How to Charge Canon Camera without Charger?

You are planning to make a trip to a distant place. Accordingly, you have completed your preparation. You have taken your Canon camera with you too. Unfortunately, you have forgotten to bring the charger with you. Your camera is mocking you with a red light. What will happen now?  Do you know how to charge canon camera without charger?

This article will let you know how to manage the situation. Without a battery charger, you can charge the battery of your Canon camera in three ways. In addition to the USB cord available in the package, you may charge the battery with the help of a computer and power bank. 

How Do I Charge My Canon Camera with a USB Cable?

By the time you have already known how to charge a canon camera? Depending on the camera model, your camera package might include a power cord, USB charging cable, or a compact power adapter. If the provided item doesn’t work, you may go for an alternative cable. But you need to check its compatibility with the camera.  

You may ask how to charge canon rebel t5 without charger or how to charge canon 80d without charger. They are different models of Canon cameras. You are able to charge them with a USB cable. But note them you should collect them from aftermarkets. They are cheaper and prepared to be well fitted to multifarious camera models. 

How Do I Charge My Canon Camera with a USB Cable?

How To charge the camera using a USB cable you are to undergo a procedure as follows:

  • Switching off camera.
  • Finding out the USB port.
  • Plugging in the power cord. Inserting the wall adapter into the electrical outlet.
  • Joining the power cord with the adapter.

Now you are all set to charge the camera. Orange LED ensures that the battery is being charged. Green signals from LED means charge completion.

How to Charge Canon Camera Battery with Power Bank?

If your battery charger is not with you, no worries. Use the power bank, to charge your Canon camera. It’s hassle-free as it requires no wall outlet. No matter where you are, you can charge your camera keeping it in your backpack too.  

It is suggested to use a power bank with a USB-C power delivery feature. You must ensure that the power bank has the required amount of power for charging the intended camera. Usually, to meet the requirement of 1400 mAh of Canon camera battery, a power bank with 30000 mAh is sufficient. 

Follow the steps as stated below:   

  • Placing battery inside the camera.
  • Turning the camera power off.
  • Connect the given power cord – USB cable, to the camera.
  • Attach the power bank with the other end of the USB cable.

You may know the charging percentage following the battery icon on the LCD window. Charge the camera battery for about two hours.

In the same way, you can charge the camera using a computer.  Connect the camera and computer by using a USB cord. It’s not a proven effective way. 

How to Charge Canon Rebel t7i without Charger?

Unfortunately, you won’t have any alternative to a battery charger to charge the canon rebel t7i. You must use the battery charger coming with the camera. Do so by removing the battery from the camera first. It’s not like other cameras. You can’t have any scope of charging Canon rebel t7i by using a USB power source included in the pack.

But you may be in a situation where your charger doesn’t function well. Then, look for options in the aftermarket. There you can get USB power sources, a standard plug adapter, or any external AC power, compatible with your canon rebel t7i. The charging process is as stated above. These aftermarket versions seem to be cost-effective.   

How to Charge Canon Camera While Recording?

The battery charge may run down even if you don’t use the camera. You need to charge the camera battery when it is about to be empty. The charging procedure is not the same for all models of cameras. Again, different models come with different features. So, it is very usual that the facilities provided by them are also different. 

Usually, you can view any image taken by the camera previously just by turning on the camera and pressing the playback mode. You can do so while charging the camera battery. But you are not allowed to shoot with the camera in most cases while the camera battery is being charged. Because to charge the battery you need to place it inside the camera. And without a battery, you cannot use the camera.

How to Charge Canon Rebel t7i without Charger?


Is there another way to charge a Canon camera? 

Charging your lovely Canon camera is not a difficult task. You can do so with the help of a USB cable, computer, or compact power adapter. Before adopting any method, place the battery inside the camera. The battery is included in the Canon camera package. 

How can I charge my Canon camera without battery? 

You can charge your Canon camera without any battery. Locate the digital terminal of your camera and insert the USB power adapter into it. Then take a power cord to connect to the USB power adapter. Charging starts as soon as you plug the power cord conveniently into a power outlet.

How can I charge my Canon camera? 

You can charge the Canon camera of course with a charger, power bank, wall plug, or computer. Before trying anyone of the methods, go through the manual and check your camera’s compatibility. But you should turn off your camera first. Then insert the battery into the battery slot of your camera.

Can I charge my camera with a phone charger?

You can charge your camera with the USB charger of your smartphone if the charger’s output is at 5 volts. Just plug the USB cables into the adapter coming along with the camera. But you may be in trouble when it is less than 500mA. Because then you might experience slow charging.

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Final Words

This article presents how to charge canon camera without charger. All methods are not suitable for all models. The most effective method is the use of a USB cord as you received with the camera pack. Just plug the cable into a power outlet to charge the battery. But some USB cables included in the pack are just to transfer data. And the most sluggish method of charging the camera without a charger is the use of a computer.

It’s strongly recommended to go through the manual carefully before trying any method. Moreover, you have to check the compatibility of charging equipment. Try to use original Canon accessories to avoid any harm caused due to malfunctioning of non-genuine Canon accessories. Simultaneously, it will give you an excellent product performance experience.  

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