Canon Camera ERROR E32: Reasons and Solutions

Are you searching for a solution to the Canon camera error E32? It’s a common problem that most users have faced at some point in time. When the error 32 issue occurs at the primary level, it can be solved only by resetting the camera. But if the camera lens causes this issue, then you may have to follow several steps.

In this complete guide, we have discussed Canon camera Error 32 in detail and shared several reasons and solutions so that you can easily fix the problem.

Error E32 on Canon Cameras: The Most Common Reasons

 Most Common Reasons of Error E32 on Canon Cameras

It is essential to be aware of the possible causes of the Canon camera error E32 to troubleshoot and find the issue effectively. The following are some of the most frequent causes of this error:

Reason 1: Physical obstruction

Mostly, we have heard from users that physical obstruction is the root cause of error E32. It can occur for dust, dirt, or sand particles to become stuck in the lens mechanism, which can lead to the system failing due to the E32 error.

Reason 2: Impact or fall

Sometimes the E32 error message indicates that your camera’s lens is out of alignment or damaged due to a fall or other impact. So it can also possibly happen from damage to the lens.

Reason 3: Interrupted power supply during lens operation

If you remove the battery from the camera or turn off the camera while the lens is either extending or retracting, there is a chance that an error will occur.

Reason 4: Moisture or liquid exposure

There is no doubt that water or other liquids can damage the camera’s lens and internal parts; if this happens, it can also cause an E32 error.

How to Fix a Canon Camera ERROR E32 (Solutions)

How to Fix a Canon Camera ERROR E32

We’ve found the potential sources of the Error E32 issue. Now let’s begin the troubleshooting procedures to fix the Error E32 issue.

Solution 1. Restart your camera

Restarting your camera is the first thing you should try to do to fix the Canon camera error E32. Most experts recommend users reset because it helps to quickly fix occasional errors or glitches that can be easily fixed. To reset your Canon camera, follow these steps:

  • Press the power button and turn off your camera.
  • Remove the camera’s battery.
  • After removing the camera battery, now wait for a few minutes.
  • Now put the battery back in the camera, and turn it on. Hopefully, a simple glitch can be easily fixed.

If the error continues to happen, move on to the next process.

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Solution 2. Check for physical obstructions

As we said before, the E32 error might be caused by dust or dirt or can occur by lens malfunctions. After following these directions, you will be able to check the lens and clean it.

  • First, let’s turn off your camera and remove the battery.
  • Gently blow close air around the lens barrel to remove any loose particles.
  • To remove any remaining dust or particles of dirt from the lens, you can use a clean microfiber cleaning cloth or brush.
  • Finally, now you can re-insert the battery and turn on the camera.

Solution 3. Reset camera settings

Software-related problems are another root cause of the Canon Camera Error E32. However, if you want, you can frequently fix this problem by easily resetting the settings on your camera. To reset the camera settings on your Canon camera, follow these steps:

  • Let’s first go to the menu settings.
  • Drive to the “Initialize” or “Reset” option.
  • Finally, to restore the camera factory settings, choose either “Reset All” or “Initialize All” and confirm the reset. Your camera will automatically now start to restart.

Solution 4. Keep the firmware update.

When you don’t update the latest firmware on your Canon camera for a long time, it can occasionally cause compatibility issues and several errors. That’s why it is always recommended to continue updating the firmware; Let’s follow these procedures to update the most recent version of the firmware:

  • Click here to go to Canon’s official website.
  • Let’s search and find out your camera model.
  • Then download the most recent firmware version for your camera model.
  • Finally, install it by following your camera’s instructions.

Quick Solution

When hardware fails, the Canon camera shows an E32 error code. The great and quick solution to this issue is to send it back to the seller (if it is still under warranty); otherwise, you can take it to a local repair shop, where you’ll need to spend some money to fix it.

If you drop the camera with its lens extended, this issue will also happen. In this case, if you are a handyman or have experience with camera accessories, you can fix this issue quickly by just opening it up and repositioning the lens.

Manually forcing them to extend is another option, but it carries a high risk. However, I highly recommend taking it to a repair shop if you are not a handyman. Don’t take a risk.

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How can I prevent the E32 error on my Canon camera?

At the primary stage, you should handle your camera carefully and keep it out of water and dust. Also, try to always clean the lens to avoid the E32 error. 

Do I need expert help to solve the Canon camera error E32, or can I do it myself?

We have mentioned before that if you are a handyman or have experience with camera accessories, then you can fix this issue, but it carries a high risk. However, we suggest taking it to a repair shop if you are not a handyman.

Is there a warranty for Canon cameras that fixes the E32 error?

There are several factors that depend on these warranty terms and conditions. So we suggest you check your camera documentation or contact Canon support.

What should I do if none of the steps to fix the problem work?

If you have tried these solutions and none of them work with your model, then it will be advised to contact the Canon support team and tell them about the issue in detail with your model. Their advice will be more personalized for your particular camera and will help you get the situation.

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Final Verdict

The Canon camera ERROR E32 issue is annoying to everyone. That’s why we have tried to share some easy solutions so that beginners also can easily solve the issue at the primary stage. Hopefully, you have been able to solve this problem easily in the process shown by us.

Finally, you must avoid using the camera in extreme conditions to avoid this issue. Also, since lens error is considered the main cause of error 32, you must always keep the lens clean.

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