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How To Charge a Sony Cybershot Camera Without a Charger

Sony Cybershot is one of the most excellent cameras for photoshoots. But before going for the shoot, be sure your camera is fully charged for a seamless experience. It often happens to new users who don’t know how to charge a Sony Cybershot camera without a Charger.

If you are the one, then you will get a complete guide in this article. Here we will tell you the process of charging the Sony Cybershot camera and related FAQs. 

How to charge a Sony Cybershot camera without a charger?

It is best to charge the Sony Cybershot camera with the included USB cable with an AC adapter. Furthermore, all the manufacturers also recommend using the genuine Sony charger. However, sometimes many problems occur with the adapter and you can not charge your camera. Here are some effective equipment that allows you to charge the camera without a charger. 

  • Charge with computer: use the direct port of USB, not the USB hub.
  • Charge with a wall plug: use an adapter with 1.5A capacity.  
  • Charge with a power bank: use a charging port with a 1.5A capacity. 
  • Charge with the USB outlet of the car: choose an 18-watt output port to charge the camera. 

Above these methods are useful on most Sony Cybershot models. Though some older and specific camera models may not work with these methods. You can not film with the camera while charging. If you are a professional photographer, you better keep a spare battery to film when the other battery is charging. 

How to charge a Sony Cybershot camera?

Charging the Sony Cybershot camera is super simple if you get the AC adapter with a USB cable to the camera. You need to do the following:

  • Power OFF the camera
How to charge a Sony Cybershot camera without a charger
  • Insert the AC adapter into the charging port and then connect the adapter to the wall outlet. Many ask where is the charging port on a sony cyber shot camera, you will find it right beside the menu setting.
Sony Cybershot charging light

Sony Cybershot charging light

You may be thinking how do I know if my sony camera is charging? The charging light is here to indicate you. The charging lamp is located on the top of your camera, next to the USB port. After connecting to the power source, the light turns orange. When the light is on, it means your camera is charging and off light means the camera gets fully charged. Sometimes light up once then instantly gets off, which also means the battery is fully charged. 

If the charger lamp is flashing, it tells the charging is paused due to an error with the camera. There can be several reasons. 

  1. The charging is interrupted due to the battery not being seated properly. So remove the battery pack and re-insert the battery pack.
  2. Maybe the battery terminal is not cleaned. So lightly clean the terminal with a soft cloth and remove dirt. 
  3. Charging may be temporarily stopped as the outside temperature is not matched the recommended range. When the climate condition is too hot or cold the battery does not get charged. Once the temperature gets back to the range, the charging continues. The ambient temperature for charging the battery pack is between 10 to 30°C.   

Charging time

If you are using the included AC adapter to charge the camera, it will take approximately 230 minutes to get fully charged. However, the charging time may diversify relying on the remaining battery capacity or the charging conditions. The most ideal condition is when the temperature is 25°C and the battery is charged quickly. 

With a fully charged battery of Sony Cybershot can last about 75 minutes while filming. For still photos, you can take 400 images or more photos with Auto Monitor OFF after 2 sec.  


Can I charge my Sony Cybershot camera with a USB cable?

You can charge your Sony Cybershot with the included USB cable. You need to use the AC adapter to charge the camera without any difficulty. First, you need to turn off the camera, then connect the USB cable to the power source to charge the battery pack.

How do I charge my Sony Cybershot with USB?

In the package Sony Cybershot camera, you will get a USB cable with an AC adapter. To charge the battery you need a genuine USB cable and an AC adapter. You need to just connect the USB to the power outlet and it will be charged. 

How can I charge my Sony Cybershot without a Charger?

If you don’t have a charger, you can use a computer USB outlet, power bank port, wall-mounted outlet, or USB outlet in your car. These ways are the best options to charge the camera without a charger.  

How do I charge my Sony camera battery?

It is important to charge the battery before using the Sony camera. You will get a USB cable with an AC adapter in the box to charge the camera battery. Insert the cable in the camera charging port, and connect to the power outlet. Thus, you can charge the battery.

Final Words

Charging the Sony Cybershot is a breeze using the attached USB cable. But maintain an ideal temperature while charging the battery. Because too cold or hot weather impacts the charging time. So, you better maintain the recommended temperature range. Ensure a full charge before unplugging the camera from the power outlet. 

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