Canon 5D Specs & Features- Is It Still Worthy In 2023?

Canon 5D specs and features were indeed a hot topic when it first debuted in 2005. However, is the Canon 5D still worthy of a try? 

I would say, why not? It’s still a remarkable full-frame DSLR, especially if you have a low budget. The APSC sensor can capture the highest quality pictures even with low resolution. Due to its high ISO, you can expect superior noise reduction with the best colors.

Are you up for an in-depth review before you give Canon 5D a try? If yes, hang on with us. Our detailed guidelines & FAQs will definitely clear up your doubts.

Canon 5D Specs & Features: A Complete Overview

Canon 5D Specification:

General Specifications

Dimensions 6.0″ x 4.4″ x 3.0″.
Weight32 oz.
Battery Li-ion Battery (Rechargeable).
Battery Life800 shots at 20°C. 400 shots at 0°C.
ChargerACK-E2 adapter. CA-PS400 power adapter. CB-5L & CG-570 charger.
Material Plastic or magnesium alloy.
Operating Environment Temperature: 0°C to 40°C. Humidity: 85% or less.
Image Processor DIGIC II.


Megapixel 12.8.
Total Pixel13.3.
Sensor Size(35.8 x 23.9)mm.
Pixel Size8.20µm.
Lens Compatibility EF series.


TypeTTL-CT-SIR with CMOS sensor.
Point9 point autofocus.
Range0.5 to 18.
ModeOne Shot. AI servo. AI focus.

Exposure Control

Metering ModeEvaluative metering. Partial metering. Spot metering. Center-weighted metering.
Range1 to 20 EV.
Exposure +/-2 EV (Increments = ⅓ or ½).
Shutter Speed30 to 1/8000 seconds.
ISO Sensitivity 100 to 1600 seconds.


Frame Coverage96%


Size2.5″ inches


Built-in flashNone
ModesE-TTL II  Auto Flash Metered Manual.
Sync1/200 sec.
Exposure Compensation +/-2 EV (Increments = ⅓ stops).
Shooting ModesAuto Shutter priority. Aperture priority. Bulb. Custom. Manual. Program AE.
Continuous SpeedThree fps.
Continuous Buffer60 jpg and 17 raw frames.
Portrait GripBG-E4 battery grip.
Compatible Memory TypeCompactFlash Type I or II.

Canon 5D Basic Features

ISO Sensitivity: 

It offers ISO ranging from 100 to 1600 with expandability up to 50 to 3200. According to experts, ISO 50 is noisier than ISO 100. 

Are you having a hard time shooting in low lights? No worries, just use a low-noise fast lens.


Canon 5D features a 13 MP, 36 x 24 mm CMOS sensor along with a Digic II processor. So, you can shoot at 4368 x 2912 pixels resolution and 3:2 aspect ratio. According to the DxOMark, the classic 5D sensor has scored 71 for its picture quality.


The 2.5-inches LCD 230,000-pixel screen is not the best one for previewing images. However, its minimal menu is pretty efficient.


It features a fast 9-point autofocus system and a nipple-like protrusion for multi-directional control. Yes, it’s not as modernized as the latest EOS camera. However, if you are into center focusing, Canon Classic 5D will be sufficient for you. 

Lens Adaptation:

Canon 5D features the EF lens Mount which is compatible with 257 lenses. Due to its widest lens compatibility, cameras with EF lens is indeed the first choice of professional photographers. Even though Canon 5D doesn’t have a separate image stabilizer, these 77 lenses come with built-in image stabilization.


Canon 5D’s viewfinder is large and covers up to 96% area. Its pentaprism setup eases up the whole composition. So, you can conveniently observe the exposure rate, aperture, focus confirmation, and shutter speed while altering it. I generally prefer to use the regular screens for AF & MF. However, you can alter it if required.


Canon Classic 5D offers a burst speed of 3 fps which is obviously not so speedy in comparison to modern cameras. However, if you consider the price and 1/8000 shooting speed, it’s indeed a nice combination.


You will definitely love the overall feel & grip of the Canon 5D classic. It will provide enough room even if you have large hands. It will feel homely, especially if you have experience handling Canon pro-body cameras.

Weather Sealing: 

This classic camera has a special weather-resistant body for protection against water & dust. So, if you are up for photography in rough weather, give Canon Classic 5D a try.


Canon 5D is equipped with a BP-511A battery which is capable of taking 800 shots. If you are up for extended battery life, be ready to invest in some extra batteries.

Canon EOS 5D Classic: Pros & Cons

Now let’s briefly check the pros and cons of the Canon 5D.


  • Its magnesium alloy body is quite rugged.
  • Awesome for rough usage.
  • Its battery won’t die up to 800 shots.
  • 1/8000s speedy shutter.
  • 0.71x built-in optical viewfinder.
  • Awesome low-light performance.
  • Affordable.


  • Low resolution.
  • It doesn’t support wireless connections & image stabilization.
  • A bit heavy.
  • 2.5-inches small LCD.
  • Low ISO sensitivity 

How Much Does The Canon 5D Classic Cost?

The 12.8 MP Canon camera and 24-105 mm lens cost around $998. You can get its lightweight & rugged body by paying $389 only. It sounds pretty exciting, doesn’t it? After all, Canon 5D Classic is sharper than Nikon D3 & D700, and yet it’s more affordable.

Is Canon 5D Still Worthy of A Try?

Modern cameras are equipped with hundreds of features. Honestly, most of them are unnecessary to starters or camera enthusiasts. After all, these modern features don’t make you a good photographer. It’s all about handling skills. In terms of ISO sensitivity, Canon 5D will indeed lose to modern DSLRs. However, even with the high megapixel sensor, it will still be hard to compete with the image quality of the Canon 5D classic. It can bring a classy film vibe to your captured images. So, if you want a low-budget DSLR, give Canon Classic 5D a try.


Who is the Canon 5D for?

Canon has developed their full-frame 5D DSLR for advanced amateurs. It’s a small and lightweight model with a 35 mm image sensor to capture the highest quality photos even with low resolution. If you need a high-end, low-budget yet durable full-frame DSLR, the 5D classic is the best option even in 2023.

Is Canon 5D good for photography? 

Yes, Canon 5D is the best DSLR for both portrait and landscape photography. You will definitely love it for its superior dynamic range, noise reduction, and color accuracy. Moreover, it can support nighttime photography as well.

Does the Canon 5D shoot 4k?

No, Canon 5D Classic can’t shoot in 4k. However, its successor, Canon 5D Mark iv, is the first camera in the 5D series with 4k video shooting capabilities.

Final Words

I bet you are pretty interested in Canon 5D specs and features. That’s why you were with us till now, after all. So, what do you think? Will you give Canon 5D a try? As a starter camera and budget DSLR, Canon 5D is indeed a great choice. Its overall body, lens adaptation, and configurations won’t disappoint you. Yes, it’s not as advanced as its successors Canon 5D Mark ii or iii. However, it’s way cheaper than them as well.

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