How To Charge A Nikon Camera Without Charger?

A Nikon camera with a powerful battery is necessary for any serious photographer, and any photographer can relate to this. Such a battery will support you throughout the day or for an extended duration. 

But after a time, it runs out of power and can’t access the charger.

This kind of problem can be stressful if you are in the middle of work. There are different techniques you can apply when charging your Nikon cameras. Charging methods might range from a USB cable to a car’s battery. 

Nikon cameras come in a wide range of models. Some come with an inbuilt battery, and some have rechargeable batteries. You can still charge them even though they use different battery types. This article will suggest how to charge a Nikon Camera Without Charger regardless of your Nikon camera.

How To Charge A Nikon Camera Without Charger?

You can charge the Nikon camera from various sources, including a power bank, wall outlet, or personal computer. First, make sure your camera is compatible with each technique by reading the handbook. But before you do it, you should turn off your camera. Then, place the battery inside the camera’s battery compartment.

Advice When Charging Camera Without A Charger

Here’s some advice if you’re having problems charging a Nikon camera without the charger.

  • You should start by identifying the specific Nikon camera you own. 
  • The next step is to find out if you can charge your Nikon camera with a USB cable.

How To Charge Your Nikon Camera Battery Without A Charger?

Here we will tell you how to charge the Nikon camera battery without the charger. 

  • You can charge your Nikon camera by plugging in the USB wire.
  • Once connected, your camera will automatically start charging. 
  • Check to see if your camera is getting charged. Nikon cameras usually have an indicator.
  • Please wait till it reaches a fully charged condition.

Ways To Charge Nikon Camera Without Charger

Here we will discuss a few easy methods to charge the Nikon camera’s battery without a charger.

Use a USB Cable

First, remove the battery by opening the cover below the camera and checking the far end for two metal battery connectors. Make sure the cover of the battery contact plate is clean.

Place the battery inside, then secure the compartment’s cover. Before charging, make sure to turn off the camera.

Raise the plugs on the included power adaptor, and plug the camera’s end of the USB cable into the adapter. Use the opposite end to link up with a computer’s power supply or USB port.

Connect the AC adapter, power the camera, and then check the LCD for any changes. You will see a green battery icon when the camera is charging.

The charging process will be complete in three hours, and the light will go out. Take the USB wire and power cord out of the camera.

Use a USB Cable

Charging Using A Battery

You will need a car battery and charging-capable connectors for this purpose.

Remove the batteries from the back of the camera and place them in their designated compartments. If your car’s battery has some juice left over, you can use some of it to recharge your batteries.

Use A Car Battery

With three light bulbs in a series, you can activate the half-amp battery for your camera. It is crucial to ensure the lights have 6 volts because both car and digital camera batteries have 13 volts.  

But don’t overcharge your camera’s battery; it could reach 8 volts and cause damage. There’s also a chance the camera will overheat and break.


It’s a win-win situation since the friction will produce heat, and the impact will provide energy. However, there may be more efficient approaches.

Nonetheless, it occasionally does the trick. Remove the battery, rub it in your palm, and then replace it in the battery compartment. The camera will start to work again after the battery is fully charged.


If the batteries don’t work, you need to get a new one and check the exact model. The batteries that come with cameras are made for the particular model. These camera batteries come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Most digital cameras available today can be used with just the included battery. The camera’s battery might be recharged in an emergency, even if no charger is available. 

Portable Power Source

A Nikon camera, like a smartphone or laptop computer, can have its battery recharged using an external power source.

Even the largest of these Nikon power banks weigh less than a pound, so it’s easy to carry everywhere. It all comes down to how much auxiliary energy you plan on consuming on your trip.

Change The Battery

When nothing else works, the only thing to do is get a new set of batteries. The batteries for each Nikon camera model are different. One of the nicest features is that they are backed by the manufacturer’s guarantee. You can talk to the company that sold you the battery about getting a newer one. 

You do this by using the static electricity that is made by friction. Take out the battery and rub it briefly against your shirt. Then put a new battery in the camera. It will give you some additional time for photography.

Charging Using A Battery


Can you charge a camera through the USB port?

Although the camera can be connected to a computer via USB cable, charging the battery cannot take place in this manner. Charge the battery exclusively with the AC adapter or charger that came with your device. You should check your camera’s manual for specifics on charging your battery.

Can I Charge My Camera With A Phone Charger?

If the USB charger on your smartphone has a 5-volt output, you can use it to power your camera. To use the camera, connect the included USB cords to the adaptor. However, you could be in trouble if the current is less than 500mA. Because if it does, charging speeds may be compromised.


Now you know How To Charge A Nikon Camera Without Charger. Only some models can be solved using every technique. 

You should read the instructions thoroughly before attempting any of the techniques. It’s also essential to make sure the charging equipment is compatible.

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