Canon Camera ERROR 20: Reasons and Solutions

When a malfunction occurs in the Canon camera mechanism, the Canon camera error 20 code messages are shown on the screen. This issue can face any Canon user in their photography journey, due to which expertise describes it as a familiar issue.

There are several reasons behind Canon camera error code 20, which is why it is very challenging to mention the reason specifically. Similarly, there are several solutions to fix it. Due to this, we have highlighted several reasons and solutions in this comprehensive guide, and by following it, you can easily fix your camera issue yourself.

The Most Common Causes of Error 20 on Canon Camera (Reasons)

Canon Camera ERROR 20

The first step in properly troubleshooting Canon camera error 20 is to identify the root cause of this issue. Let’s investigate some of the more common causes leading to this error:

Reason 1: Shutter Assembly Issues

The shutter assembly is the most prevalent reason for this error. When you take pictures, the shutter mechanism plays a crucial role in setting the proper exposure time. Error 20 can occur if the shutter assembly is not aligned correctly or there are mechanical defects. Damage from use or unintentional damage can also lead to this problem. 

Reason 2: Lens Connection Issue

Another common cause of error code 20 is an improper connection between the camera body and the lens. When the lens is not securely attached, or there is a misalignment, the camera fails to specify proper communication, resulting in the error.

Reason 3: Software Glitches

Software glitches are very common issues in modern Canon models or other brands of digital cameras. These problems can have several causes, such as poor firmware or a conflict between different configuration settings.

One of the reasons behind the Canon camera code 20 error is a software issue that can occur with the camera. So to avoid this kind of issue, constantly update your camera’s firmware.

Reason 4: Physical damage and Environmental Factors 

Sometimes accidents can cause severe physical damage to your Canon camera. You will be surprised to know that mechanical failures or physical damage, such as a fall, impact, or unintentional contact with moisture, can also be typical of Canon error code 20.

Error 20 can also appear if high temperatures, high humidity, or water damage the internal components of your Canon camera. So protecting your camera against harsh environmental conditions is necessary to prevent potential issues.

How to Fix ERROR 20 on Canon Camera (Solutions)

How to Fix ERROR 20 on Canon Camera

We have explored the several causes behind Canon camera error 20; now it’s time to move on to the solutions. Here are some practical and effective ways to troubleshoot and fix this error:

Solution 1: Restart the Camera

Sometimes, a simple restart can resolve minor glitches and eliminate the error. To restart the camera,

  • In the beginning, press the power button to turn off the camera, and then remove the camera battery safely.
  • After removing the battery from the body, it’s time to wait a few minutes.
  • Finally, reinsert the camera battery properly and press the power button to turn the camera on. 

If you see that error 20 continues to happen, then go to the next step.

Solution 2: Make Sure the Lens is Attached Correctly.

Make Sure the Lens is Attached Correctly

If the above step didn’t work with your camera, then check to see whether the lens has been appropriately attached to the camera’s body. To ensure this, follow the below steps.

  • Let’s first carefully remove the lens from the camera and clean the lens and lens connections.
  • Then securely reattach the lens. 

Following this step helps set up a proper connection and solves any interaction difficulties that may be causing Error 20.

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Solution 3: Factory Reset

You may know that a factory reset is a procedure that helps restore the camera’s default settings. A factory reset is also called a hard reset, so don’t be confused. To ensure the proper method, check your camera’s user manual and find out how to reset the Canon camera back to factory settings. 

Remember that a hard or factory reset will erase any custom configuration settings you have set on your camera. Now you can follow the steps below to factory reset your camera by default.

  • First, we need to go to the camera settings from the menu.
  • Then navigate to the “Reset” option.
  • Select “Reset All” or “Initialize All” and click Confirm in the final step. It will take some time, so don’t panic.

Solution 4: Update Firmware

Most users didn’t know that updating the Canon camera’s firmware can frequently reduce compatibility issues and improve the camera’s overall performance.

To regularly update your camera firmware, first go to Canon’s official website from here, then search for your specific camera model to see if any firmware upgrades are available for your camera model. If you see here the latest firmware for your camera, download it and then follow the instructions provided by Canon to learn how to update your Canon camera to the latest firmware. 

Solution 5: Service and Repair

If none of the following alternatives work, it is recommended that you get expert help. To get proper service, first contact Canon’s customer support team or go to the company’s officially approved service centers and let experienced technicians check. 


Is it possible that Error 20 might cause my camera to become permanently damaged?

The Canon camera error 20 is a temporary issue that will not damage your camera. However, the issue must be fixed as soon as possible to prevent future issues.

How long does fixing error 20 on a Canon camera take?

How long it takes to fix error 20 depends on the seriousness of the problem. If you want an accurate estimate of the repair duration, the most reliable option is to confirm it with the service center or the technician.

Can I fix Canon camera error 20 myself?

Canon camera error code 20 is frequently resolved by basic troubleshooting, such as restarting the camera or confirming that the lens is attached correctly. On the other hand, if the problem continues, it is strongly suggested that you seek assistance from Canon service centers or authorized professionals.

Is it possible to avoid Canon camera error 20 by taking preventative measures?

The short answer is Yes; you can take a few steps to avoid this Canon camera error. Always keep your camera’s firmware updated, keep it secure from harsh environments, and make sure the lens is attached correctly to the camera body.

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Final Verdict 

Canon camera error code 20 is one of the frustrations of your photography journey. Although many people believe it to be challenging to fix, but you will be happy to know that it is simple to do so by following basic troubleshooting procedures.

Hopefully, our guide has helped you get a detailed understanding of this error code 20 and an excellent idea of how to fix it quickly. So if you face the problem, first check the lens connections, firmware updates, or these basic aspects.

If you do not get the solution after following all the above methods, then it is definitely recommended that you contact Canon Support first. If this issue is under warranty, take warranty steps to fix it. Otherwise, follow the support’s advice. If none of these are possible, you should seek the help of a local authorized expert.

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