How To Reset Godox Flash? Reset Your Speedlight Now

Is the Godox flash not turning on? I bet yes, and that’s why you are wondering, ‘How to reset Godox flash?’ ‘What are the charges you should make in the Godox flash settings? Don’t worry! Our content has answers to all of your doubts.

Resetting or altering the flash settings is indeed tricky for first-timers. So, don’t be embarrassed, as all of us were newbies at some point. Other than the step-by-step guidelines, we have also highlighted essential tips and a detailed faq section. So, hang on with us till the end and be ready with your camera & Speedlight to capture some outstanding shots! 

What To Check If My Godox Flash Doesn’t Turn On? 

Is The Flash In Wrong Slave Mode? 

If the flash is in radio Slave mode, you will see an antenna icon, Letter ‘S’ just beside the antenna, and the orange backlight. 

Many users mix up radio Slave mode with on-camera or radio master mode. 

The basic syncing modes of Godox V860 II & TT685 flashes for Sony, Nikon & Canon are – 

On-Camera Mode: 

It shows just a green backlight with no icon.

Radio Master: 

You will notice an antenna icon with a green backlight.

Radio Slave: 

Look for the antenna icon with an orange backlight.

Smart Optical Master: 

This model comes with the lightning bolt icon with a green backlight.

Smart Optical Slave:  

Smart Optical Slave mode features the lightning bolt icon on the screen along with an orange backlight.

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Is The Camera Flash Mode OK For Godox To Function? 

Beware to check if your camera is disabling the flash. Canon is the only camera system featuring two-way communication with Godox. So, non-canon cameras may remain fixed on TTL mode, disabling the Speedlight. In order to enable the flash, you will need to use the manual mode on the transmitter. In the case of non-canon cameras, don’t use the camera menu for Speedlight settings. Keep the transmitter on Hotshoe mode instead. If you are using the Sony camera system, set the camera on the ‘Fill flash’ mode for the optimum function of the Godox.

Are You Using The Correct Radio Trigger? 

The brand Godox only produces receivers & transmitters. However, they don’t feature any transceiver unit. You also can’t use X2T as a receiver with an off-camera flash. In spite of featuring a frequency of around 2.4 GHz, Godox FC-16 Tx/Rx trigger is not compatible with the X series. Only the X1R can act as a Godox dedicated receiver compatible with Sony, Canon & Nikon.

Is The Camera In Electric Shutter Mode? 

The electric Shutter Mode of mirrorless cameras tends to disable the flash. It can also reduce sync speed to 1 or 1.5 seconds.

How To Reset Godox Flash? 

Is your Godox V860II not firing? Has your Godox flash just stopped working suddenly? There are many photographers out there who have faced the same consequences as you. However, resetting the flash to default has sorted most of their issues within minutes. So, how to reset the Godox flash?

  • Try to turn on the flash.
  • On the top row, just below the screen, you will notice two center buttons beside the RST. 
  • Press & hold these two switches together.
  • You will hear a beer sound, and eventually, the flash will reset.

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What To Alter In Godox Flash Settings? 

Once the flash is in the default factory setting, you can set it up again as per requirements.

Alter The Mode: 

After the reset, the flash will be in TTL mode. In order to change it to ‘manual mode’ – 

  • Just Click Once on the button left to the mode.
  • The ‘M’ icon will appear on the screen’s top left side.

Change The Channel:

Godox and other wireless gears function on the 2.4 GHz band. So, it’s natural to face interface issues at low-frequency channels. However, switching the channel will probably sort this issue to some extent. 

  • Click on the ‘Ch’ button.
  • Rotate the wheel and choose any channel from 1 to 32.
  • High-frequency channels are most preferred to avoid misfires.

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  • The Speedlight may overheat & shut down due to repeated full-power shooting, burst shooting, and frequent HSS. If your Speedlight overheats frequently, you should go for a large flash with an equal amount of light but low power settings.
  • High power levels & battery depletion can play a huge role in flash recycling time. For instance, the TT685 flash with NiMH AA batteries will require 2.6 seconds of recycling time. However, the alkaline batteries will definitely lengthen it.
  • Godox flash radio signals can’t function properly if the receiver and transmitter are within 1 meter of one another.
  • If your flash misfires, try to alter the channel as Godox, as well as other wireless devices, work on the same 2.4GHz band.
  • If there is a WiFi router around, just move about a few feet away from it. Thus, the flash will definitely stop misfiring.

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How reset the Godox XT1 trigger? 

  • Just press and hold the ‘Ch’ button.
  • Click on the power button simultaneously. 

Thus, your trigger is back on the default factory settings. 

Why Is My Godox Flash Misfiring? 

There are many reasons why Godox flash can misfire, such as – 

  • The Godox Speedlight won’t respond to the trigger if it’s not the radio slave mode.
  • Frequent HSS, full-power shooting, and Overheating can result in misfires.
  • Godox Speedlight may misfire at a low-frequency channel as most wireless devices work at the frequency of 2.4 GHz. 
  • Misfiring is quite common if the receiver & transmitter remains within one-meter range of one another.

Final Verdict

It certainly is frustrating when the Speedlight misfires. I bet that’s why you were concerned about, ‘How to reset Godox flash?’ Just press & hold the center button below the screen, and it will reset the Speedlight to the default factory mode. I believe it will sort out misfiring & other interface issues to a great extent. So, be ready with your camera & Speedlight and capture some outstanding shots now!

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