How To Turn Off Flash on Canon Camera? (Easy Steps)

It may sound like a very primary topic to discuss. Many beginners struggle to turn off the flash of their Canon camera. As Canon has so many models of cameras, it seems pretty daunting to find out the exact process to turn off the flash. 

SO why do you need to know how to turn off flash on Canon camera ?Most of the Canon cameras we use, like Rebel T6, EOS 80D, Rebel T7, T3i have inbuilt flash and also a hot-shoe for an off-camera flash. Also, the flash firing depends on the exposure mood you use while taking photos. 

Here we would love to show you the process required to turn off the flash and let you know about the different flash settings for popular Canon cameras. Top 10 most popular Canon Camera For Sports

Let’s see what the different exposure moods in canon are.

Auto Mode: Though it is an auto mood, Canon T7 offers auto flash mood in 3 different ways. 

— The auto Flash Mood will decide when to fire the flash, measuring the lighting conditions. 

— ON flash mood will always fire the flash no matter how bright the condition is there. We use it to light people’s faces even in bright conditions. 

— OFF flash mood doesn’t allow firing of flash. Sometimes we get flummoxed seeing the flash is raised even in OFF mood. But it only happens when your previous capture was in a flash ON mood. 

Portrait, Night Portrait, Closeup, Scene Intelligent: In these moods the camera raises the flash if it thinks extra light is needed.

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Sports and Landscape: In this mood, the camera doesn’t provide any flash. 

P, Tv, AV, M modes: The flash results depend on the shutter speed and different shutter speeds are available in four different exposure modes.

In P mode shutter speed ranges from 1/60 to 1/200 second. In Av mode, the shutter speed remains between 1/200 to 30 seconds. In this mode flash syncs automatically with shutter speed.

In Tv mode, you can select shutter speed between 1/200 to 30 seconds. But it requires a tripod. In M mode, you can hold the shutter as long as you can. But flash fires at the beginning of the exposure.  

How to Turn off Flash on Canon Camera?

There are quite a few ways of how to turn off flash on canon rebel t6. We will try to go through all of them. But before we are letting you know the easiest way to turn off the flash. 

Disabling the Flash in Canon Camera

● Firstly, turn on the Camera. 

● Press the Menu button and find out the “Flash control”. 

turn on the Camera

● Now press set. 

● Now you will see the Flash Firing Option.

Press the Menu button and find out the “Flash control

● Set it to disable. 

Set it to disable

Turning the Dial To Flash Off 

Another easy way to turn off the flash completely. All you have to do is turn the dial to the flash off. It is a dedicated flash-off method that means no matter which exposure mood you use for capturing a photo. 

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Program AE

To avoid the unexpected flash in Canon, we have set it to a Program AE mode.

As soon as the dial turns this mode on, you’ll find auto shutter setting speed and aperture. Other settings are manual. 

As the AE mode offers manual flash settings, you can turn off the flash without affecting the shutter speed and aperture because both are controlled automatically. 

Tricks and Tips

How to turn off flash on Canon t3i is a common question for amateur photographers. But I guess most of them now know how to turn the flash off.

But here, we want to share a casual way to turn off the flash. Gently push back the pop-up flash while holding half-press the when it will start to arise. From the next shoot, the flash won’t pop out again.


Where is the flash button on a Canon camera? 

 The flash button on a Canon Camera is located on the front. You’ll easily find the button if you know what the symbol is. It has a zig-zag lightning bolt button icon on the button. If you press the button, the flash will pop up and the next photos will be captured in a flash on mode.

How do I turn the flash off on my camera ? 

Firstly, turn on the Camera. 

Press the Menu button and find out the “Flash control”. 

Now press set. 

Now, you will see the Flash Firing Option.

Set it to disable. 

Maybe in the mode you are using for capturing the photos, you don’t have the auto flash option. Otherwise, your flash is manually turned off. If it is, you must go to the setting and enable the flash. Or our Canon Dial is on the Flash Off icon. Turn the dial to the other options.  

How do I turn the flash off on my Canon EOS Rebel t7

It- Exactly like the other models of Canon Rebel. Nothing has changed for EOS Rebel T7. You can use the Dial for quick Flash off, set the exposure mode on AE, or follow the manual way to turn off the flash through settings. 

Is it worth it or not?

So far, we have tried to solve the problem of how to turn off flash on canon eos 80d and most other Canon Rebel models. Because most of the Canon Rebel have the same settings. We wish you a very prominent photography career in the future. 

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