How To Charge a Sony Cybershot Camera Without a Charger?

It’s common to lose or leave the camera’s charger. In this scenario, We seek a practical, alternative, and authentic way to charge our camera. Are you among those individuals? 

Previously, I’d faced this issue. I know how annoying the situation is. From my experience, I’ll share with you what I’ve done. 

I used an alternative method in the case of Sony’s cyber-shot camera. In this context, I’ll share with you five alternatives to charge a Sony cybershot camera without a charger. These alternatives are also applicable to other camera holders.

So, With no more delay, let’s begin.

Can you charge a Sony Cybershot Camera Without a Charger?

Among us, we believe that the Sony cyber shot camera is not charged without its genuine charger. Does this hold absolute truth?

The verdict leans towards “No.” 

Yeah! It’s feasible to charge without its original one. It’s not only for Sony cameras but also relevant to other companies’ cameras. In critical situations, you can try this out. The Sony Cybershot camera can be charged utilizing diverse methods, showing more flexibility.

“A fish in troubled water”. If you don’t want a situation like this, try alternatives. There is a proverb, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way!”

Memories are important. To get a seamless experience, fully charged is required. Now, let’s know about the alternative ways. 

Top 5 Alternatives To Charge A Sony Cybershot Camera Without A Charger

All the manufacturers highly suggest using their actual chargers. However, if it’s impossible to do this, you must look for substitute ways. 

Here are the possible ways that you can use:

#1 USB and Power Bank: 

The first and easiest method is to use a USB cable. Few cyber shot models have USB B-Type and updated versions use USB  “C-Type.” 

For example, 

  1. You must use USB (B-Type) if you’re using an older version like Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W800, DSC-RX100 VII, etc. 
  2. On the other hand, if you’re the most new model user, then (USB C-Type) is applicable. Especially if you are a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 IV, DSC-H400, etc. user.

Note: If you are another company’s camera user, you can use B-Type/C-Type based on your camera function. 

Let’s talk about the power bank. As a power source, the power bank is a much better option. 

You can use any power bank which has at least 10000mAh capacity. The brand depends on your personal preference. If you need advice, I suggest the MI 10000mAh Fast Charging Power Bank.

So, which USB version is better in case of fast charging?

Keep in mind that USB version 3.00 or 3.1 is useful in case of fast charging. Try to pick a higher version than USB 2.00 for the cyber shot. Though USB 2.00 is available in any place. 

If the power bank is unavailable, use solar power, a power inverter, an external battery pack with AC outlets, etc. 

#2 Charging with Computer: 

The Sony Cybershot Camera generally supports charging with a USB cable. 

In the case of other models- Ensure that your camera supports a USB cable charger. If not, then you’ll have to use alternative ways. 

For example, the Sony Cyber-shot RX-100 and A7R II do not support USB charging.

So, what should you do now? Don’t worry. I’ll describe it in the next option.

Generally, Most modern cameras support USB cable charging. 

Well, Let’s get to the point. To charge your camera:

  1. Plug it in with the laptop or desktop.
  2. Make sure your camera is switched off.
  3. Just plug one end side into the USB port and plug the next side into the computer.
  4. Just wait for the signal indicator from your camera. 

Note: Select the “Power Only/Charging” option after plugging in the USB. It’s essential for unintentional data transfer. 

After fully charged, use the “Safely Remove Hardware” option from the windows or other operating systems. 

That’s it. 

#3 Charging with battery bundle kit: 

What If your camera doesn’t support a USB cable? In this case, you’ve to find an alternative solution. 

What’s that? The best option is the “battery bundle kit.” 

A battery bundle kit is a better option for the Sony Cyber-shot RX-100, A7R II user, and other old model users. If you’re near any super shop, look for it. I’ll suggest an LP-E10 Battery Charger. It is compatible with most cameras’ batteries. 

Just put off the battery from your camera. Activate the charging process by plugging into that kit. A signal from the equipment or blinking will be shown when it starts. Charging times can vary according to the capacity. Try to monitor it. 

Simple, right?

#4 Charge with your phone’s charger: 

It is one of the easiest ways to charge your camera. But, a few criteria must be matched with your phone’s charger. 

Here’s the requirement:

(i) Require at least 5 volts for charging.

(ii) A minimum 15 to above watt charger is required. 

(iii) Check whether the charging becomes too hot or not after plugging. 

These are the minimum requirements for the old to new Sony Cybershot users. If these requirements match your charger, you can safely use your phone’s charger. But, we do not recommend following this option. 

Note: If above all the options are unavailable, then try it. Otherwise, NOT. It can be an issue while you are charging your phone.

#5 Charge inside the car: 

Charging your camera on the vehicle’s inner side can be a good idea. If you’re in your car, then you can try this out. 

Firstly, you need to find out the USB port. Then, one end side plugs into your Cyber-shot camera, and the other plugs into your car’s port. Make sure your vehicles have such facilities. 

Generally, most cars and modern buses have such facilities. If you’re on the bus, then you can easily do this. Ask for help from the contractors or helpers and do it.

What Charger Does Sony Cybershot Camera Use?

You’ve almost known all the possible alternative ways to charge your desired camera. But, all the methods are useful in emergencies. I highly discourage you from using these all the time.

These not only damage your batteries but also face difficulties with cameras. Manufacturers always recommend its main charger.

Well. Now, which charger should you buy? You can use the “BC-TRX Cyber-shot Battery Charger.” 

This charger is only applicable for-

  • DSC-HX300V
  • FDR-X3000
  • HDR-MV1
  • DSC-WX350


Above all are the Sony Cyber-Shot models. See an expert’s suggestion if your camera is not on the list.

You can use this permanently. See some reviews and take experts’ guidance before purchasing this item.

Frequently Answer Questions(FAQs)

Do all Sony Cybershots use the same charger?

The answer is “NO”. It can vary from model to model. Each model has a specific charger to charge them.

For example, the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX300V uses a BC-TRX Cyber-shot Battery Charger. But, some old models like DSC-RX100 can’t be applicable for this.

In this regard, it’s important to check the requirements for your camera model. Using the recommended charger is a good practice.

How do I charge my old Sony Cyber-Shot?

If you don’t want to invest in a charger, try alternative ways. Getting the original charger for an old model takes a lot of time.

In the case of DSC-RX100, other lower versions should use a battery bundle kit. Buying this kit is worth it if USB charging is not working. Just put off the battery and connect with that kit.

Why is my Sony CyberShot not charging?

The possibility of not charging depends on many reasons. It could be due to faulty charging ports. If not, then check the charger. Moreover, try to check the battery. Make sure the charger gets enough 

Final word.

In any emergency, alternatives could be a lifesaver option. Utilize any tricks that are effective for you. It is based on which situation you are in right now.

If your charger is available, then you should not use these alternatives. Try to buy a genuine charger in case of a loose charger.

My dear readers! That’s all for today. You can ask me any related question by leaving a simple comment. Thanks.

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