Does Nikon D5200 Have WiFi (Some Features You Need To Know)

We use DSLR for the better photos it offers us and for its usability. Nikon has some models where transferring photos is not at all time-consuming. The use of card reader days is over; most of the latest Nikon DSLRs have Wi-Fi option that helps to transfer photos, even capturing photos through Nikon into your phone screen. 

Nikon D5200 brought a revolutionary change in DSLR cameras, it’s one of the oldest DSLR models though it introduced many revolutionary options for the first time. You can have autofocus in it, a metering system, and an updated higher-end viewfinder. Still, this legendary Nikon D5200 lacks something that we need daily. 

Does Nikon D5200 Have WiFi? No, the Nikon D5200 doesn’t come with Wi-Fi settings. It doesn’t mean they lack of Wi-Fi settings won’t allow us to get the convenience we get from other Wi-Fi enabled Nikon Cameras. That’s why here we will discuss how to use Nikon D5200 as a Wi-Fi enabled camera and talk about ways of transferring photos without Wi-Fi too, And also discuss about Nikon Camera For Sports Photography

Does Nikon D5200 Have Built-in Wi-Fi?

No Nikon d5200 has no built-in Wi-Fi option, but you can add Wm. It is an optional mobile adapter. You need to plug in the adaptor on your camera port and then install the Wireless Mobile Utility App. So once you have installed the app on the Wi-Fi compatible device, now you can connect Nikon d5200 with your smartphone or laptop simply by going to the Wi-Fi settings. 

Transferring Photos from Nikon D5200

Right now, I would like to describe to you the process of transferring images to your mobile phone. Here I’ll talk about the process of D5200, but you can apply this process even on Wi-Fi-enabled Nikon cameras with multiple models and other cameras. So it’s a universal process. 

Plug In the Nikon Wireless Mobile Adapter

First of all, you need to buy a wireless mobile adapter, plug it into your camera, and follow the exact same process I am about to tell you here. Hopefully, you guys will get the answer does the Nikon d5200 have Wi-Fi?

For Wi-Fi enabled DSLR, go to the menu and setup menu, and there you’ll see the Wi-Fi option. Click “Wi-Fi,” and then it says “Network Connection”. Click on that and then select the “Enable” option. Now for D5200, as you won’t get this option in the menu, that’s why a Nikon WU-1a wireless mobile adapter is needed. Once you plug the adaptor in, your Nikon D5200 is automatically Wi-Fi enabled.

App Downloading

 That’s all you’re gonna do on camera. Next, go back to your device. Before starting this whole process, you must do a one-time thing. Download the Nikon Mobile Utility app. This is a free app, but officially from Nikon. This app suggests you go ahead and secure your network because you are creating a network between the camera and Mobile device.

Connecting Nikon Wi-Fi with Phone  

Now let’s go ahead and connect the DSLR to the phone. Go to your mobile settings. Then find the Wi-Fi option, if your home Wi-Fi is already on, then scroll down the list of Wi-Fi networks, and you’ll see the Nikon Wireless option. Now click it and wait to connect your device with the Nikon.

The cool thing about this Wi-Fi network is whether you are in a park, market, or street that doesn’t even have Wi-Fi. You don’t need that as you can create it this way. 

Connecting Nikon Wi-Fi with Phone  

Operating the App and Downloading Photos 

Again go to the Nikon Mobile Utility app, and there are two options there, “Take Photos” and “View photos”. Select the “Take Photos” option and turn the camera on; you can now operate the camera from the phone, which means you can now see the photos you are about to capture on the phone screen. 

Now go to the “View Photos” Option. You will see the option Pictures in D5200/ or any Nikon camera model you connected to the adapter. There you’ll have all the recent photos you have taken and the raw files. Select one or multiple images and then click to download and confirm how many images you want to download. Finally, it starts to download the raw files. Now go to the gallery or camera roll; whatever you have, you will find the photos there. 

Transferring Photos Using USB Cable

Suppose you don’t have any Nikon Wireless Adapter, does it mean you can’t transfer photos without the Wi-Fi option? Never! So here, you’ll learn about transferring DSLR photos with just a DSLR cable. If you want to transfer photos to a PC, then no need for any OTG, but for mobile, you’ll need an OTG. 

Firstly insert the DSLR cable into Nikon D5200 and use the other side of the cable to either pc normally or add an OTG with it and connect with the phone. A file transferring pop-up alert will come; If it doesn’t, go to the file manager and DCIM folder. There you have all the DSLR photos; select and copy them to where you want to keep them. 

Transferring Photos Using USB Cable


How do I connect my Nikon D5200 to Wi-Fi?

At first, does the d5200 Nikon have Wi-Fi? No d5200 has no built-in Wi-Fi option. For that, purchase a Nikon wireless mobile adapter and plug it into a Nikon d5200 camera. Then connect your mobile Wi-Fi connection with the Nikon d5200 network just like you connect to the internet through a Wi-Fi connection. This is how easily we can connect Nikon to Wi-Fi.

Does Nikon D5200 have touch screen?

no, D5200 doesn’t offer a touch screen. You must select the options using keypads and arrow signs.

How do I upload photos from my Nikon D5200? 

Once D5200 is connected with a mobile phone, then go to the Nikon Mobile Utility app, and there you’ll see the option “View Photos”. All the photos are from the Nikon D5200, and you can upload them to your device.

FInal Note

Nikon D5200 is an ancient model in terms of the latest Nikon models. Even Nikon discontinued the D5200 model, and only a few of this model is available in the online market. Still, for the best landscaping photos, people can’t compare anything with the Nikon D5200.

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