missing a beat.


  • LCD display allows users to adjust the flash’s settings with just one hand easily.
  • With a capacity of 2600mAh/7.2v, it ensures better shooting performance with Nikon.
  • It can be used with a wide range of Nikon cameras, which makes it highly versatile for the needs and requirements of any photographer.
  • Its wireless control feature makes it easy to control multiple flashes from a single point of control remotely.
  • Its fast flash duration and 1.5s recycle time allow photographers to easily capture even the fastest-moving moments.


  • It would be helpful if there was a detailed user manual for beginners.

3. Godox TT685II-N I-TTL High-Speed Sync Speedlite Flash

Godox TT685II-N I-TTL

Key features

  • Quick release lock
  • Broader bench angle
  • Easy-to-understand interface
  • Instant conversion from TTL to manual mode
  • Provide freedom of connection up to 100 meters

Are you looking for a reliable and budget-friendly Godox flash for your Nikon camera? The Godox TT685II-N I-TTL is here for you. This powerful flash offers various features that are most suitable for Nikon users, including high-speed sync, second curtain sync, stroboscopic, multi-mode functions, and an impressive guide number. With a lightweight design and wireless transmission capabilities, this flash is an excellent choice for beginners.

Versatile Features: The Godox TT685II-N flash comes with versatile features such as stroboscopic flash settings, second curtain synchronization, rear curtain synchronization, and more. Additionally, it has a built-in 2.4GHz radio slave function which supports a wide selection of groups and channels, ensuring a reliable shooting process and easy setup in any environment. Its compatibility with Nikon TTL systems allows Nikon users to achieve seamless integration and control when used in conjunction with other Nikon products.

High-Speed Sync: This flash delivers reliable high-speed sync (HSS) capability with a maximum flash sync speed of up to 1/8000s. Also, the advanced wireless connection and motorized zoom head provide a consistent, powerful, and flexible lighting solution for any photography situation. The fast recycling time allows photographers to take multiple shots in quick succession.

Reliable Performance: Thanks to its dimly lit environment, it ensures reliable and more efficient performance at lower light levels, making it possible to take better photos. It also has an impressive power output range of 22 steps that can be adjusted from full power down 1/1 to 1/128th for your free adjustment. Overall, this is the best Godox flash for Nikon Z5, Z6ii, Z30, Z50,  D3500, D5600,  D7500, and other camera users.


  • It comes at a budget-friendly price.
  • The quick-release lock ensures a smooth setup.
  • Supports high-speed synchronization, allowing for faster picture-taking.
  • Compatible not only with Nikon but also with Canon cameras, which makes it an ideal choice for multi-camera studios.
  • This flash trigger uses 2.4 GHz wireless technology, which allows photographers to fire flashes from a distance as long as they have a clear line of sight.


  • It does not come with a battery or charger, requiring users to purchase these items separately before use.

4. Godox 2X TT600 HSS 2.4G Wireless Slaver Flash Speedlite

Godox 2X TT600 HSS 2.4G Wireless Slaver Flash

Key features

  • High-speed sync with Nikon cameras
  • Guide Number 60 at ISO 100m
  • 0.1-2.6s recycling time at full power
  • Approx.230 full-power flash
  • 100 meters for further transmission

Unlock your creative abilities with the Godox 2X TT600 HSS, which comes with a range of features. It offers everything you need, from a wireless slave flash to compatibility. It has a built-in 2.4GHz radio transmission system with 1 to 32 channels, with up to 5 groups. Additionally, this Speedlite comes with a High-Speed Sync mode that ensures fast and accurate shooting even in bright lighting conditions.

Powerful Performance: This Speedlite provides an incredible Guide Number and can be used for more creative photography options. Additionally, it supports slave functionality, enabling you to use more than one flash simultaneously without needing to buy any additional equipment! With its high-speed sync (HSS) capabilities, you can shoot beautiful photos at a maximum shutter speed of up to 1/8000s without sacrificing light output on Nikon.

Affordable Price Point: The Godox 2X TT600 comes with all the features you are looking for in a comprehensive package at an affordable price. This flash is suitable for photographers of any level looking to add some extra flare to their photos within their budget!

Portable and Easy to Set Up: This flash is lightweight and easy to transport due to its small size and durable design, and it is ideal for those that want a powerful flash without the hassle of a complicated setup. This flash system is incredibly simple to set up, so you can quickly get the perfect shot for your next project in only a few minutes. Whether you need a multi-position or perspective flash solution, this will meet your needs.


  • Budget-friendly price
  • Fast recycle time of 0.1 to 2.6 seconds for quick shots.
  • High-speed flash sync up to 1/8000s for capturing action shots.
  • Wireless Master and Slave support for remote controlling flashes in various configurations.


  • If you want to use your gear to the fullest extent, you’ll need an external power source, which can add weight and bulk.

5. Godox MF12 MF12-K2 12W Macro Flash for Nikon

Godox MF12 MF12-K2 12W Macro

Key features

  • Built-in 3.7V/6.29W lithium battery
  • 30m transmission distance
  • Both TTL autoflash and Manual flash mode

Capture stunning detail on a microscopic level with the Godox MF12 MF12-K2 12W macro flash. This powerful and lightweight flash unit, designed specifically for macro photography, makes it possible to capture small objects and intricate details with remarkable clarity. The adjustable head angle and focus distance give you complete control over exposure, while intuitive controls make it easy to set up and use with a Nikon camera.

Powerful and Versatile: The Godox MF12-K2 is an incredibly powerful and versatile flash that can be adjusted from different angles. This makes it appropriate for both studio and outdoor shooting with an impressive range. It also features a built-in optical slave trigger with pre-flash detection, allowing you to synchronize multiple units for complex lighting setups. The most remarkable feature of this flash is that it is suitable for shooting extreme close-up subjects.

Simple Operation: It has a simple user interface that efficiently controls the settings quickly and accurately. It lets you quickly set up the flash for the most effective lighting effect with its large LCD panel display. Simply adjust the brightness level and flash duration to get the right light for your desired look.

Multi-flash Setup: The MF12 can function as a multiple-flash unit when attached to the mounting ring and can extend its use much further than when used alone. The combination of flashes can handle several scenarios. As a final note, 2.4G wireless technology enhances your shooting flexibility and enables long-range transmission for your Nikon camera.


  • Compact and lightweight design for easy portability and storage.
  • Specially designed for shooting extreme close-up subjects
  • It can be used as a ring flash with multiple flashes
  • The 5 groups each have 32 channels, preventing interference.
  • It can be used with various camera systems, including Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, and Olympus.


  • The high price point might be out of reach for some photographers who are just starting out or on a budget.

Things You Should Know Before Buying a Godox Flash for Nikon Camera

There are a few key features to consider when it comes to finding the best Godox flash for your Nikon camera. Here we find out the most crucial elements that you must see before making your buying decision.

Size and weight

Ensure that your flash is the appropriate size and weight for your camera and other equipment. If a flash is too large or heavy, it can be bulky to carry and use. In contrast, if a flash is too small, it may not be able to provide you with the power and features you need.

Recycle time and power output.

It is important to note that recycling time refers to the amount of time it takes for the flash to recharge after it has fired. Faster recyclability means less waiting between shots. Power output, measured in guide numbers, indicates how bright the flash will be. Look for a flash with a fast recycling time and high power output to suit your specific needs.

Through The Lens (TTL)

It allows the camera to measure the light coming through the lens and adjust the flash power output accordingly, so you don’t have to change the flash settings manually. This feature makes it easy to get the right amount of light for your photos without additional effort. It’s important to note that your camera and flash must have this feature for TTL to work correctly. When buying a Godox flash for a Nikon camera, you should look at the TTL feature.

The number of flash groups and channels

If there are multiple flash groups and channels available, you will be able to control a more significant number of flash units remotely, and you will be able to create a wider variety of lighting setups for your videos. Having a flash with multiple groups and channels will give you more flexibility and control over the lighting.

Additional features

It is worth noting that some Godox flashes come with features such as high-speed sync, stroboscopic flash, and built-in radio triggers. Make sure you determine which features are most useful for your photography, and then look for a flash with those features.


Can I use Godox flashes on multiple Nikon cameras?

Yes, Godox flashes can be used on multiple Nikon cameras as long as they are equipped with the right wireless trigger or trigger system. However, keep in mind that each Nikon camera may have different flash settings and controls, so you may need to adjust the settings on each camera separately when using a Godox flash.

Are Godox flashes reliable for professional use with Nikon cameras?

Many professional photographers use Godox flashes with Nikon cameras and find them reliable. Godox is known for producing high-quality, affordable flash units and lighting equipment, and many photographers trust their products for professional use. However, it’s always recommended to research and read the guide to determine if a particular Godox flash is suitable for your photographic needs.

Does a higher ISO mean better quality?

No, a higher ISO value does not necessarily mean better image quality. ISO refers to the sensitivity of your camera’s sensor to light. A higher ISO value can make your camera more sensitive to light, allowing you to use a faster shutter speed or smaller aperture in low-light situations.

Final Thought

Godox flashes are a smart choice for Nikon users because of their compatibility, wireless capabilities, high performance, affordability, a wide range of options, and excellent reputation. Hopefully, from this best Godox flash for Nikon guide, you will find the most suitable flash option for your Nikon camera.

If you are still a little confused about which option might be the most convenient option for you, then we recommend you pick our editor’s pick. The Godox V860III-N Flash has a wide variety of features which makes it ideal for most Nikon models.

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