Does Canon 80d Have Bluetooth? Check Smart Features!

If you are planning to buy a Canon EOS 80d, grooming a lot of queries in your mind about the camera features is quite obvious. Certainly, you are thinking about does Canon 80d have Bluetooth. Unfortunately no! Canon 80d doesn’t come with Bluetooth facility.

But it is not the last way to rely on for transferring photos from the camera to other devices. The model offers far more convenient options as the best alternative to Bluetooth for users.

Wondering what are those? Stay with our guide till the end.

An Overview Of Canon EOS 80D

Canon EOS 80D is in the range of the superior & all-rounder Canon DSLR models. This mid-range DSLR was released in 2016 with the intention to hand over a pro-level DSLR to photo enthusiasts.

It offers an extensive feature set starting with a mega sensor with improved ISO performance to wider autofocus coverage for amazing subject tracking, and many more. 

So, this canon model is must go-on option for those who want a good, solid, professional-level camera under your budget for excellent photography and videography. 

If still, you are wondering why you should buy this camera, let’s a short glimpse of the below key features to make your decision easier:

Key features

  • Dimensions of the item: 5.47 x 4.14 x 3.09 inches
  • Body operating weight: 25.75 oz (730g)
  • Sensor (effective resolution): 24.2MP APS-C CMOS
  • Sensor Size: 22.3 x 14.9mm
  • AF points: 45-point all cross-type AF
  • Pixel Dimensions: 6000 x 4000
  • Focal length multiplier: 1.6x
  • Sensitivity range: ISO 100-16000 that can be upgradeable to ISO 25600
  • Continuous shooting: Max. Approximately 7fps.
  • Shutter durability: 100,000 cycles
  • Metering Modes: 7560-pixel RGB+IR metering sensor
  • Memory type: SD, SDHC or SDXC (UHS-I)

Does Canon 80d Have Bluetooth?

No! Canon 80d does not have Bluetooth connection capabilities. But it enables Wi-Fi connectivity and works better than Bluetooth due to reduced latency. 

In any DSLR, Bluetooth connection is one of the important features to send taken photos and videos to any device without a cable connection. Also, it allows users to turn the smart devices into a remote for the camera.

That’s the reason almost all recent Canon models have come with Bluetooth. But unfortunately, the Canon EOS 80d model is not!

But there is nothing to worry about! The camera has Wi-Fi features for seamless connectivity to a compatible smart device. 

Even it proves a more reliable connection option than Bluetooth to transfer and control the camera remotely. 7 Of The Best Canon Camera For Sports Photography In 2023.  

How Do I Transfer Photos From Canon EOS 80d To My Smartphone?

Go through the below process images from your Canon EOS 80d to a smartphone:

Step 1: First, install the Camera Connect App on your smartphone. It’s a must.

Step 2: Now turn on the camera and go to the “Menu.”

Step 3: Select [Wireless communication settings] from the Menu.

Step 4: Then, select [Wi-Fi/NFC]. Press <Set> and enable the Wi-Fi.

Step 5: Now touch the NFC mark of the smartphone to the camera and save the connection settings. You can also make the connection between the devices wirelessly.

Step 6: When a connection is established, you will see a list of images in the camera appears on the app. Choose and save images on your smartphone.

How To Transfer Photos From Canon 80d To Computer?

There are three possible ways to connect your Canon 8od to your computer. Go through any of the below processes:

1. Connect Canon 80D To Computer Via USB

You can save images from your camera to your computer via USB. Follow the steps below:

  • First, you need to install the EOS Utility Version 3x on your computer.
  • Turn off the camera when you are connecting it to your computer. Insert one end of the cable with the camera’s USB port and the other end with the computer.
  • Now turn on your camera, and EOS Utility Version 3x will start automatically. 
  • If not, start it manually by clicking the [Start] button and EOS Utility setup.
  • When EOS Utility main windows appear on the screen, click [Download Images to Computer].
  • Then, click [Start automatic download] to download all of the images stored on the memory card.
  • The images will start downloading to your computer.
  • When done, the downloaded images will appear on the screen. 

2. Connect Canon 80D To A Computer Via Wi-Fi

Alternate to the USB, you can use the featured Wi-Fi function of the camera to transfer photos to your computer. The steps are quite straightforward. Here you go:

  • First, make sure that there is “EOS Utility” installed on your computer.
  • Turn on your camera and then go to the Menu. Then select [Wireless communication settings] from the menu.
  • Press <Set> and select [Wi-Fi/NFC]. Then Select [Enable],
  • Now click on the camera icon on the camera and confirm it.
  • Click on the [Select a network], and select any of the wireless LAN setup methods.
  • Start EOS Utility Ver.3.x.a and complete the setup to pair with your computer.
  • When your camera will detect the computer, send images using EOS Utility.

3. Download Images From Canon 80d To A Computer Using A Card Reader?

On top of all the above, you can save photos or movies on your computer with a card reader. Just Insert the memory card into your camera’s card slot and download the images. Here, no need for any Canon software or a cable

Does Canon 80d Have WiFi?

Yes! Canon 80d cameras have built-in wireless functions to transfer photos, videos or any camera files to any smart device. It will allow you to manage photos by using the Canon Camera Connect app on your smartphone wirelessly. Even you can save and download the images to your desktop and laptop as well through EOS Utility.

Does Canon 80d Have WiFi?

Does Canon 80d Have Image Stabilization?

No, there isn’t any sensor-shift image stabilization in Canon EOS 80d. Instead, you are getting built-in image stabilization in the camera. It will help you to stabilize the recorded image by adjusting the optical path accordingly.

Plus, you can easily reduce the associated blur with the motor of the camera before capturing the image.

Does Canon 80d Have Image Stabilization?

Does Canon 80d Have 4k?

Yes! Canon 80d features a full-width sensor that will allow you to shoot a picture in 4K quality resolution. Also to shoot 4K video, just set ISO to 4000 and select the video mode, that’s it.  

Does Canon 80d Have a Touch Screen?

Yes! Canon 80d has built-in touchscreen sensitivity to most of the features of the camera. You can directly access the menu setting by tapping on the screen or changing the setting of any of your desired items.  

Even it will allow you to shoot pictures with the touch shutter where you can choose the focus point in the image quickly. 

 Does Canon 80d Have a Touch Screen?

Does Canon 80d Have Eye Detection?

Yes! Canon 80d has a face detection option through which it tracks the eyes, mouth, and nose of moving subjects with precision.

To Sum Up!

Canon 80d is surely the nicest choice if you are in the hunt for an enthusiast-level DSLR for a long time. It is a perfect combination of all the latest technology.

The only lacking of Bluetooth should not be a way to disappoint you in using this solid performer. Better to consider other amazing features of the camera and make your shoot remarkable!

Well! That’s all from us today! Hope that there is no more confusion left over on “Does Canon 80d have Bluetooth.” We have given our level best to rectify your queries in all positive ways. Thanks for your patience!

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