How To Take Night Photos With Panasonic Lumix

Night photography is absolutely a magical thing in photography; night photos with proper light make everything, especially the natural things like the sky, river, sea, mountains, and moon, look fantastic. Here we have a Panasonic lumix camera in our hands, and no matter which model you have, you must follow our suggestions to have the best output from the lumix. 

One thing we want to assure you is night photography is not only about the setting of suitable shutter speed, long exposure, and high iso. But it is also more about practicing with different shutter speeds, exposure, and iso, so that you’ll know which option sutis with your camera. So what stops you from learning how to take night photos with Panasonic lumix. 

Night Photography Camera Settings In Panasonic Lumix 

Camera settings are the most important for taking photos day and night. Automatic mode will provide you with good focus and excellent photos, but in the long run, for taking creative photos, manual settings will help you the most. That’s why they are with the camera setting for taking night photos. 

So first of all, change your camera mode from manual to automatic. Flip your camera and press “M” for manual mode. Panasonic Lumix Camera For Video.

How To Take Night Photos With Panasonic Lumix

Get a Tripod

Yeah, tripod is necessary for taking night photos because it takes time to capture photos from night mode. It takes at least 10 seconds to capture a photo, and the shutter speed sometimes goes past 30 seconds for night photos. That’s why we suggest you have a tripod to keep the camera there and capture night photos without any shakes. So the photos won’t be blurry. 

Low Aperture

For capturing the night sky, image stabilization is a must. Image stabilization hampers for two reasons: not using any tripod or the change of light frequently between 10 seconds. So you must set the aperture to f/5.6, f/3.5, or f/2.8. It’s not a daunting task to change aperture; you can have the tutorial from anywhere on the internet. 

The reason we are talking about setting a low aperture is that taking photos with a higher aperture is kind of an addiction. We don’t want to compromise the high aperture setting, but in order to gather more light and light stabilization, a low aperture setting should be done. 

Shutter Speed

Look, shutter speed has a good impact in night photography, but there are no thumb rules for it. You can set it according to your convenience. For beginners, we can at least tell them to set it for 10 seconds. It’s a decent shutter speed for taking night photos, but you must find the best one for your Panasonic lumix. 

Capturing a photo for 10 seconds sounds insane, but not insane to those who regularly take night photos. The more the shutter speed will be, the more you will get an accurate photo with proper light. 

ISO settings

ISO helps us to get a brighter photo, but also, you’ll see more noise. So no wonder why ISO setting is so important. You must adjust the ISO in a manner that your photo will have enough brightness and low noise as possible. 

Taking Night Photos

It’s time to give you guys a clear idea about changing the manual settings. We suggest you capture random photos at night before taking the real photos you want to capture. It helps you to understand the light, darkness, and exposure. 

If you find your photo is darker, then first of all change the shutter timing from 10 seconds to 30 seconds. Because more time will help your lens to collect more light, if the light is still unsatisfactory, change the ISO to 3200 from 1600. It will surely brighten the photo, but you may have noise on the photo. 

On the other hand, if the photo looks too bright to understand it is night, then drop the ISO to 800 and drop your shutter speed to 10 seconds. 


What setting should I use for night Photography?

– We suggest you use manual settings. The auto setting is okay for both night and day, but for professional photography and creative works, the manual setting will provide you with lots of options and help you to create something new. 

How do you take pictures of the stars with Panasonic Lumix?

– It’s not bread and butter for professional photographers, so you can understand how tough it is to capture good photos of stars. It’s not like we are suggesting you a path, and you are copy-pasting the process and will get succeeded.  

How do you shoot photos at night? 

– keep the camera on a tripod, get the manual settings and change the shutter time, ISo and Exposure as much as you need. 

 How do I take pictures at night dark? 

– If you have a Panasonic Lumina, taking nightly photos will be enjoyable. You can capture photos using auto mode or manual mode. Auto mode has everything under control, but in manual mode, you need to set everything for the best possible photos. 

Final Note 

Using a digital camera always gives us the opportunity to have something extraordinary because of the manual mode. But to get a master with the manual mode, you must try night sky photography, milky way photography, slow shutter speed, etc. These are all the functions Panasonic lumix has. So don’t panic about night photography and manual mode and become a pro of night photography. 

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